(500) Days of Summer (2009)

Absolutely breathtaking and at the same time heartbreaking!!! (not the movie…I was talking about Zooey!)

500 Days of Summer

Fox Searchlight Pictures in association with Watermark and Sneak Preview Entertainment present…

If this is what reality should be…so be it!

The film exudes with wit, charm, depravity, the feeling of being used, heartache, yearning and the need to move on with one’s life! Nobody said it would be easy and getting the easy way out is not just something that you just put into your system making it whole and binding it with you, then you spit it out just like that for no reason at all! People do have the tendency to deprive others and that what makes us human.

As the narrator said this is not a love story but it’s a story about love!

Let us break it down to the minor and major details of the film shall we!!! And move along with the milestones! Being Normal = Being Happy equation, wherein Tom and Summer doing flip cards of days that takes us to their journey of love and loss…

Day 1 – in an office presentation… Tom played by the remarkable young actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Women in Trouble) meets for the first time Summer portrayed by the always bubbly Zooey Deschanel (Winter Passing), the girl of his dreams! While summarizing the womanly characteristics as shown on her daily travels in life, it is therefore concluded in the statistics that once in your life you will encounter the other species and ask yourself: Where you have been all my life?!?!

Day 3 – Really, she’s a bitch? You’ll find out why they are given this type of moniker!

Day 4 – Elevator fever, I could still recall how I laughed so hard with their first casual encounter, it was so surreal that I gave it one of the best scenes of the film! I used to find someone so attractive that I had no choice but to make her mine…now she is my wife! 🙂

Day 8 – Second casual talk (much longer this time), and I really never got that joke, but it was used as a term for being clean love the irony though!

Day 154 – When we’re in love we can describe so many details even the trivial ones would be a piece of cake since there is much to say to the person your heart beats for… but there was a warning though…hold your breath people!

Day 11 – Are you bizarre??? Chloë Grace Moretz (The 5th Wave) as Rachel Hansen the younger sister with a more practical sense in life demeanor! You talked, you shared the same thoughts…Oh I forgot you’re in love…I’m sorry my bad!

Day 22 – It’s over…the emotions start to fire up their defenses, feeling the not her type thing, even your heart screams out for her!!! Right!

Day 27 – You’re not listening, everyone is coming! Every guy has that feeling of not joining in the group outings because you’re avoiding someone or you just don’t want to get hurt with all the right intentions. For all the reasons that you want to come…yet you still find a way in the dragon’s nest!!!

As you do find your way… a little trip can go a long way (down I mean!)

Day 28 – this is the moment so to speak, you were able to get a quick attention from her looking for you…expecting you to come! Points given my friend!

Only thing is she is not ready and wants to be alone… Pop quiz hotshot, what do you do!!!

Here is what you do… be yourself, let her understand that you can wait because you know it will be worth it in the end! Girls and their fish baits, I wouldn’t mind if it’s you on the other side!

Day 31- a moment of silence…then suddenly your world is in chaos!!! In Homer Simpson’s famous lines: What the?!?!?!

Day 282 – girl is out of words to say, bored and not enthusiastic anymore…you have to keep up the phase, be diverse and never ran out of tricks because if you do… the spark will go out and there is nothing you can do about it!

Day 34 – back from the past… everyday life seems so fun when you’re young and new, don’t let it be the basis of your relationship it means more when there is so much to look out for.

Day 303 – I did have my case on this, where I will be able to write a book for the girl that I loved but all I was able to do was write songs and poems which are given life if only that someone can hear it! But that’s no excuse!

Until she breaks your heart…

Day 45 – it’s not the series I was after, I didn’t care about the humming on the phone, but how they did the scene was hilarious! Maybe it’s just Summer humming…sigh!

Day 87 – don’t say that no one loves you; in fact even Ringo has someone who loves him awwwww!!!

Day 95- Architectures gives you reasons not to focus only on streets, but rather something more palpable when you look up!!! It only incites why they see more on a larger perspective…because they have a good view from the top of the hill! (this is meant on how Tom sees his life and around him)

Day 109 – when the girl that you love tells you something that is out of random, sharing more stories that you ever shared with when you’re with her… it means that you’re in second base!!! This is the art of conversation, you get to know more of the people your with and trying to find out how you can cope up with the life you’re going to be with…

Day 118 – it could never be more degrading than someone, especially a girl would tell you to stop whining and do what you need to do!!!

Day 259 – love is not a one way street, another saying is it takes two to tango and emotions will really hurt if love is just felt by one person…

One thing that does heal it, if you say with all honesty that you were sorry and it hurts also on your part for acting that way!

Day 191 – one of the worst things that could happen in your relationship if it starts to fall apart and the pieces don’t fit anymore!

Day 314 – Misery loves company! Don’t say you’re alone, when you feel down and out, when depression strikes… you do have a shoulder to cry on!

Day 321 – the way of the card, how ironic it hurts more to say it from someone else’s mind!

Day 167 – One man show… nothing beats a man who is in love! While Clark Gregg (In the Land of Women) is Vance, Tom’s Boss who actually accommodates everyone’s inputs…so to speak!

Day 322 – remember the flamboyant words that you made earlier (see Day 154)…I think someone’s angry today!!!

Day 345 – what are you babbling about…you’re drunk again!!! So it’s over???

Day 402 – this was the most awkward part for me in the film, here you are trying to move on and yet you still find her in your premise and you still hang out with her! jeez, what’s wrong with you??? (I forgot you’re in love with her sorry!)

But don’t expect too much!

Day 440 – still didn’t know where the Day 408 went??? hmmm!!!

Day 441 – sunrise… sunset… another day to be alone! Alone, alone, alone!

Day 441 1/2 – nothing beats a refreshing drink and snacks (couch potato with alcohol)

Day 442 – material things do make us suffer more, that’s a fact!

Day 450 – when you look back at the past, don’t just look at the bad ones, look at the good ones which can make you stronger (ok, you can cry for now, but later be a man!)

Day 456-476 – Moving on my friend good job! Don’t let that girl bring you down!

Day 488 – an old place for an old friend! (Not literally though!) We come to realize that life is like a wheel that sometimes you’re up sometimes your down! But the main thing is, we need to assert in ourselves that we do come to our senses in our perfect time and it will definitely hurt at the moment you have to let go, but it is the only way to keep your sanity, meaning if we really love a person we have to show them the we can be better without them and be able to move on! Thank them for all the times they were able to make you happy, though given on false hopes that you can never be together, it will have to do to say that I loved you and it was a wonderful journey that I will always cherish in my heart!

Getting over someone especially if they said that it was not you that they were never sure of…think of it as something that makes you stronger and knowing that somebody else will have the heart to say that she was the one instead! I’m going to look forward to that someone…someday!

God it hurts so much!

Day 500 – it is true that something of significance can be as much more, a little thing to someone and the other way around… it was the day that Tom realized that the Earth didn’t stop revolving and if he really looked look around long enough, he will notice that there is more what life has to offer and that will be a reward worth waiting for… as sure as day follows night, as a rainbow appears after the rain, there will always be an Autumn after each Summer!

Director Marc Webb (The Office) made this film so tangible and yet so simple focusing on the lives of two people who shared their itineraries for 500 days but in the end the girl leaves the guy tormented while trying to find his way with his post-relationship of solace, the detriment caused by heartache aptly named Summer who just cringed her way out of commitment!

The film was great and well casted! It was funny, forlorn, eccentric and a straight up uppercut to your solar plexus which leaves you gasping for air until finally you start to breathe and do it all over again! That’s love and life…you just have to roll with the punches!


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