Mind the Gap

The London Eye and Big BenI’ve been here for only less than 2 weeks and I can say that this place deserves a pat on the back. You’ll have so many things to learn and I want to experience everything, learn them by heart as I trek on a road to success.

People here are warm and accommodating, despite the cold climate everyone has a nice smile for you.

Procedures and services are really great, one example is their TFL or Transportation for London. We have sensor cards called Oyster in which you can Top-up (equivalent to Manila’s re-load for cell phones) but here it covers more ground like cell phones, gas, water and other services you can use every day.

It’s very convenient; there are no Conductors, no queues, standing in an overcrowded bus, no hassle in making payments. You can load in almost every convenience store, use on-line and you can choose to pay for a daily or weekly basis.

Once you climb in a bus, you just swipe it in their card reader and you’re good to go! They also have a specific number of seats, total number of people to be accommodated and a space for a person in a wheel chair (now that’s something convenient).

Every stop has a signage where to go, maps, destination marks, bus no. to ride guides. And if you still get lost, there is always someone you can ask for directions (service with a smile).

We are going to talk about their malls and grocery stores. So far, there are at least 7 or 8 of them here. Major players in the field of retail, food, apparel and electronics these companies have placed themselves into daily competition and produce the best services for the market.

ASDA, Sainsbury, TESDA are the market leaders here. They have isles that covers from fresh garden produce, dairy, meat & poultry (they have lamb as well!), baked goods, frozen goods and here is the best part prepared meals section in which international menus and cuisines is included from stir fry, noodles, rice, soups you name it! To add, ASDA is a sister company of Wal-Mart.

They have the same format like SM, Rustan’s, Landmark in terms of available goods. But wait till you make your payment. Carts, Basket isles are available but here, they have self-service isles which atm or credit cards can be used by the customers and make their own payments. Customer Service Officers are on standby if you need assistance.

In Manila, we have Watsons for beauty and personal care products. Here, they have Boots which covers electronics, household items and photo centres as well inside the store.

Though these services excel in their own way, they have some concerns also with labour and manpower. It is not just that there is a financial crisis but still companies still continue to have lay-off problems due to union protests, improvement and from the government, they still are working on UK labour laws.

Now that’s just one of the many things I liked in here, I’ll be back for another tour in London.


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