World War Z (2013)

Human nature can be an understatement – however we are being reckless, confused or simply ignorant does not compromise with a society of beasts let alone with the unreasoning undead!

World War Z

Paramount Pictures in association with GK Films, Hemisphere Media Capital, Skydance Productions and Plan B Entertainment present…

The film was based on the novel of Max Brooks in the same title which was released on September 12, 2006. It tells the tale of a fictionalized post-apocalyptic war and is narrated by an agent of the United Nations depicting the individual accounts of survivors and their stories that gives levity on the social, political and environmental effects of the conflict while trying to focus on survival in the aftermath…

Modern day Philadelphia, a family just starting their day as routine dictates, they come across city traffic only to find that there is more to it than meets the eye! Too much commotion taking place, helicopters traversing the skies, while police goes back and forth without given word on what is really going on!

Then amidst the crowd, chaos started to climax as people are seen running from all directions while vehicles are overturned from out of control maneuvering while injuring people in the process! As an overview comes into play, a bigger picture is previewed so we can already see the culprit and now, all hell breaks loose!

Directed by Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball) he was able to take into detail the needed plotline to make this project work after tireless revisions! Working on the premise to actually make it substantial and not just make it as a generic zombie film.

The story was initially drafted by J. Michael Stracyznski (Babylon 5) his inspiration was “The Bourne Identity” that encompassed locations with the socio-political issues that came into fruition when the pandemic struck the population. While the Screenplay was re-written by people who has produced stories on political unrest, military extractions, stampeding crowds and alien invasions like Matthew Michael Carnahan (The Kingdom) coming from the latter part of the genre comes Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) and Damon Lindelof (Prometheus) who even was tasked to handle the third arc of the script just to compensate at least additional footage to make the plot more appropriate.

Starring Academy Award and Golden Globe Nominee Brad Pitt (Interview with a Vampire) as Gerry Lane and Mirelle Enos (Gangster Squad) as Karin Lane, they portray the parents for their two daughters as they try to get out of New Jersey alive as possible getting into a safe zone to be extracted by the United States Government in order for Gerry a former United Nations Investigator to work with the military to locate the source of the virus and find a cure in the process!

Gerry is the go to guy, he has been to Liberia, Chechnya and Sri Lanka just because he is the best personnel at their disposal! Brad brings his A game to make his character inspiring, calm and collected he does all things with clear precision and having the innate understanding to keep his family secure and safe in the process!

Three time Academy Award Winner for Best Cinematography is Robert Richardson, a diamond in the rough who given the audiences well-received films like “JFK”, “Aviator” and “Hugo”! Setting his sights in Malta, London, Glasgow and later on with reshoots in Budapest, he was able to exploit the grand scale of cities that were used to convince everyone that they were in that actual location while giving emphasis key subtle moments to showing a bird’s eye view of the visceral carnage that is happening when the horde attacks in a grand scale!

As the premise focuses more on the protagonists and with lesser roles to play, these guys still came up front and center just to help convey the story James Badge Dale (Iron Man 3), Matthew Fox (Vantage Point) as soldiers doing their best to provide what is necessary to keep Gerry alive while David Morse (The Getaway) a South Korean base detainee sheds more light to how it all started and where he can find the next trail of “patient zero” since Israel and its impeccable timing to finally finish constructing their walls after thousands of years has been set to be the next destination.

A very rare film that integrated all the needed composition for the story to blend and work as one! With great directing, a faithful adaptation from the source, moving music, captured landscapes and spectacular VFX what could go wrong? Speaking of which, the amalgamation of both practical sets with the CGI has been was well distributed, it sets them apart specifically to amplify the horror while keeping intact key moments that enable the audience to understand more so separate the character, his observations and the frenzy brought in by mere ignorance of the populace!

This is where Scott Farrar (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) of Industrial Light & Magic, he was able to provide a completely different approach when it comes to this man eating undead! Together with his team, they studied how a zombie would act and react in different circumstances, in the film they were noise triggered but more importantly they can move fast, they will be at your throats in a heartbeat. Another aspect included in the study was how they behaved like wild beasts preying like predators for their next kill this together with the mass collectiveness of ants, Scott gave them even better abilities that can be unwavering like a tidal wave!

The storytelling gave a huge impact on society and it moves you, this is not your typical zombie flick that gives emphasis only for survival but as mentioned earlier, how the Director was able to fully utilize the narrative and convey the bigger elephant in the room which is the cure or is it the “camouflage”?

The film was a genuine nail biter (pun) along with the complex nature of humanity as it enters its final days; it is up to us if we continue to be the bane of this world or be our own bastion! The Author in collaboration with Paramount Pictures has done a successful soon to be franchise. With the inclusion of being grounded to reality made it more appealing to watch as fantasy meets science while being taken as a sort of documentary in a sense that it gave emphasis on how real this can be and will it actually exist in our world? Bottom-line, be essential or go extinct!


3 thoughts on “World War Z (2013)

  1. I really enjoyed this film but Mr O hated it. It’s his favourite book and he thought it was a terrible adaptation. While I didn’t think it was much like the book I think it works as a standalone. Great review!

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