Django Unchained (2012)

Revenge is best served cold… just don’t forget to bring an umbrella since its going to “rain” big time!


Columbia Pictures in association with The Weinstein Company and A Band Apart present…

One thing that was evident in these types of films being produced for contention in the annual smorgasbord of award ceremonies is that people line up for the tickets at the cinemas to experience the true talent that these people have to offer, to inform, entertain and  entice whatever the case may be…

After leaving Miramax, co-founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein took matters into their own hands and never looked back. Today, the Weinstein Company never seizes its appetite for hauling award winners year after year they even had Jennifer Lawrence covet the prize in the touching film “Silver Linings Playbook” in the concluded Oscars’. While their strong production credits provided in the film was concomitant and fantastic giving this epic spaghetti western the trump cards it deserves!

The film was directed by and from the Original Screenplay which won his Academy Award, the man himself Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs)! Throughout the years with his career, starting from an actor and becoming one of the most influential directors in the last two decades, he has been known for the Tarantino watermark in which even Adobe can confirm that it’s absolutely his own repertoire! The blood, the violence, martial arts, gun-fu, the panning in of the camera at the actor and especially the revenge premise that always revs up the viewing public to scream for more!

He casted the multi-talented Leonardo Di Caprio (The Departed) one of today’s highest paid actors in tinsel town and known for his exceptional talent that even rivals Robert De Niro’s sublime diversity in portraying characters that truly invigorates the movie masses. He plays the part of Calvin J. Candie a rich and powerful owner of Candyland one of the biggest plantations in Mississippi. The actor made a very rare type of occasion in playing a villain focusing his energy every time he blows his top but having a calm demeanor and smart talk anyone who comes his way!

This guy, the man of the hour and my personal favorite Christoph Waltz (Water for Elephants) who bagged all three awards for Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Globes, BAFTA’s and The Academy Awards reunites with the Director for the second time since “Inglorious Basterds”! I saw the type of acting he displayed in the lack lustred moreover a box-office bomb “The Green Hornet” nevertheless he has this humorous and sincere take on serious situations that I really find so genuinely consistent. David O. Russell should cast him soon in his upcoming projects as well since it is the Director’s main selling point.

But going back to Christoph’s role and performance, he plays a wandering German Dentist who was actually a Bounty Hunter employed by the Government to seek out varmints and bring them back either dead or alive, his name was Dr. King Schultz who needs a “Robin” in his daily adventures! Soon, he finds a group of slaves handled by the Speck Brothers and eureka, Academy Award Winner Jamie Foxx (Collateral) portrays the title role, a man given a chance to get back his wife in exchange for his services. Django is the name; he and Dr. King went into a blood trail tracking down individuals in various towns while being trained so he could finally get his revenge to those who have wronged him!

Kerry Washington (For Colored Girls) is the long lost wife Broomhilda Von Shaft, separated from her husband and currently sold to the main antagonist. Kerry has been involved in good films as of late (please don’t include the Fantastic Four films) she carries herself very well showing that drama can be one of her strengths which proved convincingly gratifying. Their love never gave up that it made it sweeter when her man comes to the rescue which is beyond any doubt the end result of the film’s objective…well almost, since there are some more “bullet points” in the agenda of our heroes!     (pun intended)

I think that’s the major parts being tackled, before we forget our hunter is not the only one with a sidekick, even though Calvin had his guns, goons and gold he still has someone to rely on besides all the muscle! Samuel L. Jackson (The Spirit) has crossover time and space to fulfill his duties as an actor occasionally he does B rated films but never fails to impress when push comes to shove! His role was Stephen the caretaker of the mansion, he makes sure everything and everyone is in its proper place when his Master arrives. He whispers wickedly, assesses the motives of guests but annoyingly creeps me out as he stands besides Calvin while repeating his every single statement needlessly!

Though films were made in the imagination of its composite individuals, they do have different ways and means to share it with the audience and be able explore the world of cinema to escape from reality once in a while. That is what Quentin Tarantino did and he was criticized by doing so, in context the African community’s forefathers did went through grueling experiences from forced labor, hunger, torture and even killed for the sake of those who deserved better to walk this forsaken planet. Deprived from anything that would say the least, the point is we are bounded by our hurt and hate which should not be the reasons to inflict it back on those who have given us pain.

The story does that plus much more since it was how the Director sees his horizons, his perception to merely convey awful truths will be his concern to deal with but if it was meant with malice then it will be a different case entirely. The sensitive issues being depicted in the film that allows itself to be projected in the mainstream nowadays are media and the right of speech which runs rampant without compromise. We watch these films to explore the works of these Producers, Filmmakers and celebrities to show how their intentions either being revered or rejected…the die is cast simple as that!


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