Repo Men (2010)

“I will burn my tomorrow as I stand inside today at the edge of the future as my dreams fade away”

Repo Men

Universal Pictures in association Ruber Media and Relativity Media present…

Directed by Miguel Sapochnik (Fringe) a post –modern thriller denoting fragments from films like “The Minority Report”, “Daybreakers” and “The Matrix”, hunted down and framing one of their own to secure a better tomorrow, a better future…

Just like what the world’s banking system is doing for the past thousand years. Credit cards, mortgages, interest rates that never runs out of gimmicks, all of these things will kill you literally!

Customer Service and huge companies emptying your pockets just for the market to buy their goods and sell it to you like it was the best thing ever to have happened in your entire life, free goods, discounts, holidays, family get away, bargains we are all sucked up into this grand scam of living. But in this case, it’s your anatomy that is literally spilled all over the place when you failed to make a payment for your artificial mechanized parts!

People are actually dying and in bad health, now the only way to save yourself is to get a transplant from an unscrupulous Union Manager Frank played by Liev Schreiber (Salt), philanthropist, business man with a medical breakthrough that can give your life back, but everything always has a catch and he has 2 of the best guys doing their jobs in their freaking finest!

Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland)  plays Jake an overzealous pedant who cares only for the job; he is the closest thing to a brother ever since the 4th grade, from the war and work to Remy. The only thing that matters to him is to get the job done even if it upsets the balance of morality and decency. He hunts people down like they were game to be butchered wide open!

After being knocked-out 4 times, having a 90 day notice ultimatum, a broken marriage, it can’t get any worse than this right??? Jude Law (Cold Mountain) is Remy, one of the top guns for the company, partnered with old time friend Jake. All things were fine until an accident that turned him to one of the hunted.

He succumbs to frailty and compassion for a bar singer named Beth played by Alice Braga (City of God), who is more than meets the eye. Longing for love or just getting on with his life after losing his wife and son. To add, he has lost the desire for the job after getting the new heart.

Casting was decent from the main protagonist and the antagonists, adding Liev to the picture is of well credence despite his still, starkly aura that makes him one fine villain! Alice is an up and coming actress, can be given multiple situations and see it through, unlike that poker faced Michelle Rodriguez with her masculine delved acting which I consider a one trick pony!

I never realized how things can get out of hand when all the governments of the world just stand by with these proclivities of a dying world. Simpler were the days of transacting your food, goods bought in a supermarket and being scanned in a counter…now, it’s you that are being scanned to see if you have been a good citizen or a rotting civilian!

This film is so messed up literally so much to say that the plot gives notion to having people take over your lives without any law governing and enforcing the human rights act. Of course there is a contract but to what extent are these so-called Repo men can get away for all the dealings they do day in and day out!

It’s a film I am at the same page as anyone else, but think about it, this is actually happening around us, it may be simpler than it looks like with regards to everyday transactions and commitments to grander economic scale! With all things said and done, it will be those who are on the top that will remain and even though millions of lives pass them by, it would not even matter as long as they are doing their jobs!

After all the gore and feel good music fetish, it was a mediocre film with a poor screenplay which could have been way better handled more so with great actors in front of the camera. With closing, it is being incited that you do owe it to yourself and to your family!!! It’s up to you, if you’re going to be a parrot, a vulture or…


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