CBM Adaptation: Striking while the trend is hot!

striking-while-the-iron-is-hot I recently came across Comixology and it’s a website where you can purchase and download comic books in digital format. Voted as 2012’s No. 3 Top Grossing iPad app, in here you’ll be able to dive into and immerse yourself on your own personal collection wherever you go as their tagline’s emphasis on  “buy once , read everywhere.” policy which enables readers to enjoy the services rendered with the use of current trend digital devices.

More importantly, I was able to see a whole lot of perspective with its diverse collection of 30,000 strong comic books waiting to get their own attention in a big way and we’re not talking about tv series adaptations but rather getting the spotlight on the big screen. Ever since Richard Donner’s “Superman” which got the audience from the get-go with their catch phrase “You’ll believe a Man can fly.” from here, everything was history and superheroes were never the same.

DC Comics got the first crack in the comic book movie phenomenon and was later tail-gated by Marvel Comics which spawned so many projects that became instant hits (and some misses) especially when Stephen Norrington’s “Blade” and Bryan Singer’s “X-Men” that paved the way for these films to be instant blockbusters usually in the Summer season to get the cash cow flowing.

Now, we do understand that in the last decade, it is only from these two major publishers that has been battling the front seat for supremacy although there were a few that are willing to contend but they still fell short of their well intended promises for their respective publishers and studios. Here are some on my list:



Publisher: Aspen Comics

Creator/s: Joe Benitez

Publication Date: August 2010 (on-going series)

Genre: steam punk, detective, horror, supernatural  and adventure

An actress who could follow the footsteps of Kate Beckinsale and Mila Jovovich (well, much better in terms of acting) who loves action and adventure. Frontrunners could be Rachel McAdams (Sherlock Holmes), Gemma Arterton (Hansel & Gretel) or even Emily Blunt (Looper).

Directors that can put this film into full effect are: Len Wiseman (Underworld), Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes), Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy). Each one has tackled past projects that deal with science fiction and combining it with the Victorian Era and all its punked pleasantries!

mouse-guard MOUSE GUARD

Publisher: Archaia Studio Press under Boom! Studios

Creator: David Petersen

Publication Date: February 2006 (on-going series)

Genre: fantasy and adventure

Imagine “Stuart Little” and their all over the place! It’s a tough world out there and these sentient mice are trying to survive the best way they can. Great voice acting and CGI is a must in order for this film to work while making sure the premise is derived from the actual story with authenticity and make it epic as possible.

Directors that come to mind are: Brad Bird (The Incredibles), Rob MInkoff (The Lion King) who can bring action, drama and comedy all of the same time!



Publisher: Wildstorm under DC Comics

Creator/s: Warren Ellis and John Cassaday

Publication Date: September 1998 – October 2009

Genre: historical events, science, action, super heroes and mystery

As Warren stated, he wanted the series to be focus on the “superhero genre” rather than the superheroes themselves. It’s a combination of exploring phenomena that actually sets in historical accounts that would change the world. The film can be a huge potential for fans and the public in terms of covering different aspects of a summer blockbuster.

Someone who can utilize VFX “effectively” without relying on it to blow everything out of proportion! Think of “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “Watchmen” and “Hellboy” with the proper Director helming the lens, a smart screenplay and with a cast that can really bring intelligible dialogue. Any of the following directors could be tapped in to bring this team on the big screen: Anyone from Bryan Singer (X-Men), Christopher Nolan (Inception) and Vince Vaughn (Kick-Ass) would be perfect!



Publisher: from Casterman to Archaia  Studio Press under BOOM! Studios

Creators: Matz and Luc Jacamon

Publication Date: October 1998

Genre:  action, assassins and crime

Now, this would be cool it was a narrative like “Sin City” with the noir and the inhibitions of the gun for hire this would be a certain treat for spy enthusiasts and at the same time make an impressive entrance compared to the likes of “Wanted”, “Hitman” and “Shooter”(ok, one is a video game and another was an adaptation from a novel)!

The premise was adapted from a French comic book and hopefully things will get into fruition as Paramount Pictures have made a deal with Director David Fincher and Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment as of to date and to take the film into new heights! Hope they hit the bulls-eye on this one or we’ll send in the wet works!



Publisher: IDW Publishing

Creators: Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez

Publication Date: February 2008

Genre: mystery, horror and fantasy

What happens when you put together juvenile delinquents, demon possession, doors to other realms and incorporate it with tons of murder mystery and you get Locke and Key!

The story was interwoven with arcs that allow clearer passage to the plot about how history can entangle so much adventure for the Locke Family and their oppressors. A TV pilot was on the get-go from Dimension films with big time producers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Steven Spielberg joining the fray but the series was never greenlit and still hoping for a film that can turn things around for this phenomenal best seller!



Publisher: Oni Press

Creators: Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt

Publication Date: May 2010

Genre: action, supernatural and western

Western movies have been on a decline (“Jonah Hex”, “The Lone Ranger”) and although the genre works well with actual events, I believe that given the right story and direction will make it worth watching again.

Since, there has been a huge delay of the phenomenal fan favorite “The Dark Tower” from world renowned horror author Stephen King! The Sixth Gun can be the next shot in breaking the curse, this adaptation was actually given a green light already for a tv series but was unfortunately shelved by NBC.

Stating the obvious, since this is actually horror oriented and with some special effects involved, someone who can put the dread and significance of the story of this unwanted “gun” that needs to find its next owner before the evil dead does! We hope Sam Raimi (Evil Dead), Edward Zwick (The Last Samurai) or even The Coen Brothers (True Grit), with these Directors around, truly there will be blood!



Publisher: Creator Owned Comics

Creators: Alex Zalben and Josh Kenfield

Publishing Date: March 6, 2013 (digital release)

Genre: comedy, adventure, anthropomorphic and mystery

Think someone who can first voice this adorable cub (forget the Care Bears) this one sounds like he‘s still drinking milk from the bottle and loves to eat sandwich! Technicalities and visual effects is a piece of cake these days with films like “Scoody Doo” plus combine it with “Ted” there you have it.

“Big Bang Theory’s” John Ross Bowie playing Barry Kripke could serve well with this character. Seth can also direct while other Directors who could be interested are the redeemable Gore Verbinski (Rango), Chris Wedge (Ice Age) or even Seth McFarlane himself!



Publisher: Image Comics

Creator/s: John Layman, Rob Guillory

Publishing Date: June  2009

Genre: police procedural, dark comedy and crime

So, in this case I would like to suggest some of these potential crowd pleasers that I have read and hopefully it will have at least an impact for the movie going public to recognize and consider contending in the very long line success of these fictional characters coming alive straight into your faces bub!

Sources say that Stephen Yeun (The Walking Dead) is now a front runner for the cibopath Detective Tony Chu who works for the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


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