Rango (2011)

A green reluctant hero…but he’s sometimes orange, purple, yellow or blue. But no matter what color he’s in, he’s definitely the one who will light the way in our darkest hour!


Paramount Pictures in association with Blind Wink Productions, Industrial Light & Magic, GK Films and Nickelodeon Movies present…

People are talking, discussing, debating on what great films are in for the week, they even mentioned a certain superhero in Green…

Calling the Owl Amigos…music please!

Introducing Rango!!!

The film starts off with Rango with friends (ehem!) doing a play or whatever fills his void, floats his boat! His monologue of his adventures was one of the best I’ve seen, until the accident gave him the real adventure he was looking for! While trying to stay alive and conversing with an old armadillo named Roadkill voiced by Alfred Molina (Nothing Like the Holidays), he wanders off to the desert searching for his destiny.

Funny thing it was raining, water from the sky to cool down the drenched, dried out town called Dirt! A town where everyone believes his stories and truly adores him. Now, after recently defeating his “fearful” adversary he was assigned as top dog and guard the security of the town…little does he know what he’s in for!

I was even rewinding the film from the first parts since I was bellowing in laughter from the scenes where he first met the Predator! I even find its antics and facial expressions so funny while running after its meal! Mind blowing action sequences it even gives the real feel of the Wild West, bad guys taking over the town, a hesitant hero trying to blend in and saving the day!

Truly a chameleon, Johnny Depp (Alice in Wonderland) exudes with brilliant performance as always, truly he belongs to the A list in the acting business. He portrays Rango, a light hearted, witty, unwavering and the unluckiest (luckiest for my two cents) reptile that I’ve seen in my entire life! He’s so funny and he’s not even trying and that’s the best part! I only did find it a bit odd his voice resembled to another green character…a frog that is. Forget about that, he’s an “actor” and he loves the adulation of the masses!

A round of applause for the supporting cast indeed! Ned Beatty (Shooter) as the scrupulous and malevolent Mayor, Isla Fisher (Confessions of a Shopaholic) plays Beans, the damsel in distress, Timothy Olyphant (Hitman) plays Clint Eastwood… I meant the Spirit of the West, a small part but gives more meaning to Rango’s mission and epiphany.

I also find it unlikely for him in doing voice acting in animation but hey everybody jumps in the wagon one of these days and fan favorite Bill Nighy (Underworld) plays Rattle Snake Jake whose villainy and legend is outclassed only by the town’s swashbuckling Sheriff.

Music was dead spot on courtesy of the ever spontaneous Hans Zimmer (Black Hawk Down) invigorating and complimentary in every scene in the film! I even liked the “Valkyrie” moments knowing who will die and survive will be for the bats to decide!

Directed, Produced and Co-written by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) and soon The Lone Ranger, talk about a one man show! Very detailed, fluid and barrels of laughs and action! There was never a dull moment, great animation, great cast and delivery and most especially worth watching over and over again!

Amazing animation! I really thought the weather ruined my day or was it luck after all that I was able to watch one of animation’s greats for a long time running! Of course who can forget the Owl Amigos (that’s how I call them), I do recall the same music theatrics dynamic from a previous film “There’s Something About Mary”! But hey, the show must go on what can I say.

Oh, by the way, this fellow doesn’t even need a ring to illuminate himself to become a hero! He does not even have a name but deep down he knows who he is, definitely a hero in my books!


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