The Rock (1996)

Conspiracy Theories are just being paranoid… not to Mason! (but look where it got him!)


Buena Vista Pictures in association with Hollywood Pictures and Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films present…

A disavowed General who wanted vindication for the soldiers who fought for the country’s safety and lost their lives was in a verge of mutiny to give them what was due, a proper military burial and compensation for the family who survived them! Ed Harris (Under Fire) leads his band of U.S Marine Corps as Gen. Francis X. Hummel…

To make things complicated, throw in an unwilling prisoner who has been taught to be the only survivor who escaped Alcatraz in his time and have him give the directions underneath its tunnels, 81 hostaged tourists and rockets that will hit San Francisco’s intended scores of people.

The film was directed by Michael Bay (Transformers), the so called “king of slow motion capture underneath the point of reference then circumferencing to a perfect angle screen shot!” well that was a mouthful! I really thought that it gave me more of an impression on how Directors applied their “signature” moves for the films they make but everyone has their own way of entertaining the movie masses so I guess it won’t hurt if he delivers his own style and their own repertoire!

This was the glory days of the Director where his action was still raw in the minds and hearts of film viewers where at least there was content in what the film was all about and getting actors to play their roles was given levity rather than relying on special and visual effects.

A Biochemist by the name of Stanley Godspeed was having the time of his life when he was asked to help his country in need but without a price and exchange for a Hotel suite and a haircut. He was portrayed by Nicholas Cage (Trapped in Paradise) one of the films that brought together a partnership for more upcoming films with the famed Producer. While trying to help solve the conundrum for this hostage situation the Government tapped on the last resort to get in that blasted rock and no other man has done this twice his name is John Patrick Mason played by Sean Connery (The Entrapment) was a British Operative and a ranking officer in the S.A.S. caught by the Americans on accounts of theft his demeanor and penchant for bad behavior had made him dubious and was needed an escort to enter his previous hell hole of a house!

There were lots of gunfight and explosions as usual, nothing new that will amaze fans and action junkies alike! I was impressed by the film’s action sequences and banters between Cage and Connery. I saw the film years ago but it still gave a wonderful experience seeing a star studded cast. Cage, Connery and even Harris were applaudable and made a great effort to give the film a remarkable output!

Known for his commercial success and multiple box office results and producing the film with a $75 million budget, what can you expect from a Jerry Bruckheimer project? Well, it will be financed thoroughly given that both guys on the front seats has a knack for cars while Jerry stirs the wheel, Michael rides shotgun intending to blow things up just to have some fun!

It even got hints on some conspiracy theories of the United States, but we won’t know won’t we?!? Stating that the ex-prisoner got a hold of a microfilm that included the Roswell UFO incidents and who really did assassinate the former President John F. Kennedy. People today have been resilient on these types of stories making them either more susceptible to what is really going on in the world but still many are left ignorant to see the subliminal undertakings of this “elitist society” carving the stone for a new world order.

To finalize, watching these films from Bay before made it to my great lists of films, but after seeing “Pearl Harbor”, “Bad Boys” 1 and 2, “Armageddon” and don’t forget the “Transformers” franchise, I’m ambivalent of whether he can rise up to the challenge and make a decent film once more especially when the Director is set-up for continuing his “blastful ways” in reimagining four turtles who came from the sewers while making another u-turn from his highly successful film franchise with robots rampaging in every direction, for sure his new partner Mark Wahlberg will be in for a bumpy ride!


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