Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010)

An awe-inspiring display of inner struggles in the continuity of life and death from a failure of the father to his son who never needed forgiveness but rather of deliverance!

Batman - Under the Red Hood

Warner Bros. Animation in association with Warner Premiere, The Answer Studio and Warner Home Video present…

From the pages of Batman: A Death in the Family and Under the Hood arcs, the film captures its intrigue given on the plot where it covers the noir thriller every fan anticipates from the “over the ledge life” of Batman. DC Warner Premiere already gave us stories like “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies”, “Wonder Woman” and “Green Lantern: First Flight” and now comes another animated movie feature filled with epic proportions!

A troubled immortal regrets his actions while a father hurries to a location, beating the clock and a son still waiting to come home! Death comes to everyone at any point in time but everyone knows that it is only just the beginning…especially for those who had it coming!


Bruce Greenwood (I, Robot) is the latest Bruce Wayne, a tortured soul whose ghosts from the past still haunt him! A tale of a man who lost his protégé from a psychopath and not being able to be there on time made it more agonizing! Bruce (voice actor) had given the same effect of what Kevin Conroy has done in the past, putting the Caped Crusader in a pursuit that only time will tell if he will be able to get out of his predicament not just from thugs and super villains but more from inflicted emotional burdens that left him scarred since his parents were murdered! Now, his adopted son’s demise has given him the grief he never anticipated…

The eldest of the brood, Richard “Dick” Grayson aka Nightwing is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris (The Smurfs) known for his roles in the well received comedy drama Doogie Howser M.D. from younger exploits until he became love starved Barney of the hit series How I met Your Mother! Neil was able to provide the delivery for Dick needed aide for the Batman to hunt down and solve the enigmatic Red Hood who terrorizes Gotham City’s crime mobs. Headstrong and still seemed full of hope in the eyes of the surrogate father his failure for the son will have devastating repercussions indeed! Jensen Ackles (My Bloody Valentine) from his own well received series Supernatural plays Jason Todd, the second Robin; the juvenile prodigy who only wanted to become the Dark Knight’s partner who was left with more questions than answers in his quest for redemption and revenge!

The epitome of an enemy who should never to be underestimated nor toyed with! John Di Maggio (Little Fockers) gives his malevolent schemes and lambasted quips to anyone who gets in his way even if in my opinion he does not make the crazed out, high pitched laughter like Mark Hamill does, he was definitely “King” for portraying the Joker but John’s rendition here in giving life to the Clown Prince of Crime is absolutely commendable!

To add, another prime villain is Ra’s Al Ghul who is internalized by Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). Restrained in his portrayal with all the guilt he has for the Boy Wonder, his penchant for standing down against the “Detective” has made it less complicated.

Last but not the least, Wade Williams (Collateral) is the mob boss Black Mask who is on par with Yosemite Sam’s temper tantrums, his business is being sideswiped by the new crimson hooded trouble maker! Always full of energy, striking down his men whenever he flares up, Wade seems to achieve the ante-up for the game winner but instead, his intended “problem solver” was more than he has able to bargain  for…

The always young looking Kelly Hu (Scorpion King) is Ms. Li and Jim Piddock (The Prestige) is Wayne Manor Butler Alfred Pennyworth both assistants to their respective boss which gave and added more in depth talent to the star studded casts!


Director Brandon Vietti (Superman/Doomsday) brings another gritty timeless tale that integrating awesome display of intolerable cruelty to its sublime, melancholic departure from past sins and forgiveness! Writer Judd Winick is the main reason why Jason Todd was brought back from the dead and has his continuity in the DC Universe to have more significance by incorporating the character to the Batman titles and be part of its on-going storylines.

It was very well written but the Editing of Margaret Hou (Superman: Doomsday) still needs to work on some dialogue miscues and scenes like when Nightwing at the port was already running forward, Amazo threw him a cargo container but the former boy wonder was still seen jumping from his last location avoiding the powerful pitch, another one was some implanted hearing devices which could not be seen by the mob even if it’s blinking red on a side column or the cape that was not draped in Robin’s costume when Bruce was having a flashback in the Batcave and so on… small things are forgiven. Still, all is collaborated and in form especially for the strict supervision and go to guys Producer Bruce Timm, Michael Uslan who are always there to provide the best for the audience to watch and of course we include a hands down praise from Cast and Voice Director Andrea Romano (Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker). This team have made series and movies time and again with the best talent around bringing to life the characters played with remarkable disposition! (someone should take notes).

On a side note, Marvel Comics a much respected rival has made huge efforts indeed for their live action films and I applaud them for their unrelenting passion as well for work but simply note that they may have the advantage on that area but they will never take away the stories made by DC in this part of the world!

Definitely the most enjoyable to watch from the long line of DC animated films, it really captures the essence of drama and family troubles bringing up foster children that turned into vigilantes is really quite disturbing even for the logic instilled by the Batman who can really never control the outcome of these civil wars and his city’s safety. But that’s the reason for the hero, the endless nights fighting crime, the will to never give up in spite of so many odds, he stands on deadly ground 24/7 for his friends and further more for his new found family!

The Dark Knight is always watching…


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