Stardust (2007)

A star shines as it serves its purpose like Love; don’t ever let it fade away!


Paramount Pictures in association with di Bonaventura Pictures, Marv Films and Ingenious Film Partners present…

Stardust was Neil Gaiman’s one of many contributions in his great stories through DC Comics! Published in February 1, 1999 (the collected novel) with Illustrator Charles Vess, it was Awarded for Comic’ Buyer’s Guide for Favorite Limited Series in the same year, he also brought us the other epic comic books such as “Sandman”, “The Dream Hunters” and earlier works from “Marvelman”.

Filled with magic and lore, the story originated from a simple town called Wall just at the edge of the Kingdom of Stormhold where Dunstan, actor Ben Barnes (Chronicles of Narnia) inspires the hard headed young man in his hope to explore the outside world as it becomes happenstance but after a long 18 year period, it will give him another reason to live not just for himself but for his son as well…

The plot focuses in the life of Charlie Cox (Casanova) played by the young Tristan Thorne whose enamor for Sienna Miller (Layer Cake) portrayed by Victoria, the most beautiful lady in town was either meant from a harboring crush or was it true love? Trying his best to win her affection, he promised to bring the fallen star Yvaine brought to life by Claire Danes (Romeo & Juliet) an intended gift for her birthday and to be the pact for them to get married. But love does come with a price and without prejudice!

From all over the land Princes, Witches and a Family seeking to own this precious “gem” will soon find the difference between fate and destiny! Surviving heirs to the throne battle it out to acquire the ornament bequeathed by their Father; Jason Flemyng (From Hell) is Primus the eldest of the brood of seven and his youngest brother Mark Strong (Robin Hood) as Septimus a villain by heart and he’s the best on what he does! Matthew brought in his future cast for his films as they race against time to avoid getting killed (or being killed) they also need to face-off with an evil entity (whose losing her face), the timeless Michelle Pfeiffer (What Lies Beneath) is Lamia the Witch Queen who technically needs to eat the heart of the star in order to survive and be eternally young (don’t forget to share ok?).

Another character in the role of Captain Shakespeare, strong both in muscle and “heart” he commands a group of hard core pirates sailing the vastness of the skies gathering lightning bolts to be sold as general merchandise. Academy Award Winner Robert De Niro (Ronin) gives an exemplary performance providing veteran guidance and intuition for the upstarts. You can put this guy in any genre and you won’t be disappointed! I even remember him singing a part from The West Side Story in “Anaylze That” which was so funny!

Director Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class) actually was in ties with the “X-Men: Last Stand” movie until he was brought back to helm this project instead since starting 2005 where he finished “Layer Cake”. He Co-Written in terms of its Screenplay, the piece to set a synergy of fantasy and humor while staying faithful in the graphic novel. It was dark and depicted with sexual and violent overtones which needed to be diverted to acquire more patronage from audiences and fans alike. Locations were amazing here but not entirely the actual shots! Covered by Ben Davis (Franklyn) they showed clear green fields and high mountainous parts from Scotland and Iceland while covering in-house productions from Pinewood Studios in London. Rotating cameras shot on a longer lens to cover the landscapes were pedestrian already but nevertheless it was not as bad as Eragon’s cinematography. While Production and Visual effects made it happen to inspire the fantasy to come into fruition! Gavin Bocquet (Star Wars Prequels) lends his imagination to sculpt the interior backgrounds for the film while the collaboration of digital enhancement giants Baseblack, Cinesite, Machine and Double Negative to bring the out of this world sequences from the supervision of Peter Chiang who spearheads the latter department.

The casts made it remarkable to impress as simple as it may be! Cut scenes were made to elaborate the premise; even at times it fell short in significance whether it was still needed to be part of the screenplay or just connecting supporting roles in give the bigger picture. Claire and Charlie have admirable chemistry even with not enough solid performance, it worked in a way they were able to see each other in the eye while one is only human with so much love to share while the other, a cosmic deity with so much love to experience, while their characters have so much load to carry they were still able to bring along the casts in their misadventures of soul searching!


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