Push (2009)

Super powered people existing in this mundane fictionalized world can be conspiracy centric not until someone can erase your memories or implant thoughts to let you forget all about this film!


Summit Entertainment in association with Icon Productions and Infinity Features Entertainment present…

In a world where super beings exist, it has been an enigma when it comes to history as reports and speculations suggests that even before World War II began, Germany’s Adolf Hitler has been conducting experiments together with his scientists from people that have special abilities and use them to win the war and conquer the planet!

Director Paul McGuigan (Lucky Number Slevin) gives an empathic but boring synergy that was “Push”! Although, he was able to utilize the ethnic, crowded backdrop of Hong Kong just to give it more diversity just to shy away from the typical stereotyped films being based in the United States, Moscow or United Kingdom! Together with Writer David Bourla (Nostradamus) who was working on a time-travel based film but rather got into doing this convoluted story instead which only suggests a premise of pastiched interwoven conspiracy theories that do actually exists but can be subliminally coursed through in these type of media just to compensate what’s really going on in people’s lives and in their “secret” lives!

This guy has played different characters in the comic based genre! He has been tipping the scale for a couple of publishers already which makes him in demand in Hollywood to date! His latest outings were “The Losers” which included this epic failure. While gaining more levity and respect from Marvel where he played Johnny Storm also known as the Human Torch with two not so “fantastic” movies ! But he was able to redeem himself as the titular star spangled soldier Captain America and more so being a member of the “Avengers” which is considered the best adaptation in comic book history (so far)! In this feature, Chris Evans (Cellular) is orphaned “Mover” Nick Grant, for years he has been laying low on his tracks trying to find the right time to avenge his father. It seems that Chris has a knack for government experimentations that lead to his character being molded to lead the country by envisioned patriotism or through a revolution of war!

So he is soon joined by Dakota Fanning (Trapped) as a young and eccentric “Watcher” Cassie Holmes! Her involvement in being one of the main protagonists was of course the same old trick in the book “to defeat the evil doers of course”! Seriously, Dakota has a lot of potential in becoming one of the sought out actresses if she can only choose good enough projects. But talent can always be trumped by mediocrity if not handled with caution or being “watched” carefully!

While native Brazillian actress Camilla Belle (The Patriot) portrays Kira Hudson a “Pusher” who is actually the point and center of the film. Having escaped her captors and death, she was injected by an experimental serum that pushes the boundaries and limits of these gifted beings! Including Cliff Curtis (Collateral Damage) as “Shifter” Nick Waters and Ming-Na Wen (Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within) as another “Watcher” but more powerful than Cassie! With the supporting casts in tow, they were able to provide viable screentime to convey the story and make it more sensible considering that they were all part of a bigger plan in the first place!

Hiding a dangerous past, this is where Djimon Honsou (Unlawful Entry) as Agent Henry Carver high ranking officer of the government sanctioned group to be very meticulous on how he handles his people knowing that a more powerful way of manipulating their capabilities can be harnessed well, even if it means to take lives just to justify their means. Djimon could have been a competent villain if there was something that was added into his character’s physical or psychological aspect!

All things come into play until they wipe each other out just to say that “this world is not big for the two of us” which can be overdramatic but it does give a definite belief that only one of these two elements of good and evil will exist in the end! As the protagonists just got the idea of sticking together to fend off and once and for all stop the Agency known only as the “Division”, they go around town searching for clues, finding places that they can converse their lines and move on as they try to avoid the “bleeding” Triads and get that very significant package first in order for their kind to survive!

Also, with fantasy oriented films like these, it is essential to make use of its VFX and SFX in order to work hand in hand with the script’s premise! How will they be able to utilize these “powers” on the big screen can be a daunting task considering that there are so many variables like how to make it interesting for the audience to know motives of these characters, how to introduce them efficiently, up to what extent can they use their powers and make it believable as they time it right with subtle moments or in times of visceral conflict!

To be honest, it could have been worse since the original story has transpired into a comic book mini-series under the tutelage of Wildstorm and being an imprint of DC Comics, they were able to publish a coherent backstory that served as a prequel for the film! These guys cannot really convert quality adaptations beyond their primary flagship superheroes such as Superman and Batman! Furthermore, it was just a clichéd treasure hunt trying to find their way in some foreign land to fight for their lives and to free themselves from some “new world order” before someone literally puts a bullet in their heads!


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