X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

I’m the best there is of what I do but what I did (including some people…) was not really nice!

X-Men Origins Wolverine

20th Century Fox in association with Seed Productions, Donner’s Company, Ingenious Film Partners, Big Screen Productions, Dune Entertainment and Marvel Studios present…

From Marvel Comics, a legend in his own right! Wolverine is regarded as one of the toughest, meanest, no non-sense superheroes that ever graced in the pages of comic book history! Spawned from an enigmatic past which made him more interesting to the readers and fans alike, Logan as he is normally called was created by Len Wein and Artist John Romita Sr., he first appeared in The Incredible Hulk No. 180 which showcased his first assignment to take down the “living engine of destruction”. This event catapulted his success to even greater heights and found his way to the class of second batch of mutants located by Prof. X throughout the globe in Giant-Size X-Men No. 1 in May 1975.

This should have been the pinnacle for the X-Men franchise since they have a very good concept on making films which were a based on the team and let Origins be the backdrop of every mutant character that can be established as standalone films. Unfortunately, it turned out to have a vapid storytelling with second rate actors with an abysmal script and delivery!

Northern Canada – 1845

When two brothers fled from a terrible incident, making them fugitives from the law, this was followed by series of events which captures their lives trapped in a timeline from different eras. Their history as soldiers became resolute for their bloody past that culminated from years of continuous war and hatred making them who they are and who they were meant to be!

Hugh Jackman (Swordfish) as Logan, the main protagonist had given so much for the character not just being portrayed as a superhuman mutant but also a lost soul who still needs to find meaning in his life and loss. His co-actor Liev Schrieber (Defiance) is the vicious Victor Creed, unrepentant and power hungry, he makes it a point to provide his half-brother a living nightmare! They are the only ones who made and honestly feel to have portrayed a commendable performance! The last time I remember they worked together was in the film Kate and Leopold, here they still live in different timelines and were still relatives! The supporting cast was terrible (majority of them by the way). People are expecting more from these casted performers, they should have turned the table in the X-Men films and its future projects!

Don’t let me start with this guy, Danny Huston (21 Grams) as Maj. William Stryker, a manipulative Agent of the Weapon X Program that genetically designs superhuman soldiers for clandestine purposes. William does this not just to impress the “donors” from the Government, but rather to use these mutants for his personal agenda. His performance has always been a pedestrian take on the characters he portrays, he can’t even match the emotional anger of Brian Cox from the previous X-Men film seeing that they are one and the same (well not entirely).

Ryan Reynolds (Definitely Maybe) is the smart mouth, sword wielding assassin Wade Wilson (hold on to your horses, he was not yet given the codename so relax!) His stunt double Martial Artist Scott Adkins (Undisputed) is Weapon XI who gave a tremendous fighting prowess to cleverly take on two of the most vicious killers of all time! The CG display on kicking and teleporting from different directions was a nice way to depict the power of mutant John Wraith who was testing his “acting” skills in his first stint on the big screen; he is Will.i.am of the pop group music sensation Black Eyed Peas who even got bruised knuckles on the set while auditioning for the role!

Supporting cast were not well rounded either! It was like everyone wants to hog the spotlight! Daniel Henney (Seducing Mr. Perfect) as Maverick, Kevin Durand (Smokin’ Aces) as the Blob, Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings Trilogy) as Chris Bradley aka Bolt and Lyn Collins (Numb) is Kayla Silverfox round up the “usual suspects”. They were all poorly conceived, this goes down to Casting from Christine King (Stealth) and Debra Zane (Catch Me If You Can), the former had mediocre list of films under her belt but the latter had “American Beauty”, “The Terminal”, “Dream Girls” and “Kingdom of Heaven” which most of them were either nominated or have won in the Academy Awards!

To add insult, Director Gavin Hood didn’t even have any of those proclivities to acquire what’s best for the film even compromising the CGI, especially the claws! It was very clear that the person in front of the camera didn’t have the guts to make the deadlines in this charade! Heads up also to the Writers, this is just very poor execution of script writing by David Benioff and Skip Woods! To add, this was a CGI heavy project co-financed by Seed Productions which Hugh managed as a proprietor but recently closed shop and more importantly by Lauren Shuler Donner who made the X-Men films come to life and earn a huge amount of money with co-creator Stan Lee and CEO Avi Arad. They should have been diligent enough to see this film to be a certifiable blockbuster paving a way for future “Origin” films in the mutant universe of Marvel!

Another thing was how on earth did Gambit played by Taylor Kitsch (The Covenant) was able to scale walls with his Bo staff? How about the fast forwarded dismantling and clawing of the building’s fire escape at the alley to bring down “Cajun Wall Crawler”? Furthermore, where the hell they got the idea of putting a “Superman” Kent farm and an old couple who gave him the accommodation and hospitality he needed!?!?! I believe in good films, I believe in a good script! This was done without any gratification to the icon, to the mutant who made a great following from fans and not just in comics! It was an awful display of mediocrity, lackluster dialogue and character delivery! I hope that the next installment will be better and with another Director to helm the Canuckle Head, he needs to understand on how to first tell a story then incorporate it with the mythos of the “Legendary X-Man”… or else someone’s going to have claw marks, no pun intended!


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