John Wick (2014)

Revenge is best served cold and John made a whole lot of gazpacho!

John Wick

Summit Entertainment in association with Thunder Road Pictures, 87Eleven Productions, MJW Films and DefyNite Films present…

First time Directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch who both had credits from multiple action films which include the worldwide box office success from The Matrix Trilogy! Gathers together enough energetic talent to bring to life a world where blood and bullets are the favorites on the entree!

Chad and David made sure they maximized the talent and skills they perfected from the past few films and incorporated it with sheer brutal efficiency! Just like their mentors, these two admires the works of anime, gun fu techniques and martial arts while being executed by fight choreographers!

The redeemable Keannu Reeves (Henry’s Crime) stars a former mob top class hitman John Wick! While still grieving from the recent loss of his wife Helen played by Bridget Moynahan (Lord of War), he still can’t get out of this double life he leads from a cold killer to a man who seem to finally found peace with his “so called” forever after. The guy wakes in the morning and goes to his routine of dragging literally his 1969 Mustang while trying to take it even to other side with Daisy his gift puppy riding shotgun!

A straight up shoot fest which culminates a predictable plot where a former bad guy tries to reform and was floored for a stupid reason whatsoever! So to make things clear, just to emphasize on those who did not finish the job made a huge mistake of leaving this guy ticked off!

So this de facto leader of the pack Iosef Tarasov, a self-imposed brat who makes a mockery of the former killer for hire and does his best to get what he wants. Alfie Allen (Atonement) he is currently cast in the current television fantasy epic phenomenon “Game of Thrones”. While his father Viggo Tarasov is the ruler of the Russian criminal empire based in New York City. But not all these bliss comes into fruition unless you have someone willing and does the dirty job for you and they have the perfect guy for it! Michael Nyqvist (Mission Impossible -Ghost Protocol) has come a long way since his involvement in one of the best selling thrillers of all time “The Millenium Series”! Gaudy as he may be but his fear outweighs his relationship with John whom his son has wronged big time!

The film was a definite feast for the eyes, heart, brain (pun intended) as they all go splatter on the floor when you don’t walk away from the crossfire! Keannu’s training really paid off which involved judo and jiu-jitsu together with the L.A S.W.A.T Team and Navy Seals to help him bring down anyone who gets in his way. It was fluid, well choreographed and acted while using dark spaces just to minimize the blood bath! Another factor was the use of guns and weaponry considering that close quarter combat was in the mix, it looked more sophisticated when all of their ammos were gone and a slugfest would commence just to provide diversity in these shoot first ask later scenarios.

Even the use of lighter moments was fun to watch thinking that this guy would have anything he wanted and insults a man using his own dialect, another scenario was a police officer leaving a crime scene without second thoughts while a hulking bodyguard gets the night off just by simply being polite to his aggressor and lastly, a mob boss who cowers in fear for his former death dealer ironic isn’t it?

Screenwriter Derek Kolstad brought in the angst, the killing machine on the other end with peace, cereal sharing tough guy which combines the journey of a man paddling in two rivers. He gained this draft until there were clear buyers for the said story and Thunder Road Pictures did not disappoint. While gaining other casts such as Willem Dafoe (Streets of Fire) who plays Marcus the mentor of the troubled man, Adrianne Palicki (Red Dawn) as Ms. Perkins who seem has a fetish for wetworks. In addition there is also John Lequizamo (Land of the Dead) as car shop owner Aurelio who also works for the mob and Ian McShane (Sitting Target) as Winston owner of the Continental Hotel, a haven for the trigger happy guests! They all have their roles and moments which was significant for the story to unfold and bring John’s chaotic world into fruition!

Overall, the story was short let alone the premise was considered basically a typical revenge film done over and over again but with enough credence in terms of delivery of action, emotional stigma, unstoppable kinetic vibe and redemption! Seeing that this will be a franchise moving forward, the directors, screenwriter and for those who are still left alive hopefully returns with the blessings of Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer! Definitely “fortis fortuna adiuvat” gives this film the favors it deserves for a sequel!


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