Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Prolific and nostalgic in its premise that needs a little more BAM, KAPOW, ZAP to bring down HYDRA!

Captain America - The First Avenger

Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios present…

“When Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who chose to oppose his shield must yield. If he’s led to a fight and a duel is due, then the red and white and the blue’ll come through When Captain America throws his mighty shield.” – Captain America (1966)

The serum induced soldier debuted on March 1941 in Captain America Comics No. 1 which gave life to one of the most altruistic and ardent superhero characters of all time! Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the motive was to alleviate the war torn era from depression and with well intentions, to battle the forces of Nazi Germany under the iron fist of Adolf Hitler! Captain America did not disappoint as he fought his way to freedom with comrades at arms until America and the whole world was liberated from tyranny and oppression! (roger that)

Summer has just started and the box office films keep lining them up at the till that makes the ambiance exciting to the senses! I was more keen and hyped up when I was about to watch Thor and it proved me otherwise! Definitely not a fan of the Star Spangled Avenger but indeed was applaudable in its own respect!

So here it is, the end to the fill, the series of novels that reached its climax, the last piece of the puzzle is in place! What can you ask for? Still plenty of course but we’ll get there one sequence at a time!

Director Joe Johnston (The Rocketeer) brings the all American hero to the big screen with a big bang! (well there’s more actually). Set in the fields of World War 2 where the disposition for power has been catapulted to greater heights! Joe made it surreal with amazing backgrounds and sets in this action extravaganza that clearly showed the lore of the Legend! While making the dialogue work are Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (The Life and Death of Peter Sellers).

Chris Evans (The Losers) plays the titular role (who by the way declined the offer three times)…Steven “Scrawny” Rogers better known to the free world as Captain America! So Chris got tired of saying “flame on” and found himself a retardant suit. His portrayal to say the least was genuine and composed! He made us believe that even guys who are picked on and stabbed at have a chance to become someone who we can look up to (physically!) At least his portrayal of the character was not considered blasphemous and can hold his own from the need of being comedic to forlorn (don’t cry, you could always go back to Marvel to play Deadpool…ok?) Overall, Chris did a wonderful job even without trying to be a superhero…he is a hero with a heart!

Supporting casts have made more emphasis on the life of Steve since they were the ones who helped him to become something more than just a patriot with genuine proclivities but to serve as a catalyst to make him the last ace in their sleeves!

Dream girl and “the right partner” Hayley Atwell (Cassandra’s Dream) plays love interest and woman in uniform Peggy Carter, refined, full of charisma and a tough as nails soldier, she was confidently well acted and covers not just your typical damsel in distress type but rather gives more promise on her duties between her country and her love life.

Sebastian Stan (The Black Swan) is the no non-sense side kick Bucky (not puny either!) this version was way better and his dynamic with Cap was not just grounded on war camaraderie but being the best of friends through thick and thin (now I know why he was called the Winter Soldier…pun!)

Bringing in veteran actor Tommy Lee Jones (US Marshalls) hopefully could sway more audience to watch the “Stars and Stripes” flick! He plays Col. Chester Philips, reluctant for the boy and prefers his number one soldier but Dr. Erskine seemed a little more persuasive! Stanley Tucci (The Lovely Bones) is German scientist Dr. Abraham Erskine who actually perfected the serum for Operation: Rebirth which made him learn the truth about its power and that’s why he chose Steven Rogers for the program. He also mentioned a very important thing “You are not the perfect soldier, but a good man!” truly, he is indeed that and much more! It permeates even better from their new found friendship, Dr. Erskine is the closest thing to Steve Rogers as a father to a son and that gives him the needed distinction to not just realize his potential to win the war but to save the world as a true hero! Stanley gave his character depth and meaning keeping the story bounded by the ideal of the truth and that is humans as we know it are good in essence but so susceptible to malignant ways!

Dominic Cooper (The Duchess) is the dashing, flamboyant inventor genius Howard Stark whose expertise and financial capacity helped the flimsy man turn into a pumped up line backer! He was crucial to the program that emphasized to the connections from previous films that are part of a bigger, elaborate plan! (Dad, can I play with your city? not now Tony Daddy’s busy looking for your team mate!)

Fan favorite Hugo Weaving (The Matrix) is Johann Schmidt, turned into The Red Skull after a freak experiment (flashback…roll film!). He was defiant and at the same time defenseless, his goal was to target “everything” and yes it falls like a customer service orientation motto for McDonald’s “Serving Billions” commitment. This is for goodness sake Hugo “Freaking” Weaving one of the most notorious, unrelenting, menacing villain portrayals in the history of cinema and in here, he was bland and without compromise mediocre, he can’t pull the character together and to add insult, even with Dr. Zola was around and with his legion of “Storm Trooper” wannabees they can’t do anything right for that organization! (my apologies, HAIL HYDRA!) Maybe Joe needed him to be angrier, you know with a temper that can match his crimson facade of a face! (Baron Zemo and MODOK giggling on the sidelines) Only thing that sold me was the stand-off at the bridge in which I can say looked epic!

Toby Jones (Your Highness) is Dr. Arnim Zola the sidekick (puny!) of the mad schemer! Actually with both of them running the organisation (HAIL HYDRA!) it will be a lot of tinkering and implementation, considering that you have goons with the best weaponry and technology available in the planet who can’t even aim right and with these two alone, conquering the world will be a severe workload! (now I get it, that’s why when you cut their head off, two more will grow back in    its place) talk about tactical intelligence…

Speaking of which, actually two Invader members were introduced as well in the film, the first one of course was the android Jim Hammonds better known as the original Human Torch (screaming, let me out of here!) and the second one was in the battlefield with the Captain, J.J. Field (Centurion) his name was James Montgomery Falsworth also known as the first Union Jack of Great Britain. Wish that Sub-Mariner was there but hey, maybe there are already too many elephants in the room!

A very engaging film that exemplifies heroism and patriotism, Director Joe Johnston and crew delivered what’s true to the roots of the war hero which made it easier to digest. Though there were still a truck load of haters, we can’t please everybody right? Over rated sci-fi elements from an era that was still developing technology, mysticism, CGI and green screen effects, fast forwarded moments that I believe can still capture the essence of the story.

This is a comic book film, if anyone had their way, it will also be different but with the same “out of the box” treatment to make it more appealing (especially for the fan boys). But seriously, I hand it over to Marvel’s staff for making The First Avenger a memorable one!

With that said, Paramount Pictures have so much earning films in its belt coming from the House of Ideas, sadly Captain America will be its last since Disney acquired Marvel and will give the next films to be in their own money bank!

So, the icing on the cake it is! First it was Iron Man (with Black Widow), then the Hulk, then Thor (with Hawkeye) and now Captain America. The team is standing by and awaiting for further orders from the man himself Nick Fury who says the Avengers will be “his” turn in the spotlight! (right!) So sit back relax and enjoy the film! Just be careful with the shield’s ricochet it might… hit you!?!


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