Ant-Man (2015)

A film that is basically a piece of a “massive” puzzle although “small” in size it does impeccably gives you the “bigger” picture!


Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Marvel Studios present…

Marvel Comics latest offering to date, welcome to the microcosm world of Ants! A little history won’t hurt, as related films became rampant when technology have already caught up with modern times seeing that even Stan Lee pitched this project back in the 1980’s with Disney (how ironic) but was already developing a “family” oriented story. So we jump back to the present, Directed by Peyton Reed (Yes Man) and Produced by Kevin Feige as they are settling the second phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the said project started since 2003 by Award Winning Writer Edgar Wright (Shaun of The Dead) which went into development hell upon making multiple drafts with co-writer Joe Cornish (The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Secret of the Unicorn).

Created by David Michelinie and John Byrne, the character Scott Lang first appeared as himself in The Avengers No. 181 on March 1979 and as the Ant-Man in Marvel Premiere No. 47 on April 1979. Funny man Paul Rudd (The Little Prince) plays the second helmer of the suit and title! One part burglar (reformed) and reluctant hero for the other half. Paul gives his performance for Scott to be the guy who wants, needs to convert and become a better person plus be able to provide child support…or just be at her daughter’s birthday party!

Paul who also helped in the Screenplay has given his own style of humor sheepishly injecting it with dialogue and how he builds rapport with co-stars. Considering that this was a heist film, it was easier to know the plot which involved the thief, the unethical villain, the training plus the plan to infiltrate the stronghold and to prove your innocence at the end! To add, the film has Spielberg’s imprint all over it with its father-child situational emotion roller coaster on both ends of the spectrum! Evangeline Lily (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) is Hope Van Dyne senior board member of Pym Technologies, partner in crime and a mole for her father. Her stringent approach serves meaning for her anger of how or why did her mother died and all she could blame is Hank.

While former spy and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Dr. Hank Pym portrayed by Michael Douglas (Beyond the Reach) embittered father and scientist who does what it takes to stop Dr. Darren Cross a former protégé from selling his technology to the world’s highest bidders including terror organizations such as HYDRA and The Ten Rings! His character debuted in Tales to Astonish No. 27 on January 1962 and as the superhero in Tales to Astonish No. 35 on September of the same year. Michael does give a sense of class while playing second fiddle to a comedian. Seriously, everyone who has read the comics and followed the adventures of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes knows that Hank was an original and founding member of this roster and it was just made necessary to incorporate these two characters to make the hero aspect work!

This guy does even exceed the intelligence of Tony Stark and even call his pet project “cheap technology”. Don’t get me wrong, they are practically on the same team but Pym’s particles explores more than applied science and mechanical engineering but rather going through the boundaries of nanotechnology, robotics, biophysics and quantum physics.

So the suit practically was being bamboozled from the progenitor and now he needs all the help he can get to make sure that his “patented” vessel will not fall on the wrong hands unless Cross has anything to say and do about it! He is portrayed by Corey Stoll (Midnight in Paris). Seriously, this guy would define his character to be on the grey area when he has “eradicated” someone who might give his business a speed bump! The suit developed by the latter was described to “eliminate obstructions on the road to peace”, does surveillance and industrial sabotage to name a few. Meaning, since it became militarized from the original owner’s perspective, it can do so much as to protect every corporation, country and its leaders well that would be the case scenario but what if it fell into the wrong hands?

The “grifter”, the sweet talking, I like to move it (steal it) Michael Peña (End of Watch) makes another ante-up for his coveted supporting roles although you got to hand to the guy, he can really supply the needed talent when needed. While Judy Greer (The Descendants) again in a minor role is playing Maggie who is now living with a police officer and holds custody of Cassie her daughter with Scott!

To be honest it was alright, there were funny moments, some jokes were not funny some hit the spot. Maybe it just got muddled for a long time considering the development phase from writing up until they got the thespians on board to read the script which made it predictable. Even Cross was trying to transit from a troubled man may be affected by the Cross Particles (Green Goblin anyone?) and becoming an actual villain that only got his pride hurt! Simple as it is, the story has an interesting take on the man and the suit considering that they have used macrophotography and combining it with motion-capture gave the element of inserting these actions into epic landscapes. It was crucial to say the least which made the transition and finished product jump into life and make the movie’s experience let’s just say a “quantum leap”!

There is still so much to pitch in for the ideas encased with Ant-Man, the film is just a stepping stone on “bigger” things to come. Some of which are the suit’s full capacity, enhancements and capabilities still untapped! Another one would be Scott’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a superhero and as an Avenger. Dr. Hank Pym’s more vivid history as they go along with the upcoming installments and no matter how you don the suit, cowl or cape the only important thing to consider is the person inside, not matter how big or small they are!

So, the father and daughter relationship got a little headway with compromise and for Hope to fully understand her role, Dr. Pym has now showed her what would it be like to fill in her mother’s shoes…


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