Clash of the Titans (2010)

The film was a mockery in an epic scale! Release the Kraken and let it punish those who made this abomination!

Clash of the Titans

Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Legendary Pictures, Zanuck Company and Thunder Road Pictures present…

From a remake of the classic 1981 film of the same title, directed by Desmond Davis and starring the Academy Award Winner Lawrence Olivier and Harry Hamlin. It tells an extraordinary tale of fantasy filled with immortals; demons, gigantic and horrific abominations that will make you cower in fear or rise up to become who you are destined to be…

It all began long ago; Io narrates the Titanomachy on how three Olympian brothers were able to overthrow their creators, the Titans! They were Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Triumphant from the battle, they separated the vast Universe as the eldest took the heavens and created man for them to worship him, while the second one lorded over the seas and the final sibling was tricked to oversee the underworld! Over time, the two grew stronger from the people and creatures they took care of but the latter had nothing except resentment…

The film first suggested fast paced story telling for the audience to understand what has come about the myth of Perseus, how he came to be and what will his path in life take him. After a fisherman named Spyros finding a casket with a dead woman and a baby in it, he took him in as one of his own! A good start but had fallen short of its intention to meld and capture the story and bring it into life! All but the dues ex-machina of CGI that gave unjust precedence in the story to save a mediocre screenplay and delivery of talent!

The cast was composed of fine actors it even had Ralph Fiennes (The Constant Gardener) and Liam Neeson (Dark Man) in it to bring more star power while Sam Worthington (Avatar) and Gemma Arterton (The Boat that Rocked) are starting to rise as one of today’s promising stars. But the delivery and presence of their characters are really pedestrian and vapid. There were scenes that Gemma who plays Io, a wandering entity punished for her non-reciprocating demeanor! She started to look like a stalker for Sam, in the forest, the throne room of Argos, the prison cell. Also, I really didn’t get the flirting, short training scene they have under the boat going to Medusa’s lair, was it really needed? Sam was just seen going down the boat then suddenly Gemma is attacking him, ending in holding his chest and saying to “calm your storm” emphasizing on what, his heart beating faster when a storm is brewing or is it his feelings for her? That was a really classy dialogue (sarcasm).

Liam’s and Ralph’s performance as gods namely Zeus and Hades respectively was really under the sink or was they basking too much light rays in their magnificent chamber at Mt. Olympus! With Ralph’s voice like a constipated man and even the arch backed, dragging of his feet movement was terrible, come on he is a god you could have at least made him vicious, sinister looking! For the ruler of the underworld he looks like a elderly man who was having an ailment. Liam had statutory power, confidence as a character and yet his delivery was stale and boring even with that so much fake looking facial hair!

What I did appreciate was the family of Sam when he was a fisherman they have a genuine bond and love for one another even though Perseus was just an orphan and grew up with surrogate parents. I liked the way they manipulated the CGI of the winged harpies (which was also Hades), Pegasus and especially the monstrous abhorrence known only as The Kraken. The giant scorpions were alright except for the part the soldiers were going down from them and have their claws really look like props.

Another thing was the ferry boat of the underworld was like a pile of wood extracted from the Trojan horse, the creature who ferries the boat was really a “dead giveaway” how can that be so animatronic and robot looking? I think they gave all the digital effects sequences for the Kraken and Medusa which was not lucrative at all!

I really love films like this and I still hand it to Louis Leterrier (Transporter) as a Director but not with this one! The cast and the production team were also non compliant, the fans and audience were really expecting the talent involved to keep up the pace to marry both its great story of lore and technology that was available today. Speaking of which, the original film did give us that awe enthusiasm bringing us to another world of gods and monsters that even with very limited resources it still showed us not all films can stand on SFX and VFX alone, it’s monumental to say the least given on it’s cast and production capacities!

A sequel is coming and we hope this time…the “wrath” will stay on screen and not beyond it!


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