Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015)

In another world where they succumb to cruel ambiguous fate but it’s what makes them “heroes” by embracing and enduring their destiny may they be gods or monsters!

Justice League - Gods and Monsters

Warner Bros. Animation in association with DC Entertainment and Warner Home Video present…

The 24th release of the straight to DVD animated feature which is directed by Sam Liu (Batman/Superman: Public Enemies) and Written by Allan Burnett and Bruce Timm takes us to alternate place and time where the three flag carriers of the DC comic universe have been given another façade but with a “not so fancy that” reaction if you will!

As the long-time Producer together with Sam Register and Writer, Bruce clearly emphasized that this is a creative story it was not taken from the lore of the comic books although same characters were still being placed to find social revenue, to adjust and interact in this brave new world! Take a peek, have a seat and get ready for their twisted fates and origins!


 The son from another father…

The timeline given for Superman was given significance in the introduction of the film heralding the escape and forging a new hope but with dire consequences. Krypton is about to explode and all it will need to have is a precursor. Jor-El together with his Wife Lara voice acted by Yuri Lowenthal (Legion of Superheroes) and Lauren Tom (The Joy Luck Club) respectively were trying to send off their supposed child to be a herald for peace and justice until General Zod played by Bruce Thomas (Babysitter Wanted) barges in and imposes the needed imprint for the last son of krypton.

His name would become Hernan Guerra raised by Mexican folks on the run from ground zero of the ship that crash landed. I even like the upbeat music that made the actual birth of the “hero” more intense thanks to Frederik Wiedmann (Beware The Batman)! Benjamin Bratt (Catwoman) gives voice of reason to the “Man of Steel” and his egotistic tendencies since he has to restrain himself (not for the lack of trying) to hurt or blast someone or something that stands in his way. The actor connects with Superman’s reform with his dilemma to seek the best means for humanity to co-exist with patented “gods” and the likes of him.


Love and sacrifice…

Wonder Woman did not come from the mythical gods of Olympus nor was she the daughter of Zeus! Instead, a granddaughter of High Father and soon to be married with the son of Apocalypse’s Overlord Darkseid and his name was Orion. Their marriage was arranged as a peace treaty between the two worlds having been at war for so long, this may be genuine compromise or grave conquest!

A plot that coincides with both families embittered like the Capulets and the Montagues that ended with tragedy but on this end, it was only for one side and believe me it’s not the clan you think it is! Tamara Taylor (Diary of a Mad Black Woman) is Bekka daughter of Himon. Her character felt betrayal for her own brethren and the only thing she could do is escape only to realize that the guilt never leaves you but only the pain can make her stronger!


The cure for cancer…

Dying of a disease, Kirk Langstrom voiced by Michael C. Hall (Dexter) makes all things possible to provide a cure for his predicament. We can see his character being held on long nights with his work specifically fixated from bats and blood and when you combine them both, there will be hell to pay!

Besides being forlorn on his journey, he is not alone given that he has the best friends anyone can ask for and by the help of Dr. William Magnus nano-technology portrayed by C. Thomas Howell (The Amazing Spider-Man) and Tina’s played by Grey DeLisle (The Fairly Odd Parents) so-called misdirected affection he will have what he needs, or so it seems…

Michael has an undertone that makes the Batman mysterious and a man of a few words, seeing how they can ante-up someone who is nocturnal but nature (and career) he breathes life to the undead and becomes a vampire! His voice blends well for the bat, it is deep sort of monotone and distinct with impassiveness. Although his actions are tangent with his intellect seeing that he is still the team’s resident strategist, he may not be as gifted in martial arts but who needs it when you’re a creature of the night, a blood sucking parasite!


This is absolutely a unique take on the “Trinity” as perceived by the DC comics universe. Now, in an alternate reality the three super beings have been making a rebellious, uneasy alliance with the government of the United States with President Amanda Waller by Penny Johnson Jerald (Castle) in the new world they live in. Perceived by the people to be cold blooded murderers who still make ends meet in spite of their procedures considering that Steve Trevor played by Tahmoh Penikett (Dollhouse) a high ranking soldier who liaises or better yet babysits the super powered trio! While Metropolis very own intrepid reporter Lois Lane voiced by Paget Brewster (Modern Family) does not make things any better while she exposes them more to be feared by the populace.

As scientists are being hunted down one by one by anonymous assailants, it was clear to see that they were in the same class of a frail and limping Dr. Lex Luthor voiced by Jason Isaacs (The Patriot) who were pioneers in different fields of technological advancements from applied physics, robotics, bio-engineering, nano-tech and the like! They include Victor Fries, Ray Palmer, Silas Stone, Pat Dugan, Ryan Choi, Karen Beecher, Emil Hamilton, Thaddeus Sivana, Michael Holt, T.O. Morrow, Stephen Shin and Kimiyo Hoshi. The collective names were either serves on neutral ground, heroes or villains in the current Earth 616 but unfortunately became cannon fodder in this film making the plot a lot less stereotyped which is easier to grasp.

Some points to ponder though, The inclusion of so many supporting characters and finding a script to read to make it tangible was a plus for me. While the idea of Luthor being Metron after tapping Krypton’s science to gain infinite knowledge was a nice direction considering the aforementioned to be a genius and becoming a pseudo-god himself was never a detriment considering his condition. By the way, it was awkward to see Darkseid smiling for all its worth!

I immensely enjoyed the earlier television animated series of “Batman”, “Justice League” and the “Justice League Unlimited”. It has heart, a smart story and a wonderful creator as Bruce Timm again leads the way to bring in this exciting take of the animated film considering its length to be adequately shorter than the previous projects. The story gives light to how melancholic all their stories transpired and evolved, seeing how they lost so many things from friends, a home world, a parent’s love, a husband and family! Nevertheless, they still have to fight for what is right and make the world safe once more even if it means to use force if necessary! I get the idea on how the title works and it may be Gods and Monsters but it does not mean that they can’t be vindicated given their actions, to change and still embrace their destiny as heroes!


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