Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Someone should pay attention and fix the flawed Justice System!!!

Law Abiding Citizen

The Film Department in association with Overture Films present…

No matter how hard we try to live our life peacefully there will always be violence that will tore you apart especially when this unexpectedly happens to your family!

Here is when Clyde Alexander Shelton from the talent of Gerard Butler (300) witnessed the brutality and the horror of his wife and daughter abruptly taken away from him. Gerard plays a former Black Ops Agent having the best track record of disposing whoever was needed to be dealt with and here in our story he is currently locked behind bars for committing a heinous crime…avenging his family! The actor has gone off a pretty good start since he landed the role of the King of Greece and he’s not looking to slow down anytime soon! The actor always brings in his goods to deliver very solid acting in all genres and projects given to him.

After a time when the trial was being reviewed by Philadelphia’s hot shot prosecutor Nick Rice portrayed by Academy Award Winner Jamie Foxx (Collateral) another well honed talent who tries to find the best solution to the proceedings in which he will give a lighter sentence to the convict in return for a testimony to the murderer’s accomplice more so, it got even the attention of the Mayor played by up and coming star Viola Davis (Doubt) who wants this case to be done with as soon as possible without attracting too much publicity in spite of the elephant inside the room that needs to be addressed by the newly appointed District Attorney. Clyde on the other hand would not accept the way the Nick perceives is the best way to get both of the criminals turned in and to add insult to injury, Clyde saw the misunderstood “gesture” after the Press…and all hell broke loose!

Director F. Gary Gray (The Negotiator) brings to us another provocative crime thriller that sets apart the justice system and how far the so called long arm of the law can provide the utmost security to both civilians and citizens, in which case we come to a point of differentiating between these two factions of society with the former just mere by-standers following what is given to them by the government and does not proactively participate in serving the community to be at best to help whoever needs it while the latter incorporates and implies the need of the people to not just be heard nor even question the authority but to have at least the right to live safely as normal human beings!

Wanting to prove a point (and he will be heard) Clyde was jailed, in trial and testified that he was indeed the one behind the unwarranted killings. It further aggravated him when he was set free by the Judge specifying his so called testimony which was sincere and in genuine honesty. Knowing how the justice system works, he will soon make sure everyone understands that people and accomplices in this trial will suffer if the flawed procedures of these people will not be fixed! The character of the anti-hero goes deep into the brink of anger and desperation that will give every single detail to what the premise of the story was all about!

Writer and Screenplay by Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium) intensively suggests the theme of the film capturing impeccably the elements needed to keep you at the edge of your seats which he commits to the audience spontaneously again and again without fail! The dynamic between Nick and Clyde was well understood and written seeing how they outwit each other makes it commendable even for the one needed to be brought to justice was just trying to find his way to correct society’s best who are in fact the worst and to be honest I was rooting for him!

There was no dull moment given by the main and the supporting casts gathered together by Deanna Brigidi (North Country) and Joseph Middleton (Kill Theory) who has both been involved with past projects collaborating with each other. Seeing that they can bring great actors without the budget to be breaking the line was enough to make it work!

A brilliant film, smart and at the edge of your seat experience!!! Nominated for the film of the year, Gerard and Jamie’s powerful performance were unmistakably remarkable, outwitting each other in a game of cat and mouse! I enjoyed Gerard’s portrayal of a family man, a good guy gone bad and to think he was on the top of his game but all roads come to an end even if it is stated to be the lesser of both evils.

The moral of the story is: the end doesn’t justify the means!!!


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