Mission: Impossible III (2006)

The film falls short on intrigue along with the thrills that was degraded by a spy who seems to have a knack for a one man show!


Paramount Pictures with Cruise/Wagner Productions and Bad Robot Productions present…

The third chapter of the Impossible Mission series!!!

Director J.J. Abrams (Star Trek XI) and his side kicks are back for another fun filled action extravaganza! I got to give credit to these guys providing great stories but on this one, it lacked the in-depth clarity of a spy movie leaving the CIA covert team to be less sought-after and more intolerant from its intention to capture a larger fan base! (Mr. Bond, show Mr. Hunt his dunce corner). Roberto de Orci and Alex Kutzman (Transformers Trilogy) wrote a quite disappointing screenplay; don’t forget to mention JJ’s inputs as well! Fine, they were able to cover the international aspect of the film’s purpose like counter terrorism and subversion in which the main goal was to detain a dangerous (clichéd) black market weapons supplier and that’s all there was to it!

Typical as always, Tom Cruise (The Last Samurai) is retired IMF Team Leader Ethan Hunt, always giving his ego, audacity and charisma to work for him, jumping towering heights that puts even Spider-Man to shame, running spontaneously, shooting bad guys in erratic succession. Is there anything else he can’t do?

I don’t know if it’s just me that I find Michelle Monaghan (Eagle Eye) without any excitement for the roles she brings even more her on-screen relationship with Ethan was not impressive, she plays his fiancée Nurse Julia who needs aspirin from the constant migraines not knowing where her husband goes and having a naive demeanor makes it harder to get dynamic between the two main protagonists!

Supporting casts was given a better performance, equal duties partaken for the next mission. First off, Ving Rhames (Undisputed) the only returning cast who reprises his role as computer and communications expert Luther Stickell. Together with new crew members Jonathan Rhys Myers (From Paris with Love) plays chopper pilot and driver Declan Gormley and Maggie Q (Die Hard 4.0) is background specialist Zhen Lei and on-site techie Simon Pegg (Shawn of the Dead) brings in his comedic antics as usual from Benji Dunn.

Mission 1: GERMANY

Search and Rescue was the initial mission, to retrieve Keri Russell from enemy lines! Contacted by a new head, Billy Crudup (Waking the Dead) was great! He plays Operations Manager John Musgrave who gives Ethan his mission. I kind of remember his “Watchmen” co-star Patrick Wilson in The “A-Team”, it was kind of a fresh air to play a different role for once.

Enter Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix) is IMF Director Theodore Brassel, reprimanding his Team Leaders given the fact that the given mission was a failure, a lunatic is on the loose and to add, collateral damage on a dead captive was inexcusable!

It was really nice they way they did the scenes and how team work manifested itself, a cheesy line here and there but it came out alright! The only thing that gave credence was it was personal for Hunt to take this mission since he personally trained and recommended the young Keri Russell (We Were Soldiers) as captured field agent Lindsey Farris.

Mission 2: ROME

To infiltrate the Vatican City and capture Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote) who plays a ruthless, poker faced, “invisible man” Owen Davian, an international weapons / arms dealer who is having the time of his life until Hunt’s team gave him a little more to think about! Albeit, given dangerous situations there was still enough humanity for the agents just to add a lighter side on the subject.

To follow their post abduction, massive explosive sequences coming from both the convoy and the personal army of Davian who were tantamount to the IMF’s cleverness! (pun) But seriously, who would anticipate a clear retrieval point coming from another country? From supporting cast to Academy Award Winner Philip is great in every aspect, a well rounded actor that makes him more fun to watch!

Mission 3: CHINA

The Good, The Wife and The Traitor; well if you got to go, don’t go away angry…just go! All culminates here as Ethan desperately needs to locate his wife and put an end to all this madness! The rabbit’s literally giving his all to run and leap in bounds to save the love of his life!

Now, here is the part where I personally detested, why did it take for so long for the chip to neutralize Hunt more so he was able to instruct his wife gun mechanics, knock out Davian’s senses and finally concoct a defibrillator! Oh, by the way…he was still able to profess his undying love! (give me a break).

It had over the top, high octane scenes and the same type of objectives which I find simple which furthermore sways into its one sidedness only to bring a myriad of gun fights, extreme sports repertoire courtesy of Ethan and searching across the globe from either the Rabbit’s Foot or people that needs saving or capturing!

There was no more sense of conspiracy of being a spy under cover which was highly praisable from the first film! Tom Cruise had placed so much focus on his stunts and death defying acts to wow audiences which were fine but to make the story more captivating the senses at least there was something the he could have done to make the story more uplifting since he co-produced the film right? That is one of the trends of Tom Cruise’s films, the Director and script is so fixated on him because he‘s the one putting the money in the bank which should not always be the case that’s why there are other cast’s to share the spot light…to experience and grow in the films they make!

Roberto, Alex and J.J. will still be paid nonetheless for their effort; I admire their contingencies of putting up with a better cast but still falling short on the intended premise. The story only looked more distressful (metaphor or otherwise) because Hunt and his team was not just out there saving the world but his wife as well which I believe was very fundamental just another way to ante up the mission’s mandate and its significance! Signature moves, scenes and M.O. (Modus Operandi) from its predecessors in all out honesty, was a done that, been there scenario already!

Terrorism is nothing new let alone dealing with double agents or what they call “Moles”, it was the same sub-plot of the last two predecessors. The films had been exceptional starting with the suspense thriller take of Brian de Palma’s and John Woo’s combination of intense action scenes with the serenity of doves flying. The prequel Directors had different ways to elaborate their techniques to give the action hero; the IMF’s name needs to be a little more accurate on what it stands for!

To set things right (hopefully) there will be a protocol for all of these failures…that’s right!!! Another one is set with a bigger cast and talent! Hopefully Bird’s take will make it fly higher!


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