Wonder Woman (2017)

I am “Wonder Woman” hear me roar… and also help those who cannot help themselves!!!

Wonder Woman

Warner Bros. Pictures in association with DC Films, Atlas Entertainment, Cruel and Unusual Films, Tencent Pictures and Wanda Pictures present…

One of the most anticipated films for 2017 which also jump-started the summer blockbusters, Wonder Woman was in a precipice of either literally taking off the DC Extended Universe or letting it drag the company’s reputation further down together with its predecessors “Man of Steel”, “Suicide Squad” and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Since 2013 all these films have amassed above average earnings in the box-office but were all deemed failures in terms of their “delivery”!

In retrospect, the meant universe of these superheroes has been shouldered by Zack Snyder (300) after bequeathed by Warner Bros. blessing he took it upon himself to bring these icons into their respective pedestals and champion them for the movie viewing public. But unfortunately his vision didn’t seem to be on par with the fans albeit its revenue it still fell short in the eyes and hearts of everyone…who cared!

Wonder Woman debuted in the comic books in All Star Comics No. 8 on October 1941 whereas her alter-ego Diana Prince had a slightly different origin backing her story since January 1942 from Sensation Comics No. 1. From the multi-faceted progenitor William Moulton Marston, a man of many talents being a psychologist, inventor, self-help author and a comic book writer – he had many ways to share his gifts and one of these are being a polygamist. The story tells of a husband and lover to two women, Elizabeth Holloway Marston his wife and college student turned assistant and live in partner Olive Byrne. While uncredited, artist Harry George Peter was also considered as her co-creator, they all have given attributes and flaws that make the “Princess of Themyscira” a well-loved phenomenon especially to women around the globe.

Moving forward, the Academy Award Winner Patty Jenkins (Monster) was brought in to help turn things around and made the best of what she can gather, amalgamating the history of the Amazon Demigoddess from William her creator, George Perez’s formative years with the character in the 1980’s, aspects from the New 52 reboot and even drawing inspiration from Richard Donner’s very own Superman.

Together with Geoff Johns DC Extended Universe and Films incumbent Chief Creative Officer which he oversees the actual framework in order to get their flagship up and running and for these superheroes to breathe life on the big screen. Formulating the screenplay with Zack is Jason Fuchs (Pan) and Allan Heinberg (Gilmore Girls) they were able to finally convince Warner Bros. and DC to make this film materialize from the get-go!

After auditioning Olga Kurylenko, Ѐlodie Yung and Gal Gadot (Triple 9) they have chosen the latter to be their “long legged” wonder (as preferred by the Director). Upon release of her casting many critics defied her looks to add was her ability to act. Nevertheless, many believed that Gal will do “justice” to the given character and so far proven her detractors on the uptake that they were wrong. She was able to convince most people that a female led superhero gig is worth watching with the same edge of your seat entertainment, action, romance, plot, CGI effects and dialogue…

It was surreal that they were able to get Connie Nielsen (Gladiator) and Robin Wright (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) as mentors for the young Gal’s character. Both have very strong reputation in terms of interpreting their roles even to their previous ones. Nicole Kidman was one of the few to be offered Hyppolyta the Queen of the Amazons but it was all the same to Connie for making the character as tangible as a mother to her child and being a symbol of freedom and lead her people out of prejudice. Her General and sister Antiope was regarded as the “greatest warrior of all time” part as a villain in canon and now as Aunt and trainer for Diana believing in her abilities and her passion to help those in need has made her susceptible for her niece’s safety…

What is a film without antagonists? Even love stories and comedies have a bedevilled cast member may it be disturbing stalkers to high profiled power mongerers. Enter Danny Huston (30 Days of Night) plus her sidekick Elena Anaya (In the Land of Women) they portray General Erich Lunderdorff and Isabel Maru aka Doctor Poison respectively. Winning the war is one thing but killing as many people as you could without regard for humanity is another issue altogether. Danny has become a household name for his villainous roles inclusive of these are: vampire leader Marlow from “30 Days of Night”; embittered and angry soldier Col. William Stryker from “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”; paramour and self-sustaining British High Commissioner Sandy Woodrow from “The Constant Gardener” to name a few.

His endeavor to make war does not conform eventually with his character’s standpoint however it does emanate from each and every one of us that that we are all capable of chaos and destruction. He has limitations and this is where he gains Isabel’s wrought deformity both inside and out. She compliments him with the eagerness to push through with humanity’s extermination so that they can rule of whatever is left to torment.

But David Thewlis (Anonymous) is different; he’s a real piece of work and a different animal in his own right! He is Ares the “God of War”, son of Zeus and brother to Diana. Between the lines of propagating a “black propaganda” making the armistice fish bait for all involved countries, this is where he likes to ploy his plans whispering and influencing mankind to feel weak of being used so that he can consume all their hate and suffering…guten appetit!

I have to admit getting Chris Pine (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) to portray Steve Trevor was right off the bat! Everyone was speculating him for play Barry Allen “The Flash” or Hal Jordan “Green Lantern” but still contented. He is an American pilot and a spy being allied to the British government! Steve does the job but maybe through writing or on how he resonate as Steve in the big picture gives the “boyfriend” of sorts the witty bantering, comedic retort and the sober soldier who needs to fulfill his duties.

Speaking of which, this is where the gang comes in Sameer played by Saïd Taghmaoui (Vantage Point), a French Moroccan field agent; Eugene Brave Rock (The Revenant) as Chief Napi belonging to the Blackfoot Native American tribe and the “sharp shooting” drunkard Charlie portrayed by Ewen Bremner (16 Years of Alcohol).

With all due respect to the actors especially the first and the latter, this has been one of the most boring and pathetic supporting casts. I really don’t know if it’s the way they were written since there is much incoherence on how they act the part as soldiers. For one they lack resources, a sniper who does not shoot anyone, the supposed “Black Hawk” pilot has become known for his flamboyant stories and flirting with women and lastly, when someone told the Director to have “more creative control” it was either she has not researched enough for the demi-god “Apache” who can be given reference to one of the members of the “Superfriends” aka 1980’s Justice League or he helps fight and save the word by just leading the way to enemy territory, absolutely ridiculous considering that it can be understandable that Wonder Woman will save the day well at least 95 percent of it. The rest are for the boys to work on.

It was fascinating at best, Gal’s breakout role came through and her acting has improved enough to see her genuine kindness, naïve and gullible at the same time. But also with a heart that is destined to bring peace and order no matter the costs. While Patty made another “monster” hit in her own beautiful way!


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