Walkers Original Crisp Heart


Movies – Timeless centerpiece of frolic, forlorn, and sober where we can all escape, to find another reason to work for that next ticket and brave the box-office lines before entering the cinema! (or just stay home, your choice).

Now comes the fun part of giving reviews, I was always fond of taking this frustration to the next level seeing that I do want to excel more on this field and find time to do so while juggling work, cooking and family! To add, I even stopped my previous site “The Movie Montage” while migrating to a greener pasture so please do bear with my work in progress.

Here, you can also find my very own set of galleries taking photos from different places that means a lot to me, my very own world of gastronomica, early drawings (I’m into comic books and all those things that come in between). I love to travel and getting on that bus, airplane or boat is another destination waiting to be experienced!

When I was younger, my Mother held my hand until we reach the market and for some unknown reason, I felt that I was the only child she does take with her every time she goes to buy grocery but she did gave me that “power” to prepare food on the table as early as grade school and it was all worth it! Lastly, she was even my mentor before I learned about comic book’s greatest artists like “Greg Capullo”, “Jae Lee”, “Ron Lim”, “Marc Silvestri”, “Chris Bachalo”, “Jason Fabok”, the late “Michael Turner”, our very own “Whilce Portacio” and of course the main man “Jim Lee”! I’m always grateful Ma, you’re awesome!

So, thank you for dropping by to read, muse, do some ocular, comment and like as usual! May the force be with you as you live long and prosper!

All the best!



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