The X-Files (1998)

They are coming and assertion with these beliefs will just depend on a person’s intuitive capacity…nevertheless, this is inevitable!

The X-Files

20th Century Fox in association with Ten Thirteen Productions present…

1996 (circa) – CLASSIFIED

After dinner and when everything was cleared up, we wait for 9 PM to strike as I sit in our living room with my Father and Brother as we anticipate the inscrutable TV show to air: The X-Files!

For nearly a decade, two agents solve mystery cases that involve conspiracy from anything that has to do with extra-terrestrial life forms! A progenitor of a cult phenomenon that inclined mass media derivations of how these subliminal induced people work to cover up possibly the greatest scheme of all time… alien invasion!

The film was directed by Rob Bowman (Elektra) and still written by Chris Carter the mastermind of the extraordinary series! With the same precursor, it still follows the exploits of FBI Special Agent Fox William Mulder from the talent of David Duchovny (Kalifornia) still tagged as “Spooky”, always running into the fog lights without any compromise for his own safety, all he ever wanted was to find the answers and subjugate the truth for he believes it is still out there…and so as his sister Samantha!

On the other hand, his partner a Doctor who specializes in forensics and gifted with detailed analysis that finds her even more reason to stay and be Mulder’s guiding conscience to whatever, whoever they are after! FBI Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully M.D. is played by Gilian Anderson (The Last King of Scotland).


Ben Bronschweig, M.D. is first to respond on an incident concerning a hole that was discovered by the town’s kids he was played by Jeffrey De Munn (The Shawshank Redemption) detailing on what transpired in the given predicament his contact with an associate proved more than what we are about to face! A week later, on top of Dallas Federal Building, Terry O’Quinn (Tombstone) is SAC Darius Michaud (Special Agent in Charge) gives orders to search the premises again and gets our main protagonists to start on their case…

After years of working together, we have seen Agent Mulder and Agent Scully develop their relationship from professional platonic to deeper caring and companionship! Still a part of FBI but was given relief duty from hunting the paranormal to hunting explosives which was the start of something more elaborate than buildings being blown up!

Two consecutive sequences that allowed viewers to initially see what’s going on and what is about to come! The secret government FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) powers to veto the constitutional rights of the Government upon national emergency scenarios


“The Syndicate” schemes, powerful men similar to the “Illuminati”! This group gives chills down my spine every time they congregate! They go back in the series as well which includes William Davis (The Messengers) aka The Cigarette Smoking Man and The Well Manicured Man who is played by  John Neville (The 5th Element) wherein the former is doing field work while the latter provides directions and logistics!


Countdown to Apocalypse and The Four Horsemen of the Global Domination Conspiracy Author Martin Landau (9) is a former member of The Syndicate Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil who meets Agent Mulder at a putrid alley with reference to “Independence Day” (an alien flick, just go along).

The primordial virus was not conceived by our own marble alone but it had some help with beings from another planet instead! A weak vaccine was formulated to counter the said “colonizers” which brings us to a conclusion that being a clone entails survival! This was even connected to the spread of the Hanta Virus located at South Western of the US.

Is it that contradictory coming from one of the OPR Board members Jana Cassidy  played by Blythe Danner (Meet the Fockers) that they were deleting the so called references on the said report of Agent Scully until further proof has been provided? To add, they were given non-merit due to its “incredible” subjective nature or plainly it was “preposterous” to say the least! Great cover up from these officials don’t you think? Even denying the fact that no certain organization would exist in order to carry out these allegations! I was laughing out so hard after hearing these statements!


On a search and rescue mission, our heroes delve more into the labyrinth of the colonizers giving a better emphasis on it will start to give a clearer understanding on the machinations that will befell us all! Here in the cast cold, desolated space fighting to survive the weather, two Agents find inner strength to uncover the secrets that has left humanity in the dark for ages!


It became more evident that the plans were not obsolete since another corn field was seen before the end credits. Armin Mueller-Stahl (Angels & Demons) as Conrad Strughold makes it more evident that he is the head of the organization as another location is being propagated with malevolence intended for humanity. We are at best puppets in this mundane society and sooner or later we will be “slaves to these masters”!

The plague of all plagues is coming and for us to survive we must realize that everything falls into place in given time we just need to be prepared to fight…even if it’s our future!

This is one of the reasons why sci-fi is great! Mixed origins prevalent to supernatural cases that cannot be explained substantially by common reasoning! I find it very interesting and without a doubt that a spectacular chain of events which delves deeper into what is the unknown and how we are going to face it is within our reach! We follow these characters just like in a game of a first person shooter to which we instinctively respond in the mere instance of confrontation! I admired the series very much as well as this movie for continuing the story head on, it might not be the best in terms of overall premise but it gives a whole lot of indemnification not just with fans alone, but to let all people know what really is still out there still to be discovered and realized…that we are not alone!


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