We’re the Millers (2013)

While the comedy hurts rock bottom the family values remain “high”!

We're the Millers

Warner Bros. Pictures in association with New Line Cinema, Newman/Tooley Films, Slap Happy Productions, Heyday Films, Vincent Newman Entertainment and Benderspink present…

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (The Mysteries of Pittsburgh) with Screenplay and Story from Bob Fisher and Steve Faber of the infamous “Wedding Crashers”! The Director can do only so much and even with huge pool of talent in his backyard the film was only able to provide moments of chaos, ostensible adlibbed script and a premise that was forceful and forgettable! With the two “cohesive” writers add so much color to their work in giving a very delectable script that focuses on excessive sexual innuendo, lots of cursing and worse, in-depth drugs and illegal immigrant concerns from the south of the border where they actually serve as humor for everyone to see!

As on-going collaborations do count for hype purposes especially from great talent can be infectious and for the Miller’s I was really expecting this film to be another comedy hit since it reunites the critically panned but a box-office success “Horrible Bosses”! With stars like Jason and Jennifer at the forefront this time around and hauling two juvenile delinquents to cover their tracks as a squeaky clean family then you’re in for a treat or not depending on your preference!

When I saw the trailer, I thought this is going to be a riot since it always does show good parts but it tends to ruin it on the long run where there is just a limited amount of gags or punch lines just to entice the movie going public.  So without further ado…here are The Millers!

A fully pledged small time drug dealer Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses) topbills this comedy flick as David Clark who runs out of luck when his apartment was mugged of his “stash and cash” and now needs to repay his filthy rich “Orca” owning double crosser and supplier Brad Gurdinger played by Ed Helms (The Hangover) by going to Mexico and bring back to the United States a ton load of marijuana!

So what do you do? You bump in to your neighbor who is actually a professional stripper and so you ask her to be your lawfully wedded wife, just kidding people no harm in dreaming! You try to convince her to get you out of a pickle by “pretending” to be the love of your life. Jennifer Aniston (The Good Girl) portrays Sarah O’Reily who coincidently gets evicted by her landlord and needs some extra dough or she’ll end up living in the streets like our next star…

With kids like Emma Roberts (It’s Kind of a Funny Story) and Will Poulter (The Son of Rambow) you’ll never have to worry about bad parenting! Emma has gone a long way and with genes running through her veins from well renowned Father Eric Roberts and his sister Julia Roberts what more can you ask for? She already has a very nice resume coming on her own to be distinguished as one of today’s rising stars, she can never go wrong well at least for the projects that she chooses from here on.

Her role was to play a runaway homeless teenager who has more guts than the boy who lives next door but everyone still needs food and shelter to survive this cruel world! While her right off the mill “brother” gets on the band wagon just because he’s the nicest kid on the block well, until he learned to count from one to three! The fabulous four come into terms just to get out of their own respective predicaments and find a way to survive their road trek ordeal.

But wait there’s more, it’s not enough that Pablo Chacon a Mexican Drug Lord played by Tomer Sisley (Sleepless Night) chases his “supply” around with his one eyed friend. The Millers also tailgates an obnoxious couple Nick Offerman (The Kings of Summer) and Kathryn Hahn (Step Brothers) plus their endearing daughter played by “Supergirl” Molly Quinn (The First Time) and you have the Fitzgeralds’ Don, Edie and Melissa! A kind family that is composed of a DEA Officer, an over eager Mother and a daughter who just wants to fit in a society where you can be called normal!

Jason still lights up that flair as he always have giving some levity to the dynamic between characters and for being the “padre de familia” with Jennifer by her side, she still needs to prove some box-office worth given in the last few years she has not been into a lucrative motion picture deal that the audience wants to talk about at least for the next twelve months or so! She kind of gotten stiff with all those years being wit h “Friends” and with whole lot of rom-coms that actually didn’t work makes it more interesting for her to find some form of life in her acting career! Emma on the other hand gives little credit for her role which she has done dozens of times before using brains and sarcasm to win her day and finally, for Will who by the way steals the show in his own sort of way by being in every ludicrous scenario which were either awkward, laugh out loud funny and genuinely sincere (awww!).

So verdicts says, it had its absurd with over the top shoehorned moments that just needs to be there to fill up character interactivity. To add more insult, it had a star studded ensemble that was wasted with its thinly written script and jokes that has a “been there done that” convolutedness. But on the “greener” side of things, it had good intentions to finish off the film in spite of not being officially off the hook when the primary cast was last seen to be seemingly having a happy life in a family oriented neighborhood for the next three to six months! Here’s mud in your eye…


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