Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Is this the end of Spider-Man?

Spider-Man 3

Columbia Pictures with Laura Ziskin Productions in association with Marvel Studios present…

Based on Marvel Comics characters, Spider-Man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko to debut in Amazing Fantasy No. 15 in August of 1962. As a young boy, Peter his alter-ego was orphaned and was taken in by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May upon which he had an epiphany about his responsibilities…and this will be his gift and his curse!

In this final installment, the story revolved around Peter’s darker side giving a pathway entry for his nemesis to come to life…

After years of saving New York City, Peter Parker returning for the third time is Tobey Maguire (The House of Cider Rules) has come to terms for being the superhero everyone adores! Not only that, he is preparing to be engaged with the love of his life Mary Jane Watson portrayed once more by Kirsten Dunst (Crazy/Beautiful).

But happiness isn’t meant to last when Peter’s past comes haunting him back, the real perpetrator from his Uncle’s death had escaped from prison and gave levity to the back story of the franchise. Trying to be two things at once was not good for Peter’s persona since his love Mary Jane had recently been depressed from her sudden exit from a broadway show, it gave her the time to contemplate on her feelings while trying to find someone who could provide empathy for her misfortune. Peter on the other hand, is well over his head, had shown mixed emotions of grief, nirvana, aggressiveness and hunger for power in the middle of the film making him more distant with his Aunt May and his friends. As he is locked on with two bad guys, his girlfriend (on and off) in hostage and another reluctant “best friend” to help him with his predicament, Peter must find a way to save them but he must come to realization first to save himself from his own dark inhibitions!

To add insult to injury, the hunt was still on by Harry Osborn played by James Franco (Whatever It Takes) who still thinks that Peter murdered his father Norman! His part was a bit redundant already having to vent out all these anger from the last two prequels was already enough, then came two additional headaches! A pint sized photographer wannabee, from the riotous “That 70’s Show” comedy series from none other than Topher Grace (In Good Company) he plays Eddie Brock who got the angry symbiote’s sympathy and turned him into the entity known as Venom and an escaped felon trying to clear his name whose chances are lost like a grain of sand at a beach, Thomas Haden Church (Serial Killer) is Flint Marko also known to the authorities as the Sandman!

Speaking of beaches, one comes to mind, following her stint with awful films Bryce Dallas Howard (Lady in the Water) is man stealer Gwen Stacy (well technically in the comics she was the first GF…) and up to now she still have no credible film to take her seriously (ehem Mr. Shyamalan…anytime now!)…she usually plays a wide eyed woman who seems to not understand where she is and what she’s still doing there!

As usual, the veterans are still the people you can count on to carry these snot nosed middle aged citizens! Starting with Rosemary Harris (My Life So Far) as Aunt May Parker, J.K. Simmons (Hidalgo) as the notorious media mogul J.J. Jameson who I believe one of the very few who was perfectly casted to play the role!

Pretty much of these films are over hyped that they tend to blow if out of proportion in viral marketing, media and getting sequels compromised. The story was dragging though the plot was intended to be in that direction, it just makes no sense just to overdo things to make life more miserable for Peter Parker, even if he was able to pull it off with friends by his side and this was not given without sacrifice. The story ended with another dead person, a whole lot of rectification and forgiveness and lastly an open ended finish… but it doesn’t mean the story has come full circle!!!

From Director Sam Raimi (Drag Me to Hell) his supposedly installment should have provided a better plot, fans got excited for two villains facing the web head, their powers are even more staggering let alone their respective individual agenda that will literally shake the world of New York City’s celebrated superhero! Instead of focusing on the actual flow of the story, certain sequences of Peter doing his moves at the street, while shopping  and at the bar felt like really awkward and let’s just say “unmanly”!

A new guy has taken the shoes from the previous Director, his name is Marc Webb (nice one Marvel putting a Director with an instant subliminal for his last name) it would be a reboot focusing more on Peter’s high school life making the premise younger and hopefully more action as well as content in Spider-Man’s life! Andrew Garfield is the chosen one and I did saw a video clip of his movie “Never Let Me Go” and it looks promising. I really do appreciate actors with the ability to be diverse and well-rounded. I do hope that he can pull it off with his portrayal of the web slinger or he might get a few pumpkin bombs from the audience pun intended!


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