The Expendables (2010)

So full of adrenaline pumped action that it gave no meaning on who or what these guys are shooting at!!!


Lionsgate and Nu Image in association with Millennium Films present…

The film in a general perspective is nicely done, although the plot was a bit easy to play with. But important thing was, Sylvester Stallone assembled a cast that is truly daring, applaudable and amazing! (on a one sided note)

The soldiers turned mercenaries alone was impressive to look at but there are hinges from the script from which Stallone visualized that makes it lack depth of story and intention. The story he co-wrote was about mercenaries who does Black-Ops when their country can’t or won’t do anything about these specific missions.

In retrospect, Stallone has made very convincing and iconic portrayals in his Rocky and Rambo films. He knows his field very well and explores more on how he can improve and make stories that are worth seeing!

So it begins…

Somalia, a boat was captured by pirates and demands $5 M for the hostages, Ross (Sly Stallone) with his team has given $3 M to free them, but Jensen (Dolph Lundgren) just got a little bit trigger happy!

Then people started to become smear on the wall! Restrained, Jensen was ordered by Ross to leave the team for being loose cannon and for his psychological instability.

This was the part the audience applauded the trio. Enter CIA Agent Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) and Trench (Arnold Schwarzenegger), together they were discussing on whom was going to take the mission, a little verbal exchange with Ross and Trench since they were rivals from past missions, with everything said Ross got the deal from Mr. Church, but not without a warning!

Ross together with Lee (Jason Statham), did a reconnaissance in Vilena as World Wildlife Conservatory agents. They met a freedom fighter woman which made it more difficult for them since it was the Dictator General Garza’s daughter. Trying to save her, she willfully stayed instead to fight for her country. They left with a lot of casualties and Ross is now feeling the guilt of leaving the woman behind. He wanted to come back alone but not without company.

As action heroes, fighting is in their forte already, I was expecting that there would be a showdown with either Yin (Jet LI) or Lee with The Brit (Gary Daniels) who was one of the best kick boxers of his time but unfortunately he was tag teamed and got kicked in the ass! (in the head as well). While taking down soldiers with Toll (Randy Couture), Ross was wrestling with Dan Paine (Steve Austin) on the other side. Now, here comes their weapon specialist Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) with his tank of a gun, who blows up everyone and everything in its path. Running for his life together with the daughter ex-CIA James Monroe (Eric Roberts) was gunned down and knifed by both Ross and Lee at the end.

Going back to LA, Tools (Mickey Rourke) is having a knife throwing contest with Lee, while Yin and Jensen having reconciled regarding their past arguments (and some!)

Well, that’s all about it some parts were awesome at the same time other sequences were dull and lacks delivery. Audiences pre-dominantly for the male went for the gut wrenching, testosterone level of action moreover with the names involved and was gathered has been set as a must see for a long time! Stallone could have been great with this, he actually directed and wrote his “Rambo IV” film and it did great in the box office. Maybe there was too much talent around that he was all over the place thinking everyone will be given justified roles in an equal, no holds barred manner.

Many got curious on how the film and cast was planned out; actually giving emphasis on more action heroes that should have been added into the line up. Now here they are:

  1. Steven Seagal – was offered but had past issues with the film producer.
  1. Jean Claude Van Damme – was offered but didn’t see any importance to his role.
  1. Wesley Snipes – was offered the role for Hale Caesar, but declined, he has his own reasons for not joining the bandwagon.
  1. Kurt Russell – should be doing the part of Mr. Church but later was offered to Bruce Willis (which many would agree to be the better of the two).

People can have mixed reviews for this film, but I understand how Sly was able to bring this together, his work ethic is over the top! And with the casts reputation and camaraderie these past 30 years, all was done abruptly but with a least a decent impression! It was a simple story but very entertaining indeed, with all the characters having a good time and having that respect for each other. I do hope the sequel can be a little more comprehensive and a plot that really works and would sell for the demographics involved. Still, worth the wait and I believe Sly will redeem himself on the next run…

It’s all in a day’s work for the Expendables!


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