Jack Reacher (2012)

“The only difference between your work and mine is that they are all trained killers!”


Paramount Pictures in association with Skydance Productions and TC Productions present…

The Holidays have passed and great films were shown to the public to provide joy, excitement and let’s not forget blood, bruises and broken limbs! So, to put things in perspective may I ask if you enjoyed “The General’s Daughter”, “Courage Under Fire”, “Rules of Engagement” and of course the leading actor’s very own “A Few Good Men”? Then look no further!

From the novel of Lee Child titled “One Shot”, the film was actually given with the same name but was later changed to keep the man mountain protagonist being represented as needed to be part of their marketing recall. From imposing giants with given talent available in Hollywood, Tom was instead chosen not because of his physical stature but rather in his ability to project the character’s innate sense of determination and to get the job done no matter the cost!

The actor will always have his moments and that is what he is being paid for, to deliver the goods and provide the best in the business! The man is here and still bringing in the noise, Tom Cruise (The Client) wows the crowd with his exceptional skills as a former U.S. Military Police Officer Jack Reacher! A nomad going nowhere and anywhere that leads him to a recent incident in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where a man had set-off a killing spree that have a misdirected purpose…

Written and Directed by Christopher McQuarrie (The Way of the Gun) Considered in Hollywood to be a “last minute script doctor” has worked with Tom from his last few projects. I still gave him credit to have this film pleasant enough to finish though nothing spectacular was employed; it was just a concise and clear follow through from cast and crew!  On the other hand, Cinematography was overseen by five time Oscar nominee Caleb Deschanel, A.S.C (The Patriot) where he always have this way of conveying stories through characters that need not be overexposed in the spotlight of the camera but with the right given environment they roam in, he can deliver all of these with absolute precision!

Co-star and leading lady, Former Bond girl Rosamund Pike (Fugitive Pieces) returns to the big screen after she helps fending off a wrathful god! She plays Counsellor Helen Rodin who is also the District Attorney’s spiteful daughter. Rosamund have been playing characters which attributes to her sense of strength and decisiveness whether she may be a villain killing off spies or a protector of truth and oppression makes it more conceived to what she can achieve, her acting has an inclination to be better if given an opportunity to get projects that requires maybe a heavier plot in terms of drama or even for thrillers just like this one.

While veteran actors provide strong supporting casts to complete the Robert Duvall (Open Range) as gun shop owner and former sniping veteran U.S. Marine Corps. Gunnery Sergeant Cash whose job is making sure that Jack reaches his man on time. Robert for most people is a very illustrious actor at least here he can still throw in some action with comedy at the same time just to have those blind spots covered. Another fine talent is Richard Jenkins (Sins of the Father) as Alex Rodin the District Attorney making life worse for both his daughter  while jeopardizing his work along in the process and Werner Herzog (Invinsible) as Russian Mob leader codenamed The Zec who initiates the ripple effect of murder and deception!

I really thought that this would be a sleeper and will not even reach the 100 million mark. Though having this predictable onset in its premise be it an adapted screenplay, it was still pure clean entertainment not too heavy as it leaned on well-acted screenplay and dialogue that was not cheesy like Mr. Cruise’s box-office bomb “Knight and Day”! So, until Mr. Child gets another advice from his wife because of unemployment, let’s hope its good enough to write another good book!


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