Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Come, comic book fanatics, the viewing public, studio execs! Come, kneel before Zack!

Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice

Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Ratpac Entertainment, Cruel and Unusual Films, Atlas Entertainment and DC Entertainment present…

DC Comics and Warner Bros. have been figuring things out of the “mother box” and give their main competitors Marvel along with Disney to bring together their own “superteam” and by branding their own “justice”! It has been too long and the wait is finally over!

So, as the title implies its two fold machinations that allow these comic book icons initially clash through fixated indignancy and about how the beginning of an age for the DC Extended Universe has finally come into fruition where a collective group of super heroes composed of a sober alien, a warrior demigoddess, a half-breed King, a time travelling speedster, a hybrid man-machine and a gothic urban legend are brought to life in the big screen!


The same formulaic threshold has been manifested where bits and pieces of comic book lore (and screenplay) are mashed up cohesively to pave way to the “yellow brick road” upon which goes down to who has the bigger ego rather than giving way to moral dictum! For after thousands have perished and damage has been done, it has been nothing short of compared to an ICBM hitting main cities like cannon fodder!


Zack Snyder (300) cannot tell a story (original or adapted)! He has given a statement in Comic Con that the film will have a very different approach and they have been think tanking about the plot from Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” on how it’s going to work and we have seen how he placed these super heroes in their respective pedestals! Also giving emphasis on certain elements being recognized of what is supposed to be significant in order to put a pin on a plot or just by using these moments in time and pages as well (“Death in the Family” and “Death of Superman”) to actually bring some sense of justification to make the jump from one film to the amalgamated franchise which is the DC Extended Universe!

While adding he also mentioned that he thought “long and hard about who needs to belong in this line-up”.  Frankly, he does not need to “carry too much his own chair” implying simply that these whole project comes with the actual propaganda of DC Comics and with its Executives blessing, that is inclusive of their recent restructuring of the DC Universe, comic books being sold, television programs and  animation and so on!

He has been backpedaling of sorts with trying to entice more patronage by roughly editing and writing  the film together with Chris Terrio (What Dream May Come) plus David Goyer (Blade) while taking away parts that can at least secure better sales (in his own mind) from the post-theatrical release. Obviously, this is just a coy plan that could help him maneuver DC Comic’s fan base to give their very own inputs of how this smorgasbord of superheroes can survive the comic book war!

Basically, it’s not a hard sell to entice the movie going public, fans and enthusiasts to come and explore the world of the so called “World’s Finest” and this genre but there should always be a caveat on how they are offered for consumption, one thing is how can it be made to be more interesting? How does it fit to societal norms of an era where consumerism is like a domino effect by letting competitors haggle miserably to win the hearts and minds of the people?

Speaking of which I was looking ahead most of the time of who can join the bandwagon to be part of these films and Zack did collaborated with former stars except he placed these thespians with forgettable characters that either died or will have no major impact on the series. Michael Cassidy (Argo) plays Jimmy Olsen as a CIA Spook (friends no more with the Big Blue) while Patrick Wilson (The A-Team) is just the voice of President of the United States. Along with fellow Watchmen Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Losers) is father shot dead from an alley Thomas Wayne, Carla Gugino (Sucker Punch) as the A.I. Kelor and with “Sucker Punch” alumni Jena Malone (Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1) who portrays a menial scientist in Star Labs, she was cut from the film and will be included in the Blu-Ray R-Rated and Ultimate Editions instead! (what a waste of talent).


What is purpose? Henry Cavill (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) is Kal-El far flung from the destroyed planet Krypton. Now publicly known as Clark Kent a headstrong journalist is having a life, a flat and a girlfriend (but don’t look her way or you’ll be in trouble)! Amy Adams (American Hustle) is intrepid reporter Lois Lane who happens to be at the wrong place while he’s always at the right time (same old tricks from MOS). They work for head honcho Editor-in-Chief Perry White of the Daily Planet Laurence Fishburne (Standoff) who calls the shots but nobody listens to him!

Clark is meant to survive and serve as a beacon of hope (to whoever lives anyway) which makes it much more difficult to allow his acceptance on our planet. Instances like instead of someone who is willing to look for survivors, casualties or just even smile as a gesture that it’s going to be alright for those he’d saved anyway was not emphasized except for that young woman, the rocket and of course Lois!

Henry’s version of Superman (by contract) has left him literally floating on one corner where in fact this film should really be titled “Man of Steel 2: The Buzzer Beater”. He was like playing all around the court miserably for three quarters then finally took his best shot in the last second to win the game! Seriously, the way his character was given life was actually the other way around and his acting did not help both since he just frowns and flies away without saying much! Just like what he did while having fisticuffs with the blood hungry bat stating that he should have told in the first place that his mother Martha “Kent” starred by Diane Lane (Inside Out) was fish bait! (shaking my head)


Ben Affleck (Gone Girl) is still suave billionaire Bruce Wayne however a disgruntled, semi-retired vigilante of Gotham City. What do you expect from the man who lost almost everything from his parents, his manor, friends caught in burning building and a partner in crime fighting. A long list you might say but eventually it’s just the tip of the iceberg considering his resentment for criminals and to a certain alien (and others) who decimated  the city!

Ben was hesitant at first to take the role but was later intrigued on how his character is played out differently from other precedents specifically with Nolan’s take from “The Dark Knight Trilogy”. Bruce is now in his forties, has been around for twenty years, uses guns, a hand held bat branding (Zorro goes dibs) and yes, he does run you over with his raging (cool) car or probably through his fist until you no longer breathe!

Basically Batman does not take anyone’s lives in his earlier years but the hero has been damaged for so long and eventually snapped when losing so many as it took a toll on him. But we’ll never know if this will be his trademark in the films moving forward or can he still have a change of heart when he finally unites the “Samurai Seven”!

This is the Batman that really looks the part considering Christian Bale’s absolute performance! But Ben used the said approach to be menacing, cold, intellectually resourceful and can surely fight with the costume with both hands and feet!

Same goes with Jeremy Irons (Kingdom of Heaven) as the revamped butler Alfred Pennyworth who is now a former government operative, techno savvy and a body guard to the Wayne Family! Probably one of the rare good points that was used here, still serving his Master with utmost loyalty but he does actually provide more than being a surrogate father, he personally trained Bruce and instilled mental toughness while teaching him to never let go of his humanity even when the world has succumbed to evil!


With Gal Gadot (Triple 9) getting the role of Wonder Woman has raised a lot of brows seeing that she can’t act or was too skinny. All were proven wrong since she was introduced to the world as Diana Prince! Daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta living secluded for thousands of years in a remote island named Themyscira! I really applauded on how she brought her ferocity it really brought down the house and whole lot more literally.

She was there for eye candy but did so well in the given few minutes with not much to say! Considering her charisma, the interactions with Bruce and how she helped saved the day in spite of questioning man’s disconcerting and eccentric ways that leave them on separate poles!


There is reason to believe that there was more retaliation to Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) role as Lex Luthor to portray the arch-nemesis of “The Son of Krypton”. Nevertheless, he got the job to unleash hell for our heroes. Jesse was the least expected to have this role since people were clamoring for Bryan Cranston or someone else but you can still have to give him credit for what he has done to make the villain work. He was manipulative, has sociopathic tendencies, morally corrupt surging through his veins and annoying while playing god to destroy a false one!

Within his grasps is United States Junior Senator June Finch played by Holly Hunter (The Big White). She serves as a conduit for his malevolent plan to eradicate the alien while truth of the matter is he also wants the power that is held in the scout ship for personal means! Not only that he also jumpstarted the metahuman program and guess what he already have names and logos for our heroes! (genius isn’t he?)


From a world of pundits, this is nothing new to DC stories since they were extrapolated in their animated featured films from the beginning by giving society’s experts to “condone or condemn” these beings.

While in another end of the spectrum, praise to the actors who have been wooed to give their best with the different department assignments and the technical people as well providing the motion capture, CGI, designing and making the film truly possible! I just wish that the Director would have the ability to at least make a film with intellectual storytelling. The experience was all the same with “Man of Steel” where we were left hanging in one scene then when it is about to climax somebody edited it and turn the camera on another set. Again, it’s a dragging montage where the first half of the film was very convoluted until all three heroes needs to rise up from a greater threat!

Fans appreciated some aspects like a “big bad” is just on the horizon, the parademons he will further unleash to humanity, cameos from Ezra Miller (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) as Barry Allen also known as the Flash, Jason Momoa (Conan The Barbarian) is King of Atlantis Arthur Curry, The Aquaman and Ray Fisher (Muhammad Ali) Victor Stone is the name, Cyborg is what I’ve become after I was in pain!

Also, expanding on how they used those scenes for Superman’s death was not even contrite in the first place! The essence of him to die this way with Doomsday courtesy of Robin Atkin Downes (Prometheus) as the culprit has not been riped at the right time neither that is for people to at least forgive him for what he has done in his first outtake then making him a scapegoat just to place something in the end worth watching rather than making it significant to those who have perished, at least a sort of retribution for what he has done with Metropolis and its residents!

So in conclusion, there are no post credit scenes since the whole film was an easter egg waiting to explode! As two comrades at arms plan for their intended targets while somebody “rested in peace” showing that this is not the end but the beginning of “hopefully” greater things to come! Forget about Darkseid coming…Zack Snyder was here first!


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