Eagle Eye (2008)

They should change the whole job description for an ANALYST!

Eagle Eye

DreamWorks Pictures in association with Paramount Pictures, K/O Paper Products and Goldcrest Pictures present…

Living is his own mundane life, Jerry Shaw played by Shia LaBeouf (Transformers) was just an ordinary Copy Associate until the day he learned his twin brother Ethan was dead. Feeling left out, he went back home only to find a check left in his name and a whole lot of military hardware in his apartment and everything changes in one phone call…

In retrospect, a military operation gone really bad took toll in the lives of a community filled with civilians, the primary target was inconclusive and it resulted the deaths of innocent lives. Now, the United States had made a mistake and inclusively maintained operations with the help of the Eagle Eye voiced by Julianne Moore (Safe).  A state of the art system that monitors any known threats in the United States soil it was programmed to be the complete, mandated machine to witness and initiate counter terrorism. The only problem is, a protocol was not followed in its programming and all hell breaks loose!

In order to be on top of the game he must become part of a task that includes Sarah Holloman portrayed by Michelle Monaghan (Mission: Impossible III) in this race against time thriller. Surviving and on the run from the FBI headed by Tom Morgan portrayed by Bill Bob Thornton (Armageddon). Jerry and Sarah must find a way to legitimize their plans, though monitored by their every move just to stay focused and stay out of sight literally…

Executive Producer by Steven Spielberg (A.I.) bowed of the project since he was tasked to prioritize a far more lucrative project under his belt for so many years while Alex Kurtzman (The Island) and Roberto Orci (Star Trek XI), the film defines out of your edge seat action and suspense and wonderfully written by Dan McDermott (Without A Trace) known for his work in the TV series “NCIS” and “Human Target” who was under the tutelage of Spielberg himself. Finding a common ground on who to pass on the torch, a script was initiated by Dan that was the main focal point of the premise was to integrate the relevant technology that we use as of to date making the film not just a science fiction based concept and make it into fruition.

The film was a lazy and clichéd collaboration that could have been given better potential noting of its borrowed propaganda in its chosen genre. Though it serves its purpose to keep in pace the actual conformity of security enabled by today’s technological advancements still we can never be sure on how it provides the needed capacity to ensure its objectives…to keep people safe! What we can look into right now is how this modern sophistication even by subliminal means can affect the community and make us highly advanced in thinking while it heightens our susceptibility to be reliant in these machines.

This is what happens when machines evolves into something more complicated rather than being a part of a technology friendly environment and the people who manages its programming, they still do have to think a million times over in order to get things right, for me it would have been diligent if the Eagle Eye system was in beta mode before running it to complete capacity.

We can’t deny that Artificial Intelligence is the next great thing for humanity and for computers, there is also nanotech, robotics and cybernetics. All of these is just a part of a bigger picture, to be modernized and to embrace the future with a lot of possibilities…but don’t forget the problems that may arise!

Of course this is just a film, but many people don’t realize that this is happening around us and its encompassing inconvenience will be the last thing we will be telling our next generation! Everyday we can go on in our ordinary lives just like Jerry and Sarah but we will never know when we are needed to serve… or do we become masters of our own fate?


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