Traitor (2008)

“If a man hasn’t found something he’s willing to die for, he isn’t fit to live.”


Overture Films in association with Hyde Park Entertainment, Crescendo Productions and Mandeville Films present…

From the unconventional mind of Steve Martin comes a story that is running rampant since the year of 1795 where the Reign of Terror in France has been initiated to destabilize its Government! As history dictates, its origins were traced back since the 1st Century where Sicarri Zealots or the Jewish Zealots tries to overthrow the Romans with the mere use of daggers. But time, methods and human culture changed so rapidly that with a precursor of so much diversity and hatred it gave birth to extremists that fundamentally functions not just to assassinate Political enemies and Heads of State but to create chaos and destruction to key specific groups or worse to anyone who stands in their way!


A father and a son… we see them finding acknowledgment of their creator by praying and finding ample time for leisure in playing chess. A routine in their home enjoyed by both until the father needs to leave and as he waves goodbye to his son at the balcony…it will be the last seen gesture of his love!

End of Prologue.

The preconceived notion of judgment humans as we are, tainted by the color of our skin and the repercussions of different beliefs has blinded our faith! Academy Award Nominee Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda) provides a powerful performance of a man on the run from the law while making sure his tracks are as a clean as a whistle! He is Samir Horn dedicated to his work to the point of even sacrificing his friends and loved ones just to get the job done…to save as many people as he can!

It’s been quite a while since the actor came back in the big screen, Guy Pearce (Memento) FBI Special Agent Roy Clayton, I wonder how difficult or awkward this is  for Guy to not have any religion or belief in a god and still make him say the Lord’s Prayer, acting I know, but what can we conceive with his claims on religion that merely separates each individual? Other than this, his loyalty to the crusade of apprehending a wanted fugitive while giving in to morals makes it fitting and fascinating to apply in these so called spy thrillers that have become better-rounded than a typical action film! Together with the hot headed Max Archer, Neal McDonough (Walking Tall) should be given in this kind of films where he can beat you up! The over eager partner of Roy gives the bad cop persona to Roy’s good cop take, trying to survey each given mission, stake out McDonough gets the chance to relive his menace while conveying to the audience that “hey I’m still one of the good guys but don’t push your luck!”.

Jeff Daniels (Speed) CIA Contractor named Carter who was forgettable in the film but was glad a veteran actor was pulled in for this project leaving his usual comedic side. He had his moments just to get the character into the fold while trying to squeeze out information from his resource while not getting caught or worse, being killed! His take on Carter was substantially inert but at least we get to this see another level of performance!

Moroccan Actor Said Taghmaoui (Three Kings) is Omar; his respect for Samir has given a broader horizon for his objectives becoming part of a larger group with a massive and brutal vendetta! Said has been making waves into these types of films, his looks gives precedence to what his objectives are while he ante-up’s his performance believable but not too overbearing. His main task is to set off a chain reaction of bombings that will ignite the war that they needed while amassing more hate to the Western world!

I also would like to commend the background music and sound editing of Mark Kilian (Rendition) amalgamating culture based background music from the Far East’s solemnity while incorporating Electronica which gives it an upbeat theme, pure sound of relativeness from the story’s premise which makes it easier to listen to!

The Director Jeffrey Nachamanoff (Hollywood Palms) trying to have a big impression on the genre was effective but not efficiently thorough seeing that he needs ample time to get more projects to relay to the movie going public. While lazy panning of the camera in a specific location, state or city was just plainly exhaustive trying to get a certain location to be centred or focused at gives me a headache! On the other downside, it was literally nauseating to have these characters move into so many countries I can’t complain with the plot but the objective was quite simple and it has been the runaway bomber while the FBI is getting bounced around too much for obvious reasons.

Steve Martin is the man that should be interrogated here, seeing his unusual take on the subject matter of religion, cultural diversity, beliefs, politics and terrorism gives me the shivers to my spine! It’s really refreshing to know and feel the work of these actors transcend especially from a completely different genre. He was able to conceive, write this story of not just a fictional agent, reluctant hero to save the world from chaos, terrorism and the truth of the matter is its really happening! One great example is Robin Williams’ comedic acting who turn into drama with the likes of Patch Adams and What Dreams May Come while delving more into a psychological maniac in Insomnia and One Hour Photo!

A fascinating film that lets you explore as it delves deeper in the world of turmoil and violence towards humanity! It’s really not something we can just set aside having to deal with so much fear and the uncertainty while trying to live peacefully or even just have a normal life is farfetched seeing that people will have something to fight or better yet is it worth dying for?



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