The Avengers (2012)

And there came a day, a day unlike any other when the “House of Ideas” finally synergized a monumental assemblage in film history!

The Avengers

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Marvel Studios present…

From the pages of Marvel Comics! It started with a sibling rivalry but even more than this, they were gods! Loki the god of Mischief and Lies seeks revenge to the god of Thunder Thor! Debuted in Avengers No. 1 on September 1963 when Loki aggravated a “very angry man-monster” known as the Hulk to cause so much destruction! Together, they thwarted the manipulative trickster and formed an ever growing alliance and from this point on, creators Stan “The Man “Lee and Jack Kirby could have not been any prouder!

Within 4 years, 5 movies and 6 superheroes comes a once in a lifetime opportunity to gather Earth’s Mightiest in one epic motion picture, let the battle cry ring forth… Avengers Assemble!

Director Joss Whedon (Serenity) was able to make this film come into sweet fruition! After his stints with different commendable shows and TV series like Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Firefly and the latest Dollhouse, the main man was able to wield Marvel’s and Walt Disney’s knighthood and ante-up his status quo for the legions of fans and the audiences alike! The culmination of world renowned superheroes that were brought to life in the storylines of these films has been sealed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! CEO Avi Arad and President Kevin Fiege who produced their comic book pages to the big screen once again pulled the best resources and helped bring in the first of its kind, truly a pioneer of ingenuity and commitment not just to enthuse entertainment but to raise  the level of cinema making to be at its finest!

So now, let’s start our roll call shall we!


After so much media hype while traversing the spotlight and two very successful presiding Marvel films, Robert Downey Jr. (Air America) has finally come out of his shell! He is Iron Man without a doubt, without question! Robert has successfully came back into the mainstream of doing films that sparks and invigorates the masses with his calibre performance, for instilling charisma on and off the screen defining how truly he can turn the ship around and more importantly to make things happen!

Though, there is something different with Robert’s performance on screen from his previous two films, he was the centre of attraction there but here, his interjection was for everybody to feel and enjoy especially with Steve Rogers as the main point of an on-going argument. There was friction reminding ourselves in the comic books that these team leaders do have very different ideals in the battlefield. While having a little elbow rubbing with Thor (dream on Tony) he even found a kindred spirit with Bruce Banner (nerd alert)!

His persona for being Anthony Edward Stark in the franchise has gone beyond the means to prove to everyone that in spite of his humongous ego, he is determined to protect his country and the world from domestic and foreign threats alike! So the irony is, deep down inside the “arc reactor” heart  of his lies the “greatest superhero” there is, at least in his own mind!


Definitely not as bulky before Captain America went into hibernation! You have heard him voice a Hockey masked outlaw in TMNT, Push his way to the limit, had more sarcastic bantering than his catch phrase “Flame on!” and he even became a Loser from the other side of town! Chris Evans (Street Kings) morphed his way to so many character driven stories you can say he’s playing in the big league right now!

Chris’s impression of the Star Spangled Avenger has been adequately profound letting a little bit of his angst glide through the surface especially with Tony Stark’s bolstering personality to whom he sees as a deterrent from the mission at hand for starters, being self-centred! With some key moments, the super soldier though tries his best to be part of a non-conforming team least to say he’s time lost conundrums made him more susceptible to the upfront clashes from people with different backgrounds! He makes it a point that objectives are followed and accomplished especially in the sense of implementing teamwork…in which case, obviously he thinks it’s up to him to knock some sense out of the group and inspire them with genuine leadership!


If you may ask I’m not threatening Jeremy Renner (S.W.A.T) it may sound condescending but it was meant to praise the guy, come on! Jeremy is everywhere and his projects will pour in just like his arrows raining down on enemy targets!

Though he did not have that instinctive wit nor humour, even being introduced as a conspirator of bigger things to come! He made it to the team and that was important enough for most people. We don’t need to exaggerate but at least give him something worth to remember especially with his costume they were so plain! Face value counts yes, but he wasn’t given any priority when it comes to his acrobatic skills and his trick arrows. Still, Jeremy gave a lot of fans hope becoming part of the team was something to look forward too!


The only rose in a bush of thorns! (well, in field duty to be precise) Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation) works her way around the testosterone dominated flick! Her intentions are kept under wraps seeing that she has a way to extract information without using physical contact first and it rather ends well. Instances that at least give her the spotlight in specific scenes that makes it lucrative for the team to convey her given role substantially!

Before her performance in Iron Man 2 in 2010, Emily Blunt was offered the role but turned it down, she was again approached to be the lead for Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011 but still did not see it as her “cup of tea”, I wish she had given it a chance especially for Black Widow it’s easier for her to be distinguished as European since she hails from England. Even there was a clamour for Olga Kurylenko who was actually Russian in the first place and has great potential in different genres additionally, she can do fight scenes if needed! Bottom-line, Scarlett was not plausible enough for the character being portrayed let alone her looks and delivery of mere antics!


Samuel Jackson (Rules of Engagement) as Director Nick Fury trying to do his best to get his “response” team” to be up and running! Sam will always be someone who adds levity to the story or drag it down with his own convenience needless to say that he was significant to the group’s formation and his Lieutenant Cobie Smulders (Walking Tall) portrays Maria Hill as a “yes woman” who even tries hard to get the jargons with ship specifications out of her mouth convincingly. But nevertheless, her presence and adamant stature towards her work and commitment to the team brings a tinge of how really important she is not just with SHIELD but with the Avengers Universe as well!

Of course, yes, we won’t forget the guy who introduced SHIELD from 2008’s Iron Man! Clark Gregg (We Were Soldiers) was a hero indeed; Agent Phil Coulson has been in most MCU films coming from the rest of the cast! Always instilling a sense of custodianship and mission briefings only he can be oriented by Commander Fury himself…if you want it done right choose the best soldier! This is where the fan service kicks in, you will need a diabolical deed in order to motivate your subordinates, it works but not too compelling just to rescue everyone from utter annihilation!


The unofficial sparring partner of the “Green Goliath” Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek) is the distraught Thunder god, his involvement with the premise is more personal and everyone knows that his brother is the main problem that they need to deal with so that chasms from the sky won’t bring destruction to the human race! It’s like, “Bro, what’s wrong with you man?” and Loki answers “I hate you, I’m vexed, you’re despicable!” so this is how the two siblings talk, I might add that their brewing anger for one another has set the tone for making their Father to make some emergency calls just to let his son get back to Midgard and drag his little brother’s sorry ass back to Asgard!

Chris only had a few stints with TV shows in his belt before becoming recognized, he was given so through Star Trek XI! For Thor, he made his character uncontested, powerful and with a lot of conviction seeing that even if he was playing god, he knows what his duty and does not condone to any compromise when it comes to saving everyone from either his home world or for Earth!


The break out performer (thunderous applause) to shut everyone up! Mark Ruffalo (My Life Without Me) I’m still laughing trying to fit in the best complimentary film to bring Mark’s gesture of the rampaging brute known throughout the country and now the cosmos! Hiding away from the military and from people, he resided at Bella Coola, Canada then recently founded at calcutta, India for a time until he got recruited!

If you can imagine that there were already 3 gifted actors who portrayed the lumbering giant, Eric Bana’s take on 2003’s Hulk (not included in the MCU) was capping the monster inside the best way that he could only to release him through his repressed anger (why won’t you love me Dada?), while Edward Norton had the means to sustain it, through practice and meditation but it was meant to get out every time he feels excited and bullied, realizing  a lot of times that he was already being hunted down incessantly by the military and finally Mark who knows that his “secret” is his power and definitely he shows to the audience that he can control it without hesitation!

Mark replaced Edward from the last film The Incredible Hulk on 2008. He and Marvel were ostracized especially by fans for taking away Edward just like that, but he was given by the film Producers and Director Joss a special part to prove them wrong and to make him memorable by making his version of the Hulk his own even to the point of personally acting him through stop motion capture technology by ILM and Weta Digital! The big guy pulled through and did not disappoint! By the way, don’t call him a Gorilla or an Ape or worst a “Dull Creature” unless you would like to be wiped literally on the pavement!


Seriously, Tom Hiddleston (Unrelated) a very upset man-child throwing his tantrums as he wants to rule the world! Since he can’t have his hands on Asgard thus he leaned towards Midgard instead! Absolutely remarkable, actually he is a one man show coming from the left wing fascism! He wants all of the people to kneel down before him (General Zod would not be pleased) but he can’t actually do as he pleases, you see even after he stole the “Tesseract” aka “The Cosmic Cube” upon which with unlimited power will be the source of his omnipotence, it will also be the cause of his damnation!  Seeing that there was an underlying agreement between him and a conspirator just lurking in the shadows…

He became my next influential villain being portrayed in the long line of Comic Book Movies (Joker is still King, so get in line!). With Tom enjoying all the attention from these so called “mortals”, he eventually provides misdirection in order for him to capitalize in his worldly conquest! Tom did his job, everyone did but his performance rocked the Avenger’s world quite literally and he would not have it any other way!


The main thing that people should consider as to why this MCU worked is that by putting together a World War II time lost Super Soldier, a Deity of the Heavens, an organic Tank with a boundless temper, a Russian Spy, an American Marksman Agent and finally a Man who wears a “hi-tech prosthesis”, even with different point of views, disposition and motives they all have one thing in mind and that is to save humanity and the planet!

Their conformity to adjust in given situations bringing a superfluous argumentation on multi level story arcs was well-intended to unify the team no matter the costs! Personally, it was even more daunting for Thor to have this burden seeing that his step-brother has caused all of this chaos for the sake of vanity and power! This is where they step-up, this is where they disregard their diversity, to find a way to the core of their strength…

With minor setbacks including cheesy one liners especially in the prologue, rhetorical questions, mortal beings not having enough “extraordinary” skill sets to bring up to pace with the other “inhuman” contestants while being staged with stationary assignments plus prioritization for the cameras to work on their limited magic especially for Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow where CGI and VFX are taken to a slim chance of undertaking their supposed “awesomeness”!

As I’ve suspected, this didn’t turn out to be fundamentally “short” (so was the film) there were so many things you can discuss on how they were able to make the story easily cosmopolitan, as it encompasses the objectives Director Joss and casts supplied the right amount of laugh out loud comedic situations, spectacular fight action scenes and supplemental drama which was not overtly protruding to give away their weak points but rather to assert to themselves that if they can’t hold true in protecting Earth…rest assured they will Avenge it!

Post credits had become the norm for these films, setting up machinations that are “beyond” villainy and intent of malice! Bereft, the alien life forms called Chitauri whose sworn allegiance fall into the one who assisted in the “invasion” has been given with more questions than answers, how will they be able to subdue these species called “humans” and make them burn? While a being called “The Other” gives counsel to a so-called “Mad Titan”, as this massive demigod slyly grins, there is no doubt that “Death” will not be far behind…your move!


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