The 3 Witches


The ThreeOnce there was a man enslaved by 3 Witches
Everyday they taunt everyday they scorn
For all his suffering, for all his stitches
They will soon find a man to be reborn…

So on he toiled and he bled
With every pounce with every kneel
He took their blows with his blood and sweat
What doesn’t kill him…inside the stronger he feels!

A day came when the man asked a favour
They shouted “You don’t deserve any!”
And for all his effort and his labour
He said “someday…we will find a way to be happy.”

Alone in his putrid cell
A dog pan in his side, a hay of straws for his bed
Still finding a way to make them see…
With all the love in his heart, a wish has been said

Morning came and something new has begun
There were no witches instead, 3 Ladies
Hurriedly they came, but found no one
In the cell where he was placed, he was set free…

Recalling what happened, what’s in the past
They were free from a curse, as they sober
A voice was heard saying “nothing will last…”
Now they could clearly see… finishing his words “except forever”
The man who loved them… was their long lost brother!

Date: November 12, 2008


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