Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Evolution takes another form so better be prepared for it’s going to be a jungle out there and it will drive you bananas!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

20th Century Fox in association with Dune Entertainment, Big Screen Productions, Ingenious Film Partners and Chernin Entertainment present…

A major over haul from a long line of classic films which I believe most people will prefer in order to settle a grounded framework that will enable another set of a better franchise in the coming years ahead! It centers on Apes as they are used to term the superclass Hominidae together with humans, gorillas, chimpanzees and orang-utans, another way to call their level would be Hominoids!

A remote jungle…

A traumatic experience from a Troop (collective) with a certain female captured, compounded and named “Bright Eyes” after a string of lab tests that involved a virus called ALZ112. What turns out to be a medical breakthrough was inconclusive, yes! With a lot of promise not for humans…but rather with another species!

Writers Rick Jafffa and Amanda Silver (The Hand that Rocks the Cradle) has worked on a very huge platform inputting enough details from the previous stories directly or indirectly to create a new predecessor as they inculcate in the film an unstoppable chaos that depicts real life scenarios! This will happen when oppression has gone too far and everyone turns a blind eye towards it. Wonderfully written which gave the sections of the film perfect amalgamation of sequences that made it sublime.

Directed by Rupert Wyatt which gave his second major picture to date since “The Escapist”! I hope he keeps up and will be given more projects to tackle. His guidance had made a huge impact in the potential of the film’s premise to what is going on out there that covers diversity, animal rights and the involvement of science especially in the medical field.

Art Direction plus the Production teams of Helen Jarvis and Claude Pare respectively made their homework with tenacity. Cinematography by Andrew Lesnie, already won an Academy Award for his work in the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring which makes his collaboration with Andy a lot more fulfilling!

Least we forget Weta digital the company founded by Director Peter Jackson! The Award winning studio had produced such great films since 1993 focusing on visual effects and CGI animation which comprises the LOTR Trilogy, King Kong and of course the groundbreaking sci-fi hit Avatar! I believe this film will be a contender as well!

There were intrinsic elements that make this film so surreal it certainly needs to be elaborated.


The first thing that was evident is the reason, the origins for the uprising which the title connotes; this of course would correspond to the given plot. Hunted down, unwillingly tested and tortured what more can you ask for?

GEN SYS owner David Oyelowo (The Last King of Scotland) as Steven Jacobs, level headed, passionate about his work and his money, nothing matters to him except his business and the approval of the board directors to further fund his project. His only goal is to seek the cure for the disease, fair enough but at what costs? Or how many more lives of these animals will be needed in order to attain them?

On another side note, two actors return to the foray, villains as part of the story’s father and son tandem! They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks as Brian Cox (Iron Clad) as a preserve owner John Landon who schemes more so tolerates the horrible acts of Dodge played by Tom Felton (Harry Potter) who will not see what’s coming for him.


Before he was a scientist, he was a son to his father and in his heart he will find a way to save him. James Franco (Tristan & Isolde) plays William Rodman, a San Francisco Genetic Therapist team lead who is at the brink of curing a disease that has made humanity suffer for hundreds of years.

The medium for his work, Alzheimer’s has been the burden of Charles Rodman; he is John Lithgow’s (Cliff Hanger) screen character! It was nice to see John do a little bit of drama and being back in films, the perennial actor was well known for his role in the TV hit comedy series 3rd Rock from the Sun!

We can say that one scientist was also partly blamed for this inexorable predicament even as humane as it can be, helping your own father get better is the primary thing to do in spite of too much severities.

Another angle was the growing up primate and his human Dad, there was always laughter in the house and Will has been torn up between his work duties, his sick father and his surrogate son! It was really heartfelt to watch seeing how he faces so many uncertainties for their future and even if it means that he has to let Caesar go…


The neighbor Mr. Hunsiker got into his psyche as one of the reasons why hatred started to run through his veins. Then out of the cruelty dealt by Dodge and his friend, Caesar grew a foreboding bitterness towards humans even more into which will be the catalyst for his plan. To add insult to his superior intellect, his tormentor gave him a bath that he will never forget! Even scenes with the preserve Alpha male Lucky have been deterrent to what Caesar stands for…his name was not just given to him without purpose!

Now, for the star of the show, Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King) is the lead character who I call “Chimpanzee 2.0” commands his role, his legion of followers to freedom. After playing Gollum and King Kong, he still never fails to mesmerize audience with his innate ability to express the character he plays. He carefully affixes his facial expressions, movement that adds to his charisma which was on par with his character’s animosity!

We could see here that his mission was not just to liberate his kind but it offers more on what they wanted humans to feel how they were treated. After so much chaos, the stand-off was a marvelous scene to gaze at it signifies the type of leader Caesar is and why his unwavering legion is loyal to his sovereignty.

Andy’s portrayal reflects really well and it shows how Caesar was brought up even with the amount of intelligence he has, he never abused it furthermore he had shown compassion a lot of times in the film. Bottom line, he was just an angry ape who needs to be understood!


So everything falls into place for a sequel, a concluded first round barrage (Apes 1: Humans 0), a casualty from a re-engineered ALZ113, we also had hints of the bloody nosed pilot who will take flight into greater heights and watch him crashing down…that will send millions of lives to the brink of their agonizing demise! Lastly, playing in the background is a lost mission to Mars looming for a comeback (I think it’s better if they don’t!).

Frieda Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) as Caroline Aranha, a Primatologist who serves as Veterinarian and lover to the scientist extraordinaire. She has been with the family for a quite a few years now and seeing how Caesar progresses she will now be a part of something bigger to come.

I don’t know but for heaven’s sake the kiss was not necessary it was done so many times already and it was too pedestrian! But we could see this actress blossom and bring more inspiring films to the big screen! We won’t know what will happen next, maybe character continuity will take effect for the sequel that she might help out in the coming pandemic and that would be awesome to see!

Very touching film full of morals about life and people, we always have that intuition of being superior from others and regrettably will be the cause of our downfall. Caesar became human in essence and his chest pounded with grief and resentment! His last words were uttered in subtlety but its meaning gave a very clear exclamation point! To think that the bright eyed primate was an orphan only longing for the love and acceptance of a family but it was never meant to last!

The Apes drape upon the giant Redwoods awaiting their fate that has yet to come…


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