The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The aftermath of Mother Nature’s wrath!

The Day After Tomorrow

20th Century Fox in association with Centropolis Entertainment and Lions Gate present…

The self-proclaimed king of disaster movies Director Roland Emmerich brings us another film filled with thought provoking experiences that will make us better people or break us into extinction!

Suggested concepts from the book of Art Bell and Whitley Strieber named “The Coming Global Superstorm” he was able to write, did the screenplay and direct the film, what more can you ask for? He gives the audiences escalating pieces of disasters taking place specifically in the Northern hemisphere of the planet which culminates to the main event! Buoys registering abrupt temperature drop and failing, large chunks of ice falling, massive flocks of birds screaming “run for your lives!”. Even different countries especially in Canada, Siberia and the U.S. are consistently battered with weather anomalies. The pace of the climate changes were continually and progressively intact where it supports delivery of each character’s own dilemma.

He also focuses on the parent and child problematic relationships which were shown in his previous projects such as “2012” and “Independence Day” which serves well as a premise to convey the tragedy and the lessons being learned while Earth is in peril! It gives something to talk about or to look forward to while the main protagonists tries to survive every collapsing building, running on torn up highways or anything that will blow them away to kingdom come! I liked how the film gives you the moment and feel of danger bringing people to help each other or make them more of a stranger.

The Orphanage Inc., Hydraulx Visual Effects and the idolized Industrial Light and Magic from Lucasfilm Ltd. Company combined and provided the animated computer graphics with the help of previsualizations. Loaded with spectacular special effects that give every single scenario to be breath taking from glaciers the size of a city splitting at the North Pole, wrath filled tornadoes in Los Angeles, gargantuan tidal waves engulfing New York, cyclones that cover entire continents and city landscapes on ice were made flawlessly! You think that was enough to keep your jaws ajar, wait until you hear the ominous music background and if you think Ice Age was funny, you’ll think the other way around when you watch this film!

The young Jake Gyllenhaal (Love and Other Drugs) before the passion in the mountain, joining the army or even the escapades of a Prince in the desert! He plays Sam Hall, son of Jack and a genius student! His quick thinking and intuition has given hope for the remaining survivors to move forward with their lives especially with the girl Emmy Rossum (Mystic River) as fellow student Laura Chapman that he cares for deeply! Veteran actor Dennis Quaid (Vantage Point) is Professor Jack Hall one of the main characters portraying a Paleoclimatologist. His warnings being conveyed in the New Delhi summit was unheeded especially for the US Vice President! With the help of Professor Terry Rapson is portrayed by Ian Holm (Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings), they race against time to save as much people as they can from the impending adversity that awaits!

The story had different angles to completely capture the essence of the cataclysmic events unfolding! From students desperately trying to survive while entrapped in a library from tons of snow, to a father fighting the harsh cold weather and terrain searching for his son, dedicated people from the Government and even Astronauts from space!

The Director was also profound to instil basic terminologies that can be grasped easily by the audience noting one was the map showing in Scotland where the hurricane formation took place and explained by Jack’s team member that these weather anomaly occurs above bodies of water only and not in land! Although Roland maximizes his shots and CGI visual effects in his films; I do prefer his work rather than Stephen Sommers smorgasbord of “crappy generated images”. The former at least has a story to tell and with a good amount of effort to relay it for the audience to decipher.

Let’s put it this way, our planet is the only one we’ve got and this film gives only a pathway in order for us to understand how elaborately dire our situation will be if we don’t do something about our ways in sucking it dry with all the natural resources and expunge it right at the top of the atmosphere which will encase us with the Green House Effect. One very insightful documentary film by former Vice-President Al Gore is the “Inconvenient Truth” which further elaborates on the given crisis at hand. If we do not do something about our ways to keep Mother Earth preserved from abuse then we don’t deserve this place to live in…our home, our only home!


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