This Means War (2012)

All is fair in Love and War but what isn’t is McG still making films up to this time!

This Means War

20th Century Fox, Overbrook Entertainment with Robert Simonds Productions present…

McG seriously needs to change his so called “forte” his films are really predictable with its bad comedy and over the top action scenes but since the Director has a knack for being a hyper-energetic, he can compliment his scenes with the right type of music playing in the background especially if it’s involved with the right amount of adrenaline rush!

Script Writers Simon Kinberg (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) and Timothy Dowling (Just Go with It) maybe had so many sleepless nights thinking on what to put in the premise of the film. Maybe “Die Hard 3” (vengeance from a brother who falls from a building)! To add, in applying the rapport within the characters, there was no actual chemistry felt between Chris and Tom they were just saying their lines for the sake of making the story plausible! The audience does not even know what’s being served already going from a “undercover” operation gone bad to trying and ante-up each other in dating the woman they both love! The worst part is that they left the bad guy unchecked just like the organization “Quantum” in the James Bond films and then it finally hits you while stating “I’m still here you morons!”.

For the leading lady, she can be very versatile knowing how to handle a whole range of genres which is great except that it was difficult to watch her saying nonsensical lines and redundant scenes from her suitors. Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde) is the desperate Lauren Scott who keeps on bumping into his former boyfriend while trying to evade him without making so much a fuss on her personal life! Reclused, she only has a friend named Trish to whom she shares her anxieties and now needs to find a man to call her own. Her performance was bland, uncharismatic and not worth to be taken seriously.

I won’t assign numbers it might make an emphasis on their credibility of who is number one but rather will just put it as options for the audience to choose:

“Falling is the best part.”

Spy A: Tom Hardy (Soldier, Sailor Tailor, Spy) his comedy will take a while in getting used to since he has more inclinations for action and drama which was not clearly emphasized on what character he portrays in the film just makes him look silly.  He is Tuck Henson, a hopeless romantic and a boy scout who has a son coming from a failed marriage.

“It’s the mistakes that make us who we are.”

Spy B: Chris Pine (Unstoppable) is a natural comedian; he doesn’t need to overdo things just to make people laugh. If they will do a reboot, remake or re-imagine the Fantastic Four he’ll get my vote to play Johnny Storm. He is Franklin Delano Roosevelt “FDR” Foster, the playboy, masochistic, egoistic woman charmer who suddenly grows an epiphany when he finally meets Lauren!

Still waiving his hands for attention! Til Schweiger (Inglorious Basterds) is the “forgotten villain” who actually makes the film come into “full circle”. He is Heinrich, the mission that started it all! The Director and Writers inclined on so many themes that it got so messed up, the romantic segment was predominant while their adversary looms in the dark waiting to just shoot them while they are entwined with their rivalry!

Overtly delivered dialogue as a comedy film was not needed to entertain, just let the talent of these people work it out. It’s a given a fan service seeing how could it be so much harder to imply the whole nine yards of different themes in film making when it was clearly intended to appeal or rather to already appease the viewing public for standing up not to applause but to walk out of the cinema! For instance, the CIA is a joke just being used to be a Prop Master for these to Romeos providing them with cars, paintings, surveillance tech, manpower and intel being used to feed the two lovesick agents! Collins will hear about this!

Speaking of the devil, coming from the bomb film Green Lantern Angela Bassett (Nothing But the Truth) is CIA Director Collins who made laugh so hard for her delivered line “and remember this mission is covert” (please…) it’s a freaking spy film and you have to tell your Agents that the mission mandates, as Elmer Fudd would have said it “be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits huh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh”! She was just there to reprimand the boys and give orders absolutely useless (again)! Even “Aunt May” joined the barge headed for “McG’s World” where everyone is all smiles! Rosemary Harris (My Life So Far) is still the sweet and endearing Grandmother Nana Foster who had her share in the spotlight in spite of all the ruckus!

The trailer sold me until the Director’s name showed up! At least I wanted to give it a try because of the very well commended main protagonists and an Academy and BAFTA Award Winning Actress! The film had its moments of being wacky to cheesy; you will laugh in a few seconds and then forget about it! So if you’re just looking for something to watch and unwind then you can try it otherwise, you can make up your mind take the test and swim in the sea of this muddled up romantic action, thriller, comedy, morally downtrodden, bromance, spy love story…what’s going on here?!? Even the title of the film will get you confused of what you’re trying to watch! Get your “mission” straight!



3 thoughts on “This Means War (2012)

  1. I hated this film. The premise of two men using their privileged position to break into a woman’s home and essentially stalk her made my skin crawl. If they had not been conventionally attractive this would have been a horror movie, not a comedy.

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