Wrath of the Titans (2012)

Man has grown weary of worshipping and this time it’s the gods turn to pray!

Wrath of the Titans

Warner Bros. Pictures with Legendary Pictures in association with Cott Productions and Thunder Road Pictures present…

A cacophony of gods and monsters that needs to go back straight to Tartatus! The gods have fallen, weak; in desperate need and Zeus the “all-omnipotent” seeks out his demigod son Perseus to help them in their time of despair! The premise has given light to its purpose coming from the latter film, after man aggravated the gods they have no more means of sustaining their powers and Armageddon is coming!

The story picks up after 10 years as Perseus reprising his role once more, Sam Worthington (Thunderstruck) moves on with a secluded life as a fisherman with his son Helios. Even after losing his wife, he never prayed for his Father nor to the other gods and he knows in spite of his tribulations there will always be a time for peace and a time to fight especially if it is for your dear life! It’s an endless cycle of moral undertakings that makes it cumbersome already for audience’s to appreciate and to relate to!

A father and son dynamic that gives testament to failed parenting and children growing up with a “Mt. Olympus” ego! Though Perseus’s character is better defined here, his embodiment of the hesitant hero had supplementary flair and instinct to pull off his clichéd one liners! Given that screenplay and dialogue was merely an assortment of quotes for each character derides even the intelligence quotient of a Cyclops!

The Three Kings: Danny Huston (30 Days of Night), Ralph Fiennes (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2) and Liam Neeson (Kingdom of Heaven) Tell me again please…what’s going on with those beards? Why do they have to retain the same old fake looking hair and don’t tell me it was the same ones being used from the last film! But enough of that, the sons of Kronos has been torn apart since they ruled over their own separate paradise, unfortunately one got so sick of being a “doormat” that he turned desperate unleashing their past sins! Danny comes back as Poseidon Lord of the Seas, he still does not impress me with his antics but the latter two has been at ease with the viewing public with Ralph returning as Ruler of the Underworld Hades, he actually looks freshened up here, no more back aches and his voice was greatly improved! While fan favorite Liam was not stiff as a burnt tree his performance has been tilted to being emotional not just with his son but also with his brothers!

Speaking of former characters even the pivotal one’s like Andromeda who was portrayed now by a definite head turner Rosamund Pike (Promised Land) grabbing the crown from Alexa Davalos to be the new Queen of the “lost its glory city” Argos! What do you expect joviality, parades and a feast to celebrate? Actually it was rather fists that sucker punched each individual that stood in their way! I even feel pity to those hammered and slashed by the volcano born demons called Makhais “cyclone of death”! (come on give us a chance, can we hit you please…oh sorry your dead now!)

The eccentric Toby Kebell (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time) son of Poseidon, the demigod Agenor has a knack of lying and stealing! Maybe it sunk into his head that there will be nothing left to ransack if the world is going to be in ashes and dust! Fantastic and suave as he was (not in this film) in “Rock n Rolla” he still brought in some hindered comedy to match his wits as a “Navigator” to find the fallen blacksmith god!

The man of the hour, Edgar Ramirez (Vantage Point) as the war mongering god Ares, nothing pleases him than to see everything in ruins so much as his arrogance contemplates his demeanor for his source of strength even to the point of sacrificing his own father! While the always entertaining Bill Nighy (Underworld) as the forger of weapons, Hephaestus who has a DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) guides a small band of heroes to claim Zeus in his prison and save the planet from a wrath filled god imprisoned for eternity! He had his due even for a small part but nevertheless fulfilling!

Writer for the Story Greg Berlanti (Green Lantern) while Screenplay and Story brain storming were done by David Leslie Johnson (Red Riding Hood) and Dan Mazeau (The Land of Lost Things) which was Based on the actual Screenplay in 1981, Beverley Cross (Sinbad and The Eye of the Tiger) gives that moral support to these “Harbingers of Doom”! Thus the scriptwriters were bestowed with the responsibility of keeping pace with the myth and lore of the Greek gods. It’s like watching an extended pilot for a TV series and the Producers should decide that there will be no more contracts to renew and sign! Were they able to pull it off…ask the Panther fire breathing Chimera (now burn)!

Director Jonathan Liebesman (Darkness Falls) definitely brings in the bite but not the bark! Which was kind of first intended to get to know the context of what was actually meant to be improved and despite of all the bashing of heads and thrusting of spears and swords the film was way different in terms of delivering their performances I must admit it actually improved! Though, Jonathan just laid out the story, it was just a free flowing chaos filled centric film! It was also more inclined through the human aspect of interacting (well most of them are not mortals) that was still scarce but at the same time inclined with action in a monolithic scale which will be given emphasis next!

On another note, it was meant to be CGI heavy compromising the budget for the props being made in every scene that needs to be fantasy laden from the depths of Tartarus, to the fallen hall of the gods and even to the miniscule camp of Andromeda’s warriors! But it was great, I like how they animated the high flying Pegasus from he’s take off and landings, the band of one eyed giants mobility and how they amalgamate them with the live actors least we not forget the bathed in molten lava “King of the Titans” Kronos, his absolute rendition of visual spectacle gave emphasis on his burning structure, background components like smoke, fire and rocks! He’s so massive which you cannot hope to win merely by putting three lines of defense in ditches and wooden spikes and to think this is how Galactus should be envisioned (take note Marvel). This was made courtesy of MPC also known as Moving Picture Company, leading the pack is VFX Supervisor Greg Brozenich and Producer Oliver Money!

It was another precarious journey and mission to save mankind (or the gods themselves) with more overbearing, more powerful, more massive monsters to deal with! It still needs a lot of work but was clearly entertaining compared from the previous film! Yet, Tinsel town’s obvious display in their lack of concern for the viewing public’s hard earned pay makes it unforgivable to say the least. Giving this excuse in making these films to the point of even pushing for sequels just to huddle more greed for their pockets!

A third installment is in the works and hopefully this time…they can focus on the performer’s lines to bring it to another epic scale!


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