Sherlock Holmes (2009)

“Never theorize before you have data. Invariably, you end up twisting facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”


Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Silver Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures present…

Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work on what transpired to be as the “World’s Greatest Detective”! Eccentric, true! Unconventional, absolutely! But most of all, one of the brilliant minds of his time! His character was given birth coming from idle days at the Author’s clinic located at Portsmouth, while waiting for customers; he would scribe his creation’s adventures and misadventures to pass the time!

His mentor from the university Joseph Bell was the progenitor, the image which Sir Arthur was trying to emulate for his new found hobby, having the same demeanor for intuition, deduction and inference and thus Sherlock Holmes was born to solve mysteries and fight crime as a Consulting Detective!

Running as if there was no tomorrow, Sherlock’s fleeting feet moves ahead from the Scotland Yard Police with two stern faced individuals who shows utmost concern on what they are up against! Yes, Sherlock Holmes is on the case! He needs to prevent a cult leader and practitioner of the paranormal from taking another victim but there is more to this mere supernatural forces alone…

Always full of energy, wit, courage and determination Sherlock Holmes is brought to life by Robert Downey Jr. (Zodiac) his portrayal could not have been taken better by another actor, he is passionate with his work  more so to his objective as a performer to his audience!  While the fast paced movements compliments the slow motion capture of “kicking ass 101” applying Baritsu to a given number of opponents, Robert’s fantastic display of choreography and understanding of the art has made these scenes flagrant and unforgettable!

His partner in “crime solving” is Dr. John Watson a former soldier who served in Afghanistan has made so much testimony for his roommate, friend and brother at arms! Jude Law (Contagion) provides not just bantering humor with his colleague but also pieces of advice and at times reprimanding for his unusual lifestyle!

Full of spectacular fight scenes and funny moments not just from the two protagonists but through the escapades they go to and the anonymities they need to solve before everything is too late! Having said, the performances of these two main protagonists were exceptional seeing that how someone like Holmes coming from his Bohemian lifestyle, vagrant and absurd has been changed into society’s respectable (almost) figures and this is thanks to the Doctor who seem undeterred to find a way (die trying) to at least sway the sleuth from living like a tramp and to add, avoid him from further experimenting on their dog!

No denying that he is one of the most sought out actors of this generation specifically playing the villainy of every hero, thwarting their efforts to seize the day until they all crash down to his will. Mark Strong (Robin Hood) does so impeccably his heinous crimes using both intellect and the dark arts of demonic rituals.

A thief, a friend and a lover Irene Adler is portrayed by Rachel McAdams (The Notebook) she has a penchant for stealing things even the heart of the Detective which makes him absolutely fascinated or even more, enamored by the young lass! Rachel exudes charisma, style and wit while trying to be a sincere while still acts as a double agent for a very influential figure.

The set-up in terms of timeline was very adequate, precise and concomitant from attire, manners not being flumped up in a narrowed down studio where a specific shot is just taken over and over again from the same stage. Even the Tower Bridge scenes were fantastic. Academy Award and BAFTA Winner Cinematographer Philippe Rousselot (The Tailor of Panama) has proven yet again to provide the audience sweeping scenes of the era while making it more appealing through seamless shots of old London!

It may seem farfetched seeing that it still did not contend to be the highest grossing films in the domestic front but it sure was a blockbuster in the box office upon reaching international shores reaching $524 million in its worldwide receipts. Surely a sequel is in waiting or rather someone is still not finished playing “games” with the Detective unless proven he is far better having the greatest mind in the world…or so it would seem!


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