Thor (2011)

A visual spectacle to behold as Thor unleashes a storm of its myth and lore that brings the film to life!


Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios present…

“Across the Rainbow Bridge of Asgard where the booming heaven’s roar, you’ll behold in breathless wonder the God of Thunder Mighty Thor!” – The Mighty Thor (1966)

Stan “The Man” Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby anointed the birth of “The Thunderer” in Journey Into Mystery No. 83 on August 1962. Another comic book film was given breath from the pages of Marvel! The creators that brought us “Blade”, “Spider-Man”, “X-Men”, “Hulk”, “Fantastic Farts”…my bad, my bad its Four (and some so called heroes which are definitely not needed to be mentioned).

A round of thunderous applause please! From Asgard, the one, the only God of Thunder…THOR!

Director Kenneth Branagh (Shakespeare in Love) had brought science and magic into one whole spectrum which made this film thundering to behold! A great chemistry, he was able to put together a cast that belonged to different realms and yet gave it credence to make it work as one cohesive unit.

Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs) is Odin whose wisdom is on par with his power as the omnipotent King of Asgard, husband to Frigga played by Rene Russo (The Thomas Crowne Affair). His obligation is to protect the sanctity of the Nine Realms and an attack in Midgard ended the war and brought forth peace to the lands…or so it seems!

He was able to confiscate the Casket of Winters from King Laufey of the Frost Giants, Colm Feore brings him to cold life as one of the antagonists of the film. There was no exaggeration for the ice dwellers that we see in the animation which I really did appreciate; it was better and more believable! Though, the war from the first part was looking more like a face-off with Orcs and Humans. In a twisted fate, Odin took even one more gift or curse that will be the undoing of all that has yet to come!

Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek XI) brings to life Thor, heir to the throne of Asgard! Arrogant and headstrong, he led his warriors and paved the way to Ragnarok! Upon returning to Asgard, he was unrepentant and was cast out to Midgard as punishment and to give him the lesson of sacrifice and humility! Crashing into Earth, he meets or should I say run over by scientist extraordinaire Jane Foster, played by Academy Award Winner Natalie Portman (Black Swan) who provides Thor the needed outlook, for him to be able to find himself and his inner strength again!

Enter Agent Coulson of SHIELD, Clark Gregg (500 Days of Summer) returns the third time in this smorgasbord of films to investigate the fallen Hammer in the desert and well…throw in a few Agents to test the mettle of the Thunderer! By the way, someone was trying to shoot an ARROW right?!?!

Awesome battle sequences and it did show how Thor easily one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe can trample hundreds in one blow!

It was a unique display of power on how Thor gave his mortal strength and force just to lift his Hammer Mjolnir where in fact it doesn’t need to be wedged on the rock at all, it was his mortal soul, his unselfish sacrifice that gave his mojo back!

The best role that I recognized was from Tom Hiddleston’s (The Gathering Storm) portrayal of the God of Lies, Loki whose life and history was always more than meets the eye! He really made an impression on how he delivered his character, subtle and yet it creeps out, lingers its tendrils to a more driven malevolent plot and purpose.

To add, at least Ray Stevenson (Punisher Warzone) more like Wastezone! Who plays Volstagg of the Warriors Three will be receiving a definitely higher pay check from this film, not bad for wearing a beard, a belly and a few lines. Idris Elba the Gatekeeper Heimdall who is also with accolades, he did very well to play his part.

Stories like this are meant to be fantastic; making it with absolute diligence is a must! The Screenplay brought forth by Ashley Miller (The Twilight Zone), Zack Stentz (Agent Cody Banks) and Don Payne (My Super Ex-Girlfriend) in collaboration with multi-platform Writer J. Michael Stracynski (Forbidden Planet) and Mark Petrosovich (Poseidon) all did their homework very well! They made a very remarkable job indeed and for the record, they even wrote another 2011 hit X-Men First Class which is under the same banner! The premise holds a grandeur capacity from a fallen god to a selfless hero with the Director’s guidance, staging each scenario was very well-paced while complimenting its dynamic storytelling and delivery from the cast!

Bo Welch (Batman Returns) heads, commands the Production Design and will always be one of the industry’s best, even coming from previous projects of WB and DC; he gave Thor the experience that is surreal to the senses! The budget given did really pay off and utilized very well. Every set intended for a specific realm and sequence has been made and supervised very promptly and with earnest demeanor! Making it as realistic and at the same time fantasy laden from Asgard, to Jotenheim and finally to Earth or in their own terms, Midgard! Cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos (Venus) cameras at work proves worthy of the breathtaking CGI and actual landscapes to encompass Yggdrasil’s (Tree of Life) domains!

The Production Team, from the Sounds Department, Visual and Special Effects from France’s BUF Compagnie and Digital Domain are all given credit and their due, a pat on the back for successfully providing the needed environment and ambiance for the worlds to co-exist and to collide! Unlike some other films there who blows out the budget way up in the stars…until it falls, crashing inevitably into the Earth!!! A Humbling experience…

Now, something bigger is coming and we all know that. It started with the Incredible Hulk, the sequel of Iron Man where pieces of the puzzle takes into shape and a bigger, clearer picture will explicably soon be given into fruition and now, Thor is now part of it…

So far, there is a plan to form THE TEAM, then the HAMMER fell from the sky and now a COSMIC conundrum will be taking place and to our next stop (ehem!) A super SOLDIER is in waiting!!!





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