Valkyrie (2008)

“Long Live Sacred Germany!”


Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in association with 20th Century Fox, Bad Hat Harry Productions, Cruise/Wagner Productions and Studio Babelsberg present

To mention first, what an outstanding line-up provided by Roger Mussendan and for Bryan Singer in making this film truly remarkable, tragic yes, but with full of pride and dignity!

Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander gave a very well written piece of work, given the facts and how it was relayed was simply amazing! To add, United Artists took part for producing the film, of course Tom Cruise as part owner can be given credit for developing films such as this one with MGM’s blessing!

Music was great! John Ottman is one of my favorites, very precise and coherent in making scenes surreal to the human ears!

A thought provoking film, based on true events suspense thriller!

This is the story of how brave men fought for what is right and for justice not just to Jews everywhere but to all lives that were shattered by a man consumed with malignant despotism and convoluted thinking of the strongest survives!

In the opening credits what puzzles, disturbs me is that an oath was being screen captured with a background of voices, men swearing allegiance to Hitler’s predestined rule. It states:

I swear by God this sacred oath:

That I shall render unconditional obedience to Adolf Hitler, Fuhrer of the German Reich and its people, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

And that I shall at all times be ready as a brave soldier, to give my life for this oath…

On what planet does Hitler and his army acknowledges a God that they have persecuted and for His people, millions that lost their lives from this madman! This is blasphemy!!!

The film will be reviewed, narrowed down per date and location to signify what was documented and give meaning to what has brought this heroism and patriotism from these unfortunate events!


The German 10th Panzer Division – Tunisia, North Africa

A soldier, an officer of the German Reich bereaved by conscience writes down a memoir of what has become of their actions and what must be done. Torn asunder to protect and serve his country or to save human lives.

Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise) finds ways and means to get the remaining soldiers back home safe. In which a sudden attack commenced that left him for dead, riddled in bullets while trying to escape.

This shows how a certain character who endows compassion for his men and his country is brought forth to pursue, to fight what is deemed necessary!

The German Eastern Front – Smolensk, Russia

March 13, 1943

Major General Henning von Treshkow (Kenneth Branagh) awaits the landing of the Adolf Hitler (David Bamber) for a lunch meeting.

Maj. Gen. Treschkow and a cohort is trying to assassinate the Fuhrer with a wine, here we can see the culmination of casting that will be tying ends as we go along with the story!

It’s only a matter of time how their actions will make a difference for the rest of their lives!

Army High Command Berlin

A wrong bottle for trouble, there are plenty of ways to kill the most hated man on Earth but you need more planning and men! Enter General Friedrich Olbricht (Bill Nighy) whose tense disposition and delivery has made his character a little more culpable of doubt and speculations, nevertheless I was glad he was one of the good guys here!

We follow how Colonel Heinz Brandt (Thomas Hollander) while handing over the bottle, he senses an instigated plot, making a gesture of an assassination attempt that keeps Treshkow his abrupt visitor on his feet, careful answers must be uttered for he is threading on thin ice.

First General Military Hospital – Munich, Germany

Nina von Stauffenberg (Carice van Houten) abruptness, answers how she was relieved to see a broken husband, his dignity intact as he wears his uniform and provide medals of honor for his men, we can see how it breaks his heart providing them with pieces of metal while they have lost pieces of their body and their life!

Having said, it is better to be branded a traitor than to live a life of lie!!!

A secret meeting was held in a private residence where a handful of men both from Political undertakings and military officers have banded together to usurp the government of Hitler. These men value more their principles rather than personal gains! Ludwig Beck (Terrence Stamp) and Dr. Carl Goerdelar (Kevin McNally) lead the charge for a clear and swift eradication of the madness of one man and his malevolent army!

So unravelled the story’s premise, Valkyrie maidens of the gods who chooses those who dies in a battle! To connect its purpose, it was a plan that gave reasons of overthrowing the government through cover up of civil unrest or death of the Fuhrer! What follows are making the preparations come into fruition, to streamline operations and execute it with any means necessary!


Reich War Ministry – Berlin, Germany

Gen. Olbricht and Col. Stauffenberg meet with General Friedrich Fromm (Tom Wilkinson), Commander of Hitler’s reserve army, talking sense on what would transpire on the Colonel’s move into the War Ministry and gives hints on what will become on the new order!

Enter, General Erich Fellgiebel (Eddie Izzard) being convinced by Col. Stauffenberg to join their ranks and play a big role in making the assassination go smoothly as possible as he covers the Wolf’s Lair’s communications!

Valkyrie was being edited in an undisclosed place… along with Maj. Gen. Treschkow, handing over the responsibilities and re-iterating that this mission is absolute and there will be no margin for errors!

Sodom and Gomorrah’s sinful ways, Maj. Gen. Treschkow mentioned that Abraham asked God if the cities had 10 people would He destroy them? And God answered no, the only difference for Germany, it may come down to one!

The Berghof – Hitler’s Private Residence

June 7, 1944

Col. Stauffenberg with his Adjutant Werner Karl von Haeften (Jamie Parker) was crucial here since they will be asking the Fuhrer to sign his death warrant (so to speak).

One very important scenario was Hitler’s signing the edited Valkyrie and mentions how it works, for it may be something that suggests preconceived actions taken against him or was it just coincidence…

Meeting with Colonel Albrecht Mertz von Quirnheim was next in phase, here they were able to discuss on how to assassinate Hitler in a meeting held at the Wolf’s lair.

Next was a very emotional scene; we could only feel how difficult it was for him to see his family go while he would never know if he will be able to see them again…

Phase 1 commencing from Ludwig Beck (Terence Stamp) addressing the coup member and what will follow in the next hours!


July 20, 1944

Fast forwarded to actual date of commencement. Gen. Olbricht sends a message for the reserve army to be on stand-by!

While Col. Stauffenberg and his 1st Lt. is leaving Berlin to deliver the bombs at Wolf’s Lair…

Back in Berlin, Major Otto Ernst Remer (Thomas Kretschmann) assembles the army and disbands them again stating that it was only a drill!

Very tense moments as things unravel; the bag was left under Hitler’s table and as the explosion went off and a seemed successful assassination, both officers hurriedly back to the airport to leave for Berlin and commence phase 2 which is Valkyrie!

Bendlerblock – 1 AM

July 21, 1944

The failed assassination summed up in the last hours of these men but even so, the fight will continue, one by one all conspirators were hunted down, arrested, judged and executed.

All conspirators were assassinated by a 10 man firing squad and after Gen. Olbricht and Col. Quirnheim fell, he was next in line! But in his Lieutenant ‘s act of loyalty, he took the bullets meant for his Colonel.

Brave men fall but their spirits stand tall as ever!

Unforgettable and heart pounding edge of your seat thriller! There are very few films that provide, exudes desperation and to find a way would be dire for all concerned even sacrificing their own lives just to see their country free from tyranny!

Continuity of what works signify effectiveness on how we provide these reviews, but in order for this to have its efficiency, it will be done not to entertain or just something to read, but to instill perseverance and hope to every individual.

Failures don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.

-Harvey Mackay

All war represents a failure of diplomacy.

-Tony Benn

To understand better Col. Stauffenberg’s involvement and intention, he was born from Royalty and was raised through proper virtues and of Catholicism. I believe that his family, himself was born to safeguard the oppressed and fight the injustice of this mundane world!

Most of us don’t know how Hitler kicked his bucket and I still do mind for this is not of our Lord’s kingdom but instead of man. I’m not saying its futile for us and for those involved, but I know that people will always find a way to liberate, provide freedom time and again for those who are not welcome more so to those who are oppressed by the indignities of hatred!

I believe this is remarkable in its true sense as mentioned it was something that aligned the proclivities of communities, nations, culture around the world that these events in the past we must learn, we must understand or it will be the end of all humanity!


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