Puss in Boots (2011)

You had me with “meow”…well, almost!

Puss in Boots

Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation present…

As we grew up following tales of nursery rhymes and creatures from far, far away, here is an animated comedy adventure that branches off from the film franchise which obviously got the best of the ambivalent Ogre! By the way, after all that has been said and done, Shrek who? Directed by Christopher Miller (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas) A DreamWorks mainstay who actually got into very single project that the studio released! Seeing that most of them were blockbuster certified however, this latest project still had more claws to show besides its undeniable cuteness!

The “Dance to the Death” as if these two weren’t doing the “tango” and the “cha cha” years ago! It was nice to see them back working together again! Salma Hayek (Desperado) she did sound different with a deeper voice just to compensate her alluring charm. She provided the voice for Kitty Softpaws a thief who has the uncanny ability to take away anything without you noticing it and that’s because she has no claws! While the swashbuckler as he is, Antonio Banderas (The Legend of Zorro) as the protagonist of this misdirected adventure, introducing Puss in Boots! His wit and dashing adds already to his fervor antics and you’ll never go wrong with this cat whose “lives” had been lost due to his orphaned life and treacherous origins! His journey will make him the hero that he was meant to be while trying to get away from a former life that he wants to redeem for the longest time! Both of the main performers were easy on the eyes since they have this dynamic chemistry already but anyone can still be buried by a poor script which is not only one dimensional but at the same time has a slow pacing that keeps the story dry.

The story was quite predictable to say the least seeing that “what comes around goes around”! It really had a simple premise leading to the climactic duel, but it was the delivery of Antonio and Salma synchronized with the movements, gestures and expressions of the two leading kitty cats that made it stand out as a film! While both have their attributes since he has a superpower which can make you do whatever he pleases, but all heroes have their weaknesses which is until someone shines a mirror on a wall to easily give in to his playful yearnings!

Here comes the very annoying Zach Galifianakis (Hangover) again he sounded different here just like Salma did! Stereotyped to make any portrayals that he accepts to do to be the same old nuisance as repeatedly done over and over again in his previous films. The cat had me going for the first 30 minutes but when Mr. Egghead came in, all came falling down! The character he portrayed felt like he was just there to insult Puss and not just for the leading characters but also for the whole plot of the film. You don’t get his intentions whether he is bad or good, betrayed or guilt ridden it was his own fault so he does need to let it go of the past!

So from here we introduce Billy Bob Thornton (Eagle Eye) and Amy Sedaris (Jennifer’s Body) as a pig loving couple (literally) who does get the “magic beans” long sought out by the oblong quasi-villain. Their performances were absolutely forgettable, pathetic and there was no actual reason why they were still needed to be on the film. Humpty Dumpty should have been the main villain if weren’t for his conscience kicking him in! They were there just to deliver the package and that’s it!

On the Production end, the animation was partly done in India where DreamWorks the “Mother Goose” company where it cites that outsourcing was cheaper and also to compensate for the lack of people doing a number of films for the year. Not that it’s bad since it does help gain access to the growing sector of animators and seek out still the best in the field.

It doesn’t need to exacerbate the whole storytelling since it was really hilarious watching a cat do his little things and still save the day! It even became more inclined with an action paced setting that had to be dragged for so long just to get the things going. The film does have its moments considering that it was nominated for Best Animated Picture in the Academy Awards while garnering blockbuster receipts with a worldwide total of 554 million! Chris and Executive Producer Guillermo Del Toro (The Hobbit) has already planned drafting scripts for a sequel which can easily be one of the go-getters for the children to be excited about.

Well, the same goes with this types of animation, you have a hero, a woman to love (well not all are damsels in distress), a villain and an epiphany that comes along with his crusade for justice and a half glass of milk…

Now quit staring at me with those puppy eyes…you silly Pussy Catto!


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