The Guardian (2006)

A story about heroism, sacrifice and knowing when to let go!

The Guardian

Touchstone Pictures in association with Beacon Pictures present…

Directed by Andrew Davis (The Fugitive) who also takes pride on getting the usual talents that he has worked with in his previous films, a very few notable names on his list were Steven Seagal and Tommy Lee Jones. After Hurricane Katrina which destroyed a greater part of New Orleans and left thousands without homes, the production team and the writers utilized key moments of courage and humanitarian efforts to instill in the film’s undertakings. Known for his thriller action oriented films, the Director on this occasion takes a dive with the men and women of the United States Coast Guard!

Legendary Rescue Swimmer Ben Randall played by Kevin Costner (No Way Out), in a not your typical work scenario film where you can find it a bit perplexing that your job description is to save lives and your office cubicle is the whole freaking ocean! Kevin has been around the movie industry long enough to call him a veteran, how he commands stage presence in delivering both acting and at the back of the camera is worth watching. On his part, he may have to deal with issues that make his duties as an Officer more complicated seeing the personal side of his experiences gets the better of him and it gets worse from there…

This trauma and a troubled marriage had brought more complications to his life. Ironic, he saves lives and yet he cannot save his own from his personal concerns. So, Coast Guard Captain William Hadley from the talent of the towering Clancy Brown (The Shawshank Redemption) offered two options is either walk out of here or take the desk job at A Point to school some new Coast Guards and to get back on his feet from all his emotional stress.

There were fishermen who were found floating already and seeing that one was presumed alive, Ben came to the rescue but without sacrifice, a tidal wave hurled a massive container and the helicopter comes crashing down pulling the lone survivor into his deathly grave! Nothing can shake the nerves of this hero of the high seas, until one tragic mission. Wanting to save his partner Carl, they were sent a lifeboat before extraction but was a little too late for his best friend and partner!

Enter hotshot and pain in the ass swimmer Jake Fischer who was portrayed by Ashton Kutcher (The Butterfly Effect) a show off, cocky but hilarious guy but you just want to shut up! He goes into training camp and trying to beat every single record that Ben accomplished. Bar fights, casual dating and tremendous work out from the veteran himself gave him some epiphany in his life. Though, there were few insights that Jake made him king of the hill, he never got point from wasting time. Soon all began to unravel when Ben understood what was bothering him and what tragic accident happened that left Jake wanting attention and some direction in his life.

Ben sees Jake as a potential not just in his class but for the rescue team his going to be assigned to, he can be the best of the best if he wanted to, he just need to understand how important his gift was and what reasons are left uncertain for his survival in the car accident with his friends. That goes without saying how Ben kept him on the team for obvious reasons of having that opportunity to be alive and so others may live!

The premise in general was more of a feel good film noting that it had had well talented actors that inspires to be better in spite of the danger in terms of people to be rescued and of their own lives as well. Production just needs to make sure all is secured especially when it comes to drop-offs from helicopters and for the situation of the water as well are all needed to be taken into consideration. They even made indoor pools just to compensate to make it real enough to be felt by the audience of what it’s like to work under these duress situations! On another aspect, Flash Film Works was hired just to recreate the 3D effects with the supervision of Mark Stasiuk while working in Fusion CI Studios.

The premise was like moments of desperation which comes and goes just like a McDonald meal served for the whole day! It was a story that inspires and shows people to never give up and make the best out of their lives no matter how bad the situation is! To the U.S. Coast Guard, truly the unsung heroes!


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