Daredevil (2003)

Justice was not found here as a blind man misses his intended target!


20th Century Fox in association with New Regency Pictures, Horseshoe Bay Productions, Epsilon Motion Pictures present…

The blind Lawyer First appeared in Daredevil No. 1 on April 1964 as part of the growing members of the superhero community of Marvel comics. Created by then Editor Stan “The Man” Lee and Artist Bill Everett, Daredevil has become one of the underrated and yet a fan favorite character from the House of Ideas!

It’s more of a retro, rewind mode culmination of the film where its story begins as a narrated flashback of what is yet to come…

Director Mark Steven Johnson (Simon Birch) is said to have an “understanding” on comic book characters, he even made the Screenplay and I found it less of an interest, mediocre to be the least. Daredevil was not a bad film but its how you made the story happen that counts, it’s not always the special effects, the actors and actresses who play in it but what you can derive and aspire for the film to have a lasting impression to the audiences and fans that pays the bill.

Also, he wrote films for Marvel like Elektra a spin-off from this movie and Ghost Rider which in my opinion were horrible! The story was lazy, patched up from the comic books and were only given justification from the character’s standpoint.

Starring Ben Affleck (Pearl Harbor) plays Michael Matthew Murdock a lawyer by day and a red skinned masked vigilante at night. He grew up in a tough neighborhood, bullied and withdrawn he focused his love for his father Jack Murdock, a washed up boxer who only meant greater things for his only son. After a terrible accident, young Matt became blind and is starting to experience abilities and skills that no ordinary boy will ever have. After a solemn promise was made for both father and son, Jack was given to fight another chance least he knew that all of his previous winnings were fixed and now it was his turn…

Matt found his father’s lifeless body in a dank alleyway and a rose to signify his demise and his absolution for justice. Years passed and soon he became a Lawyer with his very close friend Freddy “Foggy” Nelson portrayed by Jon Favreau (The Replacements). This is where his adventures begin. Hunting down criminals and serving justice his own way has been his road for salvation making more detrimental to his psyche and physical condition and he would not have it any other way. Ben was a good choice for the role, he encompasses both Matt’s tragic life and his disposition on being a lonely man who seeks companionship which seem flawed given how he sees life after his father’s death.

Enter Jennifer Garner (Juno) as Elektra Natchios (can we have some Guacamole with that?) who falls in love with a blind man and meeting her so called death in the hands of the assassin hired by the Kingpin of Crime. Jennifer had that presence of instilling both charisma and the physical prowess of the Crimson Assassin. Not entirely crazy with her acting but still she was able to at least give a palpable presence on screen that gave her another failed movie in the starring role.

Supporting actors like the late Michael Clarke Duncan (Planet of the Apes) is the notorious crime leader who leaves a trail of blood for his victims to weep and wallow. He takes pride in his favorite killer Bullseye played by Colin Farell (Miami Vice) who I believe needs a box office hit since most of his films are not making any money. Both actors absolutely abhorring, for instance Michael is a fine actor he has proven this time and again, but here, it was only a shallow delivery at best seeing how he could have given it further in terms of the character’s comic book reference for being an intellectual crime boss to his brutal physical prowess (lame fight scenes by the way). On the other hand, what’s new with Colin’s acting and projects? All fall in the same kind of predicament which is poor (that’s why he needed the money to be a hired killer). Muddled up with his one liners and movements that video games and CGI can only be considered as his attribute to get the feel of his mediocre moves.

The story had its moments and I did find it intriguing how does the dynamic work between a Catholic Lawyer who punishes those who escapes justice first hand? It is so ironic and unpredictable that it turns out so streamlined despite Matt’s contradicting philosophies. To add, he even has so many women in his life which was not covered but the thing is, the truth is only goes down to one thing showmanship!

Music is definitely ear candy from Evanescence, The Calling, BoySetsFire to name a few! Full of energy and synchronizes the films moving story. It makes movies more vibrant, more instilled with passion and it hits dead spot on especially with stories like this gritty, melancholic, filled with despair and angst!

I loved its comic books especially the Born Again storyline of Frank Miller but the movie should have been better! To end, I still give the cast credit and stunts, the wirework but the Director should really have his head in these films and its adapted screenplay because all of which was done so far are falling apart and needs to be brought to life!


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