Horrible Bosses (2011)

A comedy that strains so much neck muscle laughing at this half-twitted trio who just wants to have a better workplace to live in!

Horrible Bosses

Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Rat Entertainment and New Line Cinema present…

Everyday we go to work, wake up in the morning, take a bath, brush our teeth, commute or drive ourselves to our very own cubicles. It’s a routine that gives us the privilege to live a life to be sustained and it’s a guaranteed fact despite a few…well let’s just say some people who could be a hindrance to our aspirations in life!

The Boss, a person who gives the proper direction, instructions and managing his or her subordinates to be able to perform and exceed upon the given expectations of the company! In this case, it’s the other way around, it’s farfetched let alone overkill to my aforementioned statement.

The story gives three men their most appalling (sounds like a horror movie) experiences in their respective work place. For these guys it would have been better off if they were dead but they think otherwise! This film is a satire of what work life is in this mundane, cynical world we live in! A trump of a comedy that gives a little more justification to those people who are climbing the ladder into a better place or die trying…

Director Seth Gordon redeems himself from “Four Christmases”, he was able to give the film simple and yet superb partaking that culminates the protagonists’ whims of their hypothetical intentions! To add, the production worked impeccably thanks to a wonderful story provided by Michael Markowitz (Becker), who also helped John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Bones) for the screenplay.

Now, let’s introduce our players in this Royal Rumble of madness, thrill induced, mind numbing awful people!!!

The Psycho vs The Passive

Kevin Spacey (American Beauty) is Dave Harken, a psychopathic, egocentric; slave driver who makes life miserable for his next in line VP (yeah right!). I really did appreciate that Kevin can do so many roles without any unhindered misgivings from movies like The Negotiator to Men who Stare at Goats, effortlessly done even doing adverts from an airline company, this guy makes money with a smile on his face! Jason Bateman (Hancock) plays Nick Hendricks, from the three he is the one I feel sorry for the most because his genuine, dedicated to his work and still had enough to sacrifice for his Gam Gam! Jason made headway with his success in the comedy series about his dysfunctional family in Arrested Development!

The Tool vs The Tailored

Colin Farrell (Alexander) gives Pellit family a bad name.  Bobby, who after inheriting the company which his Dad built didn’t waste any time to make it more “profitable”! For a change a least Colin was given a chance show more diversity after a string unsuccessful films even though for me he was the least hated Boss (not much character driven). The supposed contender Jason Sudeikis is Kurt Buckman, his penchant for work and women are without equal! Stoked and determined especially being backed up by the Owner of the Chemical Company played by Donald Sutherland…until the son took over! Who since then, has blatantly disregarded company policies and spends more time cavorting in the office.

The Man Eater vs The Anti-Mitigator

Jennifer Aniston (The Switch) always a sight for sore eyes! Portrays Dr. Julia Harris, she eats men for breakfast…lunch and dinner! But her “on the house” menu is Dale! I could not remember when was the last time Jennifer made me laughed…I think it was still in Friends (it was that long!) so changing her palate from conventional good girl to the ravenous Dentist have eluded her from the root canal! Charlie Day (Going the Distance) portrays Dale Arbus, the Dental Assistant who I believe is the runaway performance in this film, so much energy (even without the coke) or was it just maybe he has the woman boss? He sounded like a hyper ventilated Peter Griffin who always had the most awkward situations.

Let’s not forget the pivotal role (what a riot!) of Jamie Foxx (Law Abiding Citizen)aka Dean Jones or to those people who have seen this… it rhymes with Mother and Father (you get it right, nope no cursing here). This guy is the man if you want some bootleg but you have to give him 5K first (in a suitcase of course, its business!)

It’s truly great how camaraderie entails success and seeing these people’s resumes it’s either they have solid acting careers coming from a successful TV series or they have worked with each other from previous projects. Most of these talents have made names in their respective shows which give more credence and casting from previous films made.

The chemistry suits well as the main protagonists obsessively, frantically find a way out of their never ending predicament, like a website based hit man, thief laden neighborhood, traffic lights, con men, naive cops, cats??? Overall, entertaining film, hilarious cast and a well played script and everyone knows even their Boss will watch this to have some epiphany…or not!

I’m not going to get fired am I? am I???


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