The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010)

If you think Blake Balthazar was having a bad hair day wait until you get a load of this film’s “magic”!

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Walt Disney Pictures in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Saturn Films and Broken Road present…

In the tradition of Disney’s film spectacles comes Goku’s Apprentice, (do they really have to release the plasma bolts from that specific stance and manner?!?)

From the forthcoming and ever generous Producer Jerry Bruckheimer who brought us blockbuster films like “Bad Boys”, “Armageddon”, “Pirates of the Caribbean Quadrilogy”, “Prince of Persia” and the list goes on. Always providing films that dictate full non-stop action and breathtaking sequences! For Jerry and Nic, anything will be made available for one of his favored actors and believe me money won’t be a problem! Since in the 90’s, these two have collaborated in films that are worth watching!

Directed by Walt Disney mainstay Jon Turteltaub (National Treasure) is hired again to join forces from previous work talent and former school mate as they decently brought in the big screen the action adventure films of “National Treasure” and “National Treasure: The Book of Secrets”.

An epic battle ensues for the fate and survival of humanity (nice plot!) Three Apprentices and one Traitor do the math! In a thousand years Balthazar seeks the Prime Merlininan, a descendant of the “Great Wizard” who was destined to be the next protector of the world from the forces of darkness (so exciting!) This is a Disney movie what do you expect, the imagination is always the key to bring forth these fantasy laden stories to life!

Growing up being humiliated for a decade has made David Stutler a worried, insecure freak! Jay Baruchel (How to Train your Dragon) provides another wonderful performance, eccentric and yet full of energy! His a genius nevertheless he stutters (maybe this should be his last name) and he does sound a bit of a cartoon character but no harm done, his great to watch! Last time I saw him (animated mode) he was the one chasing dragons here it’s not just wolves but also a fire breathing lizard (a little bit bigger though) would like to eat him up, well definitely not related to Toothless of course!

In the early parts of the film, the Sorcerer was just babbling, too fast paced to explain to a kid what’s going on around him or maybe it just how the portrayal works. Nicholas Cage (Gone in 60 Seconds) is Blake Balthazar now this one resembles the character intended for a hero! But who was the inconsiderate make-up artist for the actor? This guy looks like he hasn’t taken a bath for a hundred years!

He always looks stiffed and out of character not really believable being a sorcerer, but Alfred was! Arch-nemesis and branded traitor Maxim Hovarth played by Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2)…what a weird name! His first is a reference to a men’s magazine for crying out loud! Suave and cunning his villainy always stands out in every role that he plays!

The sacrificial lamb, Veronica Gorloisen (seriously what’s going on with these names?) who makes a brief appearance from the talents of Monica Belluci (The Passion of the Christ) she suffered her fate by choosing Balthazar. She’s been out for quite some time and at least her come back film was decent enough.

A young girl who was technically asked for a relationship (these kids have to hang on to their raging hormones a little longer) so meeting his “Proposer” after a decade, Teresa Palmer (I am Number Four) plays Rebecca Barnes in my honest opinion, she’s a knockout! A combination of Ali Larter and Naomi Watts’s good looks…sigh! Impressions last for anyone since her previous role in the film were from the same mother company. Probably needs more films to harness her acting skills.

Well Balthazar was not the only one with reinforcements that would not be fair right? He seeks out help in the form of Illusionist Drake Stone, a vain, opulent performer who was given breath by Toby Kebell (Rock N Rolla). Now who can forget his performance with Guy Ritchie’s gangster film? His comedy take was on par with Jay but with a lot more finesse!

The film generated good reviews and even went for more than £215 million worldwide in the box office. It was filled with great visual and special effects the only turn down for me is the use of too much car chase scenes it never runs out of gas! Pathetic display of power (which I also commented to a more powerful Wizard from WB) they are Sorcerers they can do anything they want but for some reasons it was understandable to be discreet since their battle ground is a city not an enchanted forest!

It’s a mashed up of ideas coming from Larry Konner (no work to begin with) and Mark Rosenthal who only impressed audiences from his acting in “Tales from the Script” while the rest was laid down miserably on mediocre writing. On a lighter side, I like the way the bird flew away with its prey wish they had more fight sequences! It was still respectable to watch, some cheesy moments which were tolerable they even covered certain aspects from the previous original film “Fantasia” where “very helpful” brooms and mops find more ways to clean and mess up at the same time!

Wish that Jerry would support other films that makes more sense in both story and display of “hard earned money” it was a complete waste of time coming from Disney as well. Not enough magic was conjured here that would make Tinkerbell wave her wand on the screen!


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