Into the Blue (2005)

Jump in, the water’s fine or until someone intentionally pushes you!

Into the Blue

Columbia Pictures in association with Mandalay Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer present…

Summer is here, we could relax and bask under the sun, have a few beers with friends and family while seeing the ocean waves touch our toes in the sand incessantly!

A storm puts down a plane in a remote location sending the crew into their watery graves…

The story for me combines the elements of the films “Sahara” and “Water World” mixing it with fiction and reality which gives it a little more bearing on the grounds of adventure and actual life experiences of getting rich quick or ending up dead swimming in the pool of your own blood!

Always running from someone, a crime syndicate, the mob, killers or even from cops! The late Paul Walker (Fast and the Furious) is Jared, a beat down treasure diver living with his girlfriend Sam played by the flawless Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four) in a rusty trailer and a dog named Boone! I loved their chemistry, the couple has always been playing it low without compromising their safety and as they try to fulfill their dreams or die trying. He’s the incorruptible hero who whatever it takes, no matter the stakes are, he manages to find a solution even to the point of sacrificing himself, he will find a way to save the person he loves and set things right!

Until a close friend of Jared drops by for a vacation…this is the fourth time Paul and Scott Caan (Gone in 60 Seconds) worked together. The latter is the headstrong, arrogant lawyer from New York named Bryce. Scott has always made a name for himself even if his dad Scott Caan Sr. a terrific veteran actor, it clearly shows blood is thicker than water and this guy knows his trade. He has a knack of playing an annoyance in his previous films and he does it pretty well! At least in the long run…

The Huntress has come to town! Ashley Scott (12 Rounds) also from the TV series Birds of Prey! This is a woman who never turns down “fun” and has “show me the money” all over her face! She did her part naturally but will need a few more shows and films to refine her skill sets!  While former employer of Jared is the hot shot Bates portrayed by Academy Award Nominee Josh Brolin (No Country for Old Men) always the “kill joy” whether a bad guy or a good guy! You will either applaud for his performance or let him just sink down with the ship!

I will give my hands down praise to the Director John Stockwell (Blue Crush) and to the Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut (Crazy Beautiful) who captured the lucid, clear blue, shark infested waters of the Bahamas.  It’s not an easy task to guide actors under the water more so, to stay there for hours and hours to complete just a given sequence. Though their hard work was not paid off, seeing that one aspect of the film can never be means to say that it can be successful especially with story and talent involved. Speaking of which, written by Matt Johnson (Torque) he presented a genuine undertaking into the lives of four people who in their own ways want to live a well-off life but with different dispositions which takes them apart in the process. It was defined and gratuitously imposed but without enough credibility pushing for it coming from the characters involved!

Also, this is not the best film that is guaranteed or even for the genre of high stakes treasure hunting smacked down with crime and a love story, it’s fine but seriously, not because of Ashley and Jessica’s assets all over the place, but because of staying true to yourself even from peer pressure or against insurmountable odds…

I don’t know why there is a reason for this film to be bashed by the critics and for Rotten Tomatoes to give it a 21% rating. The story was not dull; it had fast paced action, moral code of ethics, romance and suspense. The delivery of the cast was straightforward and candid; they had a sense of camaraderie in the set which makes them easier to perform their roles. The only down side that I could see was a shallow premise which was forgivable seeing that it still gives a sense of judgment to do what is right and fighting for the ones you care for!


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