Sunshine (2007)

“Let there be light!”


Fox Searchlight Pictures in association with DNA Films, UK Film Council and Ingenious Film Partners present…

The film generates a psychological conundrum that gives more meaning not just to life but to understand what we need to do in order to survive it!

2057… the sun is dying!

Sunshine tells a story on how 8 astronauts metaphorically strapped to a bomb not only needs to survive the journey but also to survive themselves in order to save the human race.

Director Danny Boyle (28 Days Later) has given much attention to detail and to his cast that it makes it more amazing to see and relate! He was able to combine works of prominent stature to become a standalone film with great sci-fi elements and characters which includes: “A Space Odyssey” from Stanley Kubrick, “Solaris” from Andrey Tarkovsky and Ridley Scott’s blockbuster hit “Alien”!

All the necessary composites whether physical and fundamental knowledge on how this type of project can be launched into space was labored unequivocally by Danny and his crew. They were even given lectures from NASA about solar physics and how they were able to infuse the necessary gloom given the levity of their situation. While having Hiroyuki Sanada (The Twilight Samurai) perform as Kaneda as the Captain of the ship given the situation in which by technological advancement and know-how, a Japanese was recommended to lead the crew having sound decision making and responsibility (Capa coughs).

I was even reluctant at first to see this film but given the fact that people criticized one of its main characters in the person of Chris Evans (Push) he is Engineer Mace the most level headed and practical officer of the space station Icarus II. His persona of being multi-faceted (more related to his portrayal of the Star Spangled Avenger) and deliver a true performance for his character, he was able to tap into a serious side without trying to relay jokes or humor and I really commend him for doing his job very well!

I also admired the supporting casts for the tenacity, the mental fatigue brought in by the predicament they are trying to resolve as a team and as individuals. International superstar Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies) plays the role of Corazon the Biologist who takes care of the Oxygen Supply of the ship making her a bit frantic when something happens to her garden, susceptibility to foreboding conditions gives her spiritual disposition a way to relieve the stress induced environment. The up and coming star Cliff Curtis (Die Hard 4.0), the Psychological Officer who intends to make things less difficult in approaching his character with a sense of morality and sacrifice!

The ever changing and the versatile Cillian Murphy (Red Eye) the Physicist who is directly in charge of the bomb to re-ignite the sun brings his cynical take of having the burden to help save the human race or blow everyone to kingdom come and the lovely Rose Byrne (Troy) who portrays the very emotional Pilot Cassie for exuding more charisma not just in typical action, drama films but in other touch based genres such as this one. Not to forget the underrated actor Mark Strong (Tristan + Isolde) as former crew member of Icarus I who I have found very applaudable for his villainy and demented proclivities!

In my opinion, the science fiction that I have watched for decades has been more into what is probable and delivering the essence, the facts that we are able to accomplish so many things in the name of science, it is key in order for the audience not just enjoy space, its components, futurism and the dynamics that comes with it but also to appreciate what is beyond our planet, its beauty and potential to provide knowledge has always been a gift for mankind.

Screenwriter Alex Garland (The Beach) gave influence on his premise of the film from “the heat death of the universe” where all energy existing in the cosmos has been maximized into its final state and worse, not being able to convert it to another form! The idea came from the hypothesis of William Thomson who stated that the heat theory being applied into mechanical energy which losses its “nature” has been part of the laws of thermodynamics that gives emphasis on the physical formation of the universe! I’m no scientist but I do get the idea in a nut shell that all things ceases, we all have our limits even the non-living things will be exhausted one day! He was also able to conceive two disparaging primordial concept on the debate on how life started instilling differences from Science and Religion which are manifested in the decision making and the dilemma they need to face!

I have seen films like “The Core”, “Armageddon”, “The Day after Tomorrow” and “2012” which are all Earth based disasters and not to compare or anything in this matter! The sun and having problems with it will not only affect our planet but also the entire solar system which make it on a wider scale of epic proportions.

Though it seems that it was received poorly in the sales department even if it went out into international screenings with a $32 M worldwide but nevertheless, it was really a fascinating, psychologically unbearable story as the fate of the world hangs in your shoulders without compromise! Ironic isn’t it that you see yourself closer to extinction when in fact your already dead half-way there!

The palpability of this gesture serves its honest purpose on what man will do, can do in order to survive, it’s our instinct, it’s our manifesto to be able to put ourselves in our respective place…and as been said that if it be worthy in God’s eyes that we may be able to accomplish things through our efforts and His provisions for our strength so we can have a brighter tomorrow!



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