The Losers (2010)

From Zeroes to Heroes…I don’t care, they’re still Losers in my book! (pun intended!)

The LosersWarner Bros. Pictures, Dark Castle Entertainment and Weed Road Pictures in association with Vertigo present…

In 2006, Nominated for the Eisner Award for “Best New Series”! From Vertigo the publishing arm of DC Comics for mature readers comes the riot filled mayhem of The Losers!

Back story states that a black ops team (scary!) tasked in Bolivia to assassinate a Crime Lord. Tensed moments began when a painted strike on a secret location was aborted due to innocent civilians were taken as prisoners. As a single crackle on the radio stated that all of them are now bequeathed as fall guys, there was no option… disavowed by the government and presumed dead, there will be some payback!

Produced by Akiva Goldsman with Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment! Directed by Sylvain White who brought us “Stomp the Yard”, he still has a great deal to show for his credibility behind the camera. Having said that, even with a green thumb he definitely made an impression in putting together this action-comedy and drama spectacle into an adequately received film! Since he just got off from a handful of TV series that were not much to look at, we’ll just see what he’s got in the bag in the coming projects ahead…

Screen Writers Peter Berg and James Vanderbilt head the brainstorming to make the fiction blend in with their current status and to give the movie goers enough motivation to grace the screens with this clichéd genre of a film. As the first two gave the plot, Andy Diggle was the one who brain hacked and conceptualized the characters. He brought in his story from the revamped comic book team of soldiers betrayed and left scathed from an untouchable CIA operative. The origins of the chronicle were closely inherited, stacked to the very core in order to provide the characters, their objectives and why they were framed in the first place?

Out living on the streets of Bolivia, doing cock fighting, making baby dolls and fixing axel suspensions was a way of life for the boys as Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen) plans for a payback with his paramour who suddenly lights up his flame! He gives life to Lt. Col. Franklin Clay the operations head, cool, confident and a leader without a doubt! His men’s loyalty are his alone which correspond to the deterrent they have for now. They will soon find how his reserved demeanor will be crucial to the laid out plan for the person who crossed them! Jeffrey was one of the first set on line for the role of the tactical lead! Always having the good stuff (ehem!) even for his other soldier persona from his first take on a DC comic title, very significant roles that prove his capacity to do his job and bring an awesome performance.

To continue, Clay had concerns with the team and more so a responsibility to give back their lives but he had not heard any complaints from them except from Idris Elba (American Gangster) the knife wielding Second in Command Capt. William Roque who always seem to be the most embittered member. Can’t blame the guy who wants his life back right? But the concern is, he can’t lay a finger on the “payroll” without his commanding officer’s permission!

Let alone for his distaste for their superior since he had a bad history of letting women get them in trouble and he’s just trying to make a point! Idris is one of the most sought out actors to date! Like Chris, he just got off from Thor and now is doing post-production scenes for another CBM titled “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” slated to fire up a winter 2012 release.

Sly and straight forward he gives a qualm attitude which makes him more distant with the team serving only his ends to take down the perpetrator by any means necessary. All in a while, taking the bait of a suspicious looking Zoe Zaldana (Guardians of the Galaxy) who plays Aisha al-Fadhil the original “get back” agent who provided the assets (ehem again) to let them go back to their country, locate Max and blow him to pieces!

As usual in a group even no matter how hard boiled or hardnosed these guys are there will always be a comedian in the midst, that’s right Chris Evans (Iceman) is their communications and technology specialist Cpl. Jake Jensen who never knows when to shut up (I think I’ve heard of this character before). He had the best moments of the film if you don’t see him bantering with his colleagues, his out doing absurd conning to get more counter intelligence from enemy lines. If we stop just for a minute and think over his genius, now put it to military use….there will be more sales for her niece’s football team (right)!

He’s been a busy little bee lately since putting a ceiling on the recent Captain America (another soldier by the way) from the other company Marvel Comics. That’s right; Chris has been dodging bullets back and forth with the two Icons in comic book publishing business and he won’t have it any other way!

Now, who can forget the one helping that guy above, Cougar as he is called, does eliminate those on target without hesitation, without fail! The silent shooter Sgt. Carlos Alvarez played by Oscar Janaeda (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) brings more his skill on the gun rather than his mouth, the comic book explained he had some sort of trauma, accident from a previous mission.

The last but not least, Columbus Short (Armored) was taken again by the Director from the last drum and lyre movie they made. Sgt. Linwood Porteous aka Pooch, a laid back transportation and heavy weapons expert who lets the team be more of a cohesive unit despite differences and pressure! Just don’t ask him stupid questions (LOL)!

I remember this guy having a little more integrity back in the day, turning into a notorious businessman for the US Government may have given more perks rather than being a goody two shoes! Acquiring a state of the art technology, he uses this to be sold for the best buyer in the black market and capitalize on his feeble conquest! Jason Patric (Speed 2: Cruise Control) is the pompous prick codenamed “Max” who gave the order that made these soldiers run after him like rabid dogs! Very subtle and convinces me enough to play the part even with a “disfigured” ego. He was able to provide a character driven villain to be at least on par with the “cooler” gang! (He only has one henchman who does not get the work done right).

 Music tracks were in flow of what’s happening “fever” moments that will knock your socks off to “don’t stop believing” sequences that Chris would need to pull off in his awkward infiltration dilemmas! All I know it was a great film that covers all grounds for amusement! Some scenes showed obvious lack of common sense in retrieving Max, bad aiming and over the top setbacks. But still, the camaraderie was evident even with some ruckus involved. I have to give it to Idris and Chris for their roles very much inclined with the mission for the latter while the former wins the personal take, gestures and tenacity of his character. A well meant ending capping off with a potential sequel!

So to end, I will go with Capt. Roque’s famous words: “I have a great, great feeling about this one!” – trust me it’s worth watching these Joes rather than the real losers from a “global” standpoint!


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