Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)

The Terminator was a classic, Judgment Day was epic and Rise of the Machines was erratic!

Terminator 3- Rise of the Machines

Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Columbia Pictures, C2 Pictures and IMF Internationale present…

It follows the story of a man, a hesitant soldier on the run trying to prevent an inexorable future that will be ruled by the machines and for them to annihilate all humanity!

The film had a lame opening credit which at least had been given the score or theme to provide more weight and levity! The introduction of the Terminators and a resistance soldier from the previous films indicated the transport sphere was clichéd though was still very iconic as it gives a feeling of a typical real sci-fi experience! I see it just to please the modern audience with mediocrity, before it was thugs flying all over the place combined with broken arms and a concussion emphasizing on the Terminator’s killer programming but here, it was neither given ample sense of drama nor ingenuity (even Arnie got a new programmed statement from…).

The Austrian “man muscle” himself Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator) “is back” reprising his role as the Terminator from the T-805 series and model 101! It clearly specifies the endoskeleton blueprint it was derived from and what cellular structures that were developed as well! For the sake of argument, Arnold has aged since his last portrayal his character is still intact but his delivery is sluggish (I know, it is a cybernetic organism of course) but seriously speaking, everyone can agree that his performance playing the cyborg was not as dominating and intimidating as before!

Now on an indefinite sabbatical from his duties as Californian Governor, he focuses on projects being offered both from the small and big screen! They are currently working on a animated series that depicts some elements of this franchise where Arnold is “The Governator” I don’t know if it’s going to sit well for the audience… will find out soon enough!

This is the life even for deserving actors like Nick Stahl (The Bully) who plays the pivotal role of John Connors can have its ups and downs seeing him a fewer times in cinema makes it more coherent on bankable stars in getting the spotlight. After ten years of being alone, not inclined with the world for the fear of tomorrow…he became a lost soul searching for answers that would find a way to rectify the inevitable holocaust! Not a juvenile as he was before and yet, instilled with the paranoia that makes him stronger each day, he continues to trudge on the burden of humanity’s safety!

She is the daughter to Skynet’s creator; Claire Danes (Romeo & Juliet) gives her part as Katherine Brewster who is also in the “should be dead” list where the names Jose Barerra, Elizabeth Anderson William Anderson and CRS (Cyberdata Research Systems) Head Lt. General Robert Brewster will have important roles later in the film! I still remember her better character portrayal in “The Rainmaker” and in “Stardust” very tranquil, innocent and still full of life. Claire can be derivative and plain but she still got that spark to be better, she could improve more on her delivery and portrayals if she wants too!

From the heroine now we upload the villainess, I always wanted Kristianna Loken (Bloodrayne) to be involved in better made films since she can match up the looks and toughness from any actress around her work on Painkiller Jane can be considered (well, acting needs to be definitely improved) she embodies T-X, a highly advanced Terminator compared to Arnold’s version which combines nanotechnology, cybernetics and is a polymimetic rolled into one badass assassin! Her portrayal was based on mime movements to inject a poker faced killing machine; well at least it was better that way since she needs the training for the part anyway!

The film’s outlook on its premise is edgier and combines fantastic combination of CG, animatronics and robotics! I would say the trisect of the Visual, Special and Makeup Effects Departments have made a solid infrastructure for the actual events taking place in both the present and future depictions of the story! Some hits and misses with regards to its authenticity which shows especially in the fight scenes but still fully understandable in my opinion.

Action and stunts are well coordinated, it even had great car chase scenes in which T-X had some help from “untransformed” vehicles as she was able to jump start patrol cars and fire trucks like it was remote controlled, telekinetically linked “machine” style! There were also moments of brand awareness coming from Xenadrine for weight loss, I remember from the first movie on how John wore those Nike rubber shoes from the mall they were hiding from just funny fillers I guess!

I just wished James Cameron the creator of the myth could have at least given supervision for Director Jonathan Mostow (Breakdown) and crew! Back then, films like these were mere science fiction, only derived from the minds of artists, writers and visionaries that would change the world we live in and today technology is rampant and readily available. The influx of its coverage is suffocating that allows fewer films to provide a real sense of being sublime!

Fast paced and full of action spectacle! It still gave me an impression of being better than the first film but lacks the intensity and plot driven characters of the sequel! The story made it more interesting since it covers already the feeling of surrendering to something bigger than two soldiers carrying the fight and they will just need to intake this phenomenon in a slow breathing manner! Most people will die but the main point is the survival of the protagonist will give more sustainability for not a just another story to be captured on screen but to give it hope that it’s an open ended film and to face the “storm” at hand, salvation is coming!


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