X-Men: First Class (2011)

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X-Men First Class

Donner’s Company in association with Dune Entertainment, Bad Hat Harry and Marvel Studios present…

From the minds of Marvel comics finest, comes The X-Men! Written by Stan “The Man” Lee and Artist Jack Kirby, the first of their kind “homo superiors” banded together by Professor Charles Xavier in Westchester, New York. These individuals have gifts that can forever change the course of history, for them to survive they must protect those who fears them!

Directed by well received Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) and produced by Bad Hat Harry a company of the first Director of these pivotal series, Bryan Singer who also co-wrote the film’s moving story.

The birth of the greatest friendship and rivalry in Marvel Comics, it is so one sided that there is no embargo committed to mettle with these two factions.

The year was 1962, Charles Francis Xavier is fast becoming the world’s first mutant expert, allied by his personal aide Raven they embark on a quest to understand more of this new manifestation that will unravel in the coming generations.

The pacing of the film was on par it gave precedence to how the mutant community comes into the world where even the same species lusts for control and power. Even becoming the third wheel with good intentions, the mutants are not given due for their actions and have even triggered more hatred. It is what they say everyone fears what is unknown.

Enough time was given for them to take action and counter the threat of a Nuclear War, Charles and Erik search the world to find their own, to help them fight the Hellfire Club lead by the malevolent Sebastian Shaw.

To comment on a few unmissable, applaudable and flawed moments, Michael Fassbender (300) made a remarkable performance and is now considered to be the next 007, his output of rage and sorrow reflects well and intended for the character of Magneto. For rising star James McAvoy (Wanted) shares the accolades with his best friend portraying the altruistic mentor of the X-Men as Professor X, always with friends and sharing his knowledge devout in his ways of making the next step for evolution of mankind be a fruition of a dream for the children of the atom.

I admired the way Kevin Bacon (Murder in the First) manipulates everyone and not even taking any scratch. Jason Flemyng had not much dialogue but still is fun to watch in every film he is in. Rose Byrne (Sunshine) adds more flavor as CIA Agent Moira McTaggert which should have been a scientist by the way.

Havok is one of the underrated mutants in the X-Men universe and is one of my all time favorites. His plasma waves can shatter a mountain side and even one time stopped the Hulk. But seriously, how can he be involved in this era of the film? As if was not bad enough putting the younger Summer’s sibling into the fold, at one instance was doing hoola hoops back there…

Now we know why she is called Mystique portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence (Joy), she’s flirting with disaster while having that brother-sister dynamic with Charles, she was actually hitting on Hank and Erik…

From the first film, Magneto was stopping bullets outside the train station, here he was stopping missiles and rockets and to think he was just starting to embrace his powers. On another hand, most considered was the appearance of the canuckle head and a certain white haired weather mutant was in the cameo.

For the rest, they are still new and will have to stay low in the spot light since I find it mediocre especially for the mutants Angel and Darwin who were never given justification even for just being part of the original class which is farfetched in my opinion. They were included in the books very recently in the storylines of the X-Universe that should have been given to better or more popular characters!

The score is more lively and intense and in my opinion far better than the first films. To add, the special effects can do only so much for integrating parts and pieces to make scenes workable in the deus ex-machina moments, the Russian Army parade, Beast’s transformation, flight and fight scenes from Angel and Banshee, crashing Lockheed jet in the island to name a few.

It was an engaging film still filled with emotional reverberations that makes Charles and Erik allies and foes, the schism that made them who they are and what they are destined to be in this mundane world we live in. Director Matthew Vaughn has made another must see film, remarkable indeed!

Bottom line, I did not even imagined that the first films were going to be that bad, I grew up with comic books as part of my recluse from this cynical world, even contesting that the X-Men were my means to be part of something better in my life.

Bryan Singer gave it a chance but still fell short only because of being too emotional based and not making it more standard on what the comic implies. The real world conceptualization was a total given and he made it really believable on how hatred, disparity, discrimination every individual, culture, minorities feel and that’s why conflict will never cease because we as humans do not really conceive what’s it like to be, what is termed as humanity and co-exist as one.

The film also depicts his clear understatement where it even gives more meaning on the words of Raven in the film “Mutant and Proud” which clearly adheres to modern society’s conundrum.

Absolve will be my final input for this review, if it was meant to be, if we are able to see and look through each other’s physical imperfections then we are to be free from this guilt let alone ask for forgiveness


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