Goon (2011)

Hi, my name is Doug, it was nice to beat you…up!


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To get the sports adrenaline running for the Winter, we start off with this “knock-out” comedy hit that will get the “slap” out of you and you’ll still laugh while bleeding incessantly! (now wipe your nose)!

Everyone loves sports and for Canada its Ice Hockey!

Distribution and Studio owners Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban who is also the owner of the 2011 NBA World Champions Dallas Mavericks lend their financial capacities to get the this show on the road! This film was even poured in literally by actual Canadians from the Director, its writer and actors as well. It’s like a Canadian Mob ring here!

Directed by Michael Dowse (It’s All Gone Pete Tong) with Writers Jay Baruchel (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) and Evan Goldberg (Superbad) gives the film a piece of everything (even drama) but seriously it was overbearing to say the least the cursing used and the violence while instilling the laughs courtesy of Seann and the gang!

Coming from a long line of comedy flicks, Seann William Scott (Dude, Where’s my Car?) known for his crazy antics and trying his best to get laid in the successful film franchise American Pie! His name is Doug “The Thug” Glatt and everyone wants to be somebody but with this guy, anything he would gladly accept wholeheartedly as long as he’s appreciated…even just for a little bit! A Bouncer trying to live his life to the fullest and to at least give some positive impression for his parents especially to his Father who is a Doctor while hurting more his ego is his brother who is also in the same field of expertise!

One of the best in the business, He’s a Singer, Writer, Producer, Musician, Director and an all around comedian! Eugene Levy (Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd) is another Father figure to a “trying hard son” while he is also an alumni for the American Pie films his working relationship with Seann could never be better! People may never get the anticipation for this actor just to pop up in the film just to humiliate the kids while trying his best to make them look good even makes them more reason to be embarrassed!

Theatre Actress Alison Courtney Pill (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen) is the kind hearted Eva who sees Doug more than the meets the eye! She makes his life easier in spite of all the heartbreak from the man who just wants to be accepted and loved.

On the other hand, the man brings in his animosity (ahhh, Sabretooth!) to his opponents in the ice making himself an “Enforcer” to reckon with! So does his moniker, “The Boss” seemed fitting to his visceral psyche for violence! Adrenaline rush, that is what he provides to his fans and he would not want it any other way, Liev Schrieber (Defiance) plays Ross “The Boss” Rhea the toughest, meanest, dirtiest player who ever stepped in the ice rink! Liev has been in a number of films that provokes genuine, well rounded performances, noteworthy and diverse! From action thrillers, war and psychological dramas which brings a certain kind of talent to become so low and go down…

The sport was described to be “full contact” under to no circumstances players will be setting on the ice without the proper gear to receive the blows intended or not intended!  Rules and calls were continuously changed to adjust on how the game is played in contrast to how the game should be officiated!

Definitely this is not for your typical “teenager” who supported the “Mighty Ducks” series! Cursing was always part of the dialogue thanks to Mr. Buchanan! Almost every scene in the rink involves “vulgar display of power” coming from Pantera’s classic album! Alcohol, Drugs, Sex and a piss hole was also thrown in! While the story permeates comedy with all the rough housing but with a bit of drama and tainted with the blood of every pummeled individual who cross paths with “Mr. Nice Guy” and a so called “Boss”!

Seriously what do you get from this film? Simple, guys like Doug don’t have a life…they literally fight their way to get out of their rotting hell hole. The worst part is when no one else is going to back you up not even from your family who sees you only as a failure and a disgrace. The onset of making the film entice the audience from both genders while combining sports with performers having issues even more it gets the ladies to jump in because of the sentimentalism effect brought in! A guy who just needs to be understood and accepted!


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