Skyfall (2012)

“Though much is taken, much abodes, and though we are not  now that strength which in old days moved Earth and Heaven, that which we are, we are…one equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.” – Ulysses


Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer, Columbia Pictures in association with Eon Productions and Danjac LLC present…

After a incredible and tiring month last October, me and my beautiful wife head off to our well spent vacation to relax and unwind! Here, we continue to what has been a trend of sorts since the first time I’ve watched Daniel Craig portray the Spy of all Spies back in 2006’s “considerably” Casino Royale! Then before setting sail to another country I was still able to experience the burning sequel of Quantum of Solace in 2008 and so far it’s worth the wait…

From being an Assistant Director to front line Producer of her father’s magna opus, Barbara Broccoli (Goldeneye) and her half-brother Michael G. Wilson (A View to a Kill) never gave up on this project in spite of financial difficulties you might say even when the “sky was falling”, they were still able to salvage the film at all cost!

This is the end…

A covert mission, a train of death, a missed gunshot and a man falls! To kick start the 50th Anniversary of James Bond, London premiered it as one of the highest grossing films to date and it will be a bloody hell when Bond get’s out of this!

Directed by Sam Mendes (Revolutionary Road) they made this film absolutely in a new direction seeking to find the reasons why Mr. Bond is more than a spy to his organization and to his country. It was not meant to relegate the essence of the film’s action but rather see another perspective what real danger awaits for those who works in these clandestine agencies. As he works on his takes with the silhouettes, mixing darkness with electric lights while never failing to inject charisma and passion which definitely makes Bond the top of the spy genre both in films and novels alike!

Full time MI6 Director and surrogate Mother Judi Dench (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) portrays M in a crucial role that will literally shake the Agency which she has lead for so many years! Hunted down by still an unknown enemy though grave as it may sound, she still got his closest ally in the business…his undying, always resurrecting son!

The premise was definitely not mission centric and what made it more interesting is that he faces a far more threat outside their walls but only this time it was within MI6! With the help of Screenwriter Neal Purvis (Johnny English), Robert Wade (Stoned) and John Logan (The Aviator) they have collaborated to bring the 23rd film come to life both figuratively and literally!

Editing chores were made flawlessly by Stuart Baird (Vantage Point) from sound, amalgamation of action sequences and a combination of special and visual effects. Cinematography by Roger Deakins (Revolutionary Road) made it clear that not only does locations bring the story to come to life but how he brings each continent and country to capture moments of Bond’s escapades let’s just say to fall in the right place! From India (not pushed through), Istanbul, London and to Shanghai and an abandoned island off the coast of Macau. Adding the very talented and multi-awarded singer Adele to provide her sultry and alluring voice to capture the film’s premise gives meaning through reckless abandon and yet with a strong disposition to do whatever it takes to seize the day in spite the tragic situations.

Mr. Swagger himself, Daniel Craig (Defiance) continues his never ending fight for Britain and for the world’s safety. But for the mean time he needs to take care of business and this time it’s personal! Daniel was more comfortable with the role making him more dangerous and unpredictable for his character.

While after being whipped by a certain wizard to his seemingly eternal imprisonment, Ralph Fiennes (The Constant Gardener) as Gareth Mallory, to make it significant but not too obvious that he will have to leave office after what he has done! Absolutely better than his brother Joseph (no offense he’s good)! But Ralph exceeds what is expected of him not just in terms of performance but of choosing the right projects that will make him more enticing to the movie masses. On the same note, we commend one of today’s sought out actors as Javier Bardem (Biutiful) as Tiago Rodriguez a.k.a Raoul Silva, he portrays cyberterrorist, a character that makes you laugh and throw up at the same time (go figure it out)! Javier is a nonchalant super spy until something gave him a sort of epiphany. Just to make it clear that he has the utmost right to be able to protect himself first before protecting his country it was just unfortunate that it was like the case of a “Schrodinger’s Cat” where

What is a Bond film without his women? After a botched field work, Eve Moneypenny played by Naomie Harris (Street Kings) has been sidelined to a desk job just to get her mojo going again! To be honest she only has a role intended to fill-in a gap of need to give at least this pivotal character she was intended to play especially in the coming years ahead! While a former sex slave named Severine taken in by the villain was merely for eye candy she is played by Berenice Marlohe at least she had some acting in her that can convince other Producers that she can be part of something less inconvenient than a woman’s sob story longing for a hero to sweep off her feet.

It would seem farfetched, but I can’t help but compare the similarities of the premise with the Dark Knight Trilogy. A hero and a villain with the same background, roots and training while having a mentor or ally being haunted by guilt from their past sins and hunted down to pay their debts to society. The house of pain, the Butler until the end, the rich kid traumatized by a death in his family leading to become an orphan at a young age. Another angle we can look into is how a man got his face disfigured by his faith and with his disposition to uphold what needs to be done right unfortunately, serving their fate to be tragic and a lost cause! Finally, someone who seemingly died was brought back to life just to accomplish his mission no matter the cost…

 It was a personal one indeed, as it gave James Bond and the film a fantastic turn of events, convened to be a thriller that has given 007 a definite ending, a new chapter to be precise, a beginning of sorts as batons were passed on to carry the mantle as MI6 moves on while the earth crumbles, the oceans dries up or even if the sky falls…


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